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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Ethiopian Dragons-
Today I have a post for you all 'Love for the Dragon'. It gets harder now to find the many different kinda dragons now because I have done so many of them over the course of the 3years that I have had this blog. I hope you all find this Dragon just as grand as the others as 'My Love for the Dragon'.
The Land of -Aithiopia-Ethiopia was a place where the Gods bathe, celebrated by Homer under the name of Oceanus, which is an excellent and desirable neighbor of that land....It is said, the mother of the very largest of the Drakones-Dragons,Serpents-they attain to a length of one hundred and eighty feet, and they are not called by the name of any species, but
the people at the time say that they would kill their elephants, and these Drakones rival the longest-lived animals. Thus far this is some of the accounts of the Ethiopia Dragon from Aithiopia-Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian Dragon was both feared by man/humans and big game. They were described as being extremely enormous in size. Some have said they can get up to 20 cubits in length which is approximately 35+ feet long. They can have either one or two pairs of wings. Ethiopian Dragon were Medieval European legends according to ancient tales. They were also very efficient at their predatory hunting skills. These Beasts who main prey was elephants, were  abundant at the time.
However, as these Dragons life on the Ethiopian coastline and the Elephants would only come around the area of the coast during the time of drought years-according to drought year records.
But when the coastal supply of elephants food was exhausted the dragons would search further afield for nourishment for yes their favorite food. Four of five of these Ethiopian dragons would search further afield for the nourishment of what elephants they could find. They would twist themselves together like a rope before setting off to Arabia. Another way these Ethiopian dragons would search for food when the elephants ran out is... Quite amazing really these vast creatures would entwined themselves together to form a living raft and set across the sea, to the Arabian shore opposite of where they were. These dragons felt they had a better chance of food across the sea to the Arabian shore for food. However, what these creatures didn't know that at that state they were in
before they were able to get to the elephant, whey were easy to be killed to get what is called
The Dracontias Stone...This Stone is actually in the brain of a living Ethiopian Dragon. They say that it is very magick stone and could make you home prosperous and bring health to all. However, it is very dangerous to get the stone as you must do this great prize as many folks in the day while the dragon is still alive. They say it was a huge prize for an alchemist and much sought for. But the only way the stone can be effective and hold its magical effects if it is taken while the beast is still alive. So they had many different methods at the time. The main one was to drug the beast with a specially prepared herbs that they would put in the grass to fool the dragon into eating. I don't know how many times it worked because they had to find a Ethiopian dragon first, then if they were successful in that and preparing the special herbs to put in the grass without the dragon seeing them, they might have a chance if the dragon eats the area of grass where they put the herb. Now, if they got this far, they should have a dead dragon and have the prize to cut out of his head -


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