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Sunday, February 8, 2015


An princess with nice Trolls
Well I thought I would do a Critter post for today I haven't done one in a while and I know I have done one on the Trolls. So I hope that you all fine this interesting my dear Friends and Followers.. In Scandinavian the troll may be referred as either Trold or Troild. They were originally described as vast, ugly, hairy giants or ogres with a  malignant moods or character, however in some regions they are degraded to a smaller trolls not at all giant or ogre size. They are often dwarf-like in size.
In different countries they come in different sizes, traditions, appearances, or character too. Some of these place are Ebletoft, Denmark , here the Trolls were more like ogres who had humps on their backs, large hooked noses and wore gray jackets and pointed red caps. They weren't that tall either. However, in Gudmanstrup, Denmark  , the trolls were giants in long black clothes. Now the Trolls in Norway are described as quite malicious, hairy ogres, but their women were said to be beautiful with red flowing hair.
They live in communities under the hills in long barrows and ancient earth caves/caverns. Their homes were said to be wonderful places full of treasures that may glow at night. The
Stone Trolls/ Petrified Trolls
Trolls hated noise and were driven away form the homes with church bells. Their attitude toward humans is sometimes ambivalent. The only way that they will endow a family of riches and good fortune, is one that they like. While there are other times these Trolls can be very malicious, and often have been destructive in the humans crops and woodland areas where they depend on food for their families. These Trolls have been known to also steal human women, children and the humans property. The worst that have been said of the Trolls is cannibalism's at times.
It is said that a branch of mistletoe is used to protect humans and animals from being taken from these Trolls. The Trolls are considered to be expert metal workers, expert healers with herbs and magick. However, they can be seen only between dusk and dawn, as they will turn to stone if the sun shines upon them. It is said that the standing stones of northern America is what left of the petrified Trolls of ancient times.
In the Faroe Islands the Trolls are known as Fodden Skemaend; they are the Hollow men or the Underground people who were known for abducting humans and keeping them for many years as slaves.
In Iceland the Trolls are malicious , one-eyed giants.
The SjoTRoll of Finland
In Finland the Trolls were evil lake-dwelling creatures known as the SjoTroll. It was said to Sjotrolls to the depths of the freezing lakes of Finland. The people would place two runic stones at each end of the lakes where these SjoTrolls inhabited at Kokar. This way they knew they would be safe. However, when there was a fog or an storm that came up from the lakes, the magick of the stones was obscured, so the people of Finland would stay inside during these times. They would not fish or even come out till the fog or storm passed, because it was said in legend that the SjoTroll was released during this time only and would drown anyone that was outside.
The Trolls of Greenland and Canada in the folklore of the Inuit and Ihalmiut people resemble
the more ancient concept of the giant hairy Scandinavian Trolls.
Scandinavian Trolls from the mountains
waiting for the opportunity to attack humans and
eat them whole or piece by piece. 
These Scandinavian trolls are described as being very malignant giants and having enormous
amounts of hair on their body's that drags along the ground. They had talons for fingers, so sharp that they are like knives. They inhabited the hills where they lurk, waiting for the opportunity  to attack human and rip the flesh from their victims and eat them. So Basically Trolls aren't you most kindly creatures but not all creatures that I find are going to be fun loving in the magick world. For that, the Troll is a huge example of that. I have done a few on the troll in the passed that were kinda nice but overall they are not. I hope you all find this post interesting my dear Friends and Followers I will be putting a few photos of different Trolls in the post so that you all can get an idea of what the different kinds there were. 

 I Hope 
 That you are all doing well and I am slowly
 getting back in the groove love you ALL!

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