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Monday, November 25, 2013

Liban-Mermaid of Ireland

Liban Mermaid of Ireland~
This is the name of a legendary Ireland Mermaid. The Liban was

originally the daughter of Eochaid and Etain who were caught up in the floods of a sacred spring that had been neglected. She was carried to an underwater cavern with her pet dog. Whilest the rest of her community, except Conang and Curman was destroyed, Liban was trapped for a year until she prayed that she might be as the fishes. Liban was tranformsed into the body human woman and the tail of a salmon below the waist. So Liban remained with her human form above as before she was a now part-fish. Her dog was changed into an otter.  Now a Mermaid; Liban had become free, but remained below the water until after three hundred years. A cleric named Beoc heard her singing and she asked him to bring her out of the water and take her to Saint Comgall. Saint Comgall then baptized Liban and then gave her the choice of another three hundred years of life or immediate entry to heaven. Liban chose the latter... Liban can be seen in many carvings in Church's, pews, columns of many St. Church's, and the road that she took to see Saint Comgall. 
I found this legend of the legendary Ireland Mermaid to be quite fascinating and beautiful how it is connected with the church.. Wendy ... Enjoy -ooo)
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