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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Portals to Fae Worlds-2013

'Portals to Fae Worlds'
Faeries are able to cross into our world and we can't be transported to their land of promise as it is spoken of in some ways. The Irish poet W.B.Yeats imaged this crossing of two world as a magnetic pushing - pulling attraction for one another. We need  the Fae world because it represents everything that is possible beyond our routine lives and offers transformation & enlightening creativity.They need us to bring them to life, but the two can never fuse - we are as unlike as day and night  - And like day & night we define each other.

For those brave enough to seek faeries, elves, and other magical creatures! There are doorways to these other worlds even today in the 21th century. 

Sometimes we might stumble upon them. They might even be a opened to admit entry to those the Fae need; fiddlers, midwives are good examples of humans that they may need- 
In modern Fae tales, it is the child who reaches to the other world- but more and more, I've found the adults are looking too. The world is not a kind and fun loving place in these modern days of the 21th century. And its not just children looking for an escape. So they to find that old Oak Tree base in the forest or maybe its in your local park. It seems that everyone is curious & are brave to walk through these different worlds, portal hole & realms.

There are many examples throughout the world that humans have found their way to the world of faeries- They are all around us it just they have evolved in a way that the human eye can see them like in ancient times - a million years ago. They are waiting for us to find a way in.

For one might be in Welsh Ireland who might find a door in a rock by a faerie lake given sufficient curiosity and resolution, he opens it and is conducted along a secret passage to an faeries realm-

In America the Iroquois summons little spirits by knocking on a decreed large stone & there are even more who tried to test other methods- German legend has it that touching a primrose on a floral faerie door will open the route to their castle-

Some reported seeing a door, ajar on the  hilltops, earth mounds, or stone tombs -  are perhaps  places where you would see faerie folk dressed for a celebration in the candle lit interior- the figure of British legend child Roland enters elfland on a quest to save his sister by circling a green terraced mound three times widershins, against the tuning of the sun, repeating reach time the words-
"Open, door! open, door!
And let me cone in,"
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