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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Legend of the Jade Dragon

Legend of the Jade Dragon-
Jade Dragon
There are many legends that are associated with dragons. The most common are dragons with pearls and the moon. In this post I'm going to bring you all into the world that dates many thousands years ago in ancient China when dragons flew freely. In this tale lived a Jade Dragon at the east bank of the Celestial River in an enormous cave. In the jungle on the far bank lived a Golden Phoenix. These tow amazing creatures - the Jade Dragon & The Golden Phoenix were the best of friends.
So this is their story;
One day on a very small island in the river the two friends found a shining pebble and were so enchanted by its beauty that they decided to fashion it into a pearl, such as the world has never seen. So for many months and several years the two friends stayed on the island carefully grinding and polishing the gem. Bathing the gem in the waters of the Celestial River till finally it was an perfect shining sphere pearl, by which time they had grown so close that they remained on the island taking turns guarding their new treasure. Their pearl wasn't any common gem too! It gave off a radiance that could be a glow during all the season; Spring; Summer; Autumn and Winter. Whether it was Day or Night their pearl would radiate the most beautiful glow one would ever see.
Golden Phoenix
The two friends ruled together all year around on the island. This would be the Trees that grew enormously tall, The plants that were lush with hundreds of colourful flowers and fruit trees of many colors of the rainbow and much more. Everything grew in such abundance that finally the enchanted island caught the attention of the Queen Mother of the Western Xiwangmu Skies. When the Queen Mother had learned of the cause of the magic her heart filled with longing for the beautiful pearl of the Jade Dragon & the Golden Phoenix. So one night the Queen sent one of her servants to steal the pearl while the two were sleeping. After the Queen faithful servant stolen the rare pearl, giving it to her Queen. She then hid it away in her inner most treasury behind nine locked doors. Well, the next morning when the Jade Dragon & the Golden Phoenix Awaken, they found their beloved treasure Gone! They became very distraught. After that for many days that turned into months the two friends search day & night the entire island. Then they searched the river, the mountains & finally all the forest nearby. But with all their searching they found nothing until One day it happened! While the two friends happened to be flying by the Queen's Palace at Kunlun. They both saw the Palace filled with a silvery radiance glow they recognized. Well, they were right in what they saw. Because when the happened to be flying by the Queen Palace in the clouds she was holding a great feast to celebrate her Birthday. And on that find day she had a great impulse and was unable to keep her secret any longer. So she had brought out the stolen Pearl for her guest to admire. Everyone was gazing in wonder & Admiration at the glowing pearl. Suddenly a great wind blew in side the palace. It was the grand Jade dragon & the Golden Phoenix. The two friends joined forces together to get their pearl back that was taken from them. They both accused the Queen Mother of stealing their treasure in front of all her quests for in which ruin the Queen's Birthday Party and shamed her too. The Queen didn't take it lightly and was furious at the creatures. She was furious and ordered her guards to throw them out of her palace. Now! who throws out a enormous Dragon and a very large Phoenix that's what I would have like to see those guards even try. Well back to the tale. Sadly there was a struggle that followed, and through it all the two friends saw their beloved pearl being tossed through a window. And this would be a problem if they were on the ground or even on a mountain. However, they were high up in the clouds passed the  stars at night. So when they saw the pearl began to fall towards the very distant earth below. All they could do is fly as fast as they could. And that is what the jade dragon and the Golden phoenix did. They flew as hard as their wings could carry them. Chasing the pearl and watching where it fell to earth. Sadly even with the two most powerful creatures they were fast enough. They couldn't catch-up with their pearl till it landed. Once it did it became a clear green lake where the pearl touch the earth.  Unable to part
with their treasure, the two creatures settled down beside the lake.
To this day the Jade Dragon Mountain & the Golden Phoenix Mountain
Still guard the lake that was created by their pearl in the far west of China.
I hope that you enjoyed the tale of the Jade Dragon
and the Golden Phoenix I myself love stories about these two creatures
Your friend always

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