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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Darken/Drow Elves

Darken/Drow Elves
I know I have done many different posts on the Dark Elves or another known name Drow, but it seems
Dark Elves
that they are quite popular in the Elfin world. So I thought I would try and do another take on these
Elves with a darkside.
Here is a compilation of the Dark Elfin Legend which is found in many various myths and lore.
Starting with the Drow-
These were at one time Night Elves/Dark Elves that have went deep underground. Their skin black
as the darkest night, their hair as white as the purist snow and their eyes as red as fiery embers. They
are Slim, graceful and slender. The males can be very muscular as the females a luring with their curves. Living in the Underdark as they call it, these drow are known to be very sexual Elves and quite attractive.
High Priestess
They have a dark powerful magick, they can be ruthless, and a corrupt matriarchal society in which they live. The Magificance Cities are found deep in the depths of the underground - deeper than that of even the
Purple dragons. They call the Vast undergrounds caverns the Underdark where the were cast below
High Priestess
after ancient Elfin civil war (the Crown Wars) never again to see light of the sun. For the exception of a few
that have escaped from the World of the Loth, the Spider Queen and the ruthless corrupt matriarchal society of the vast Underdark. Their world of the Loth, under the rule of the Spider Queen was a dark, powerful and equally dark powerful magick. It was a ruthless world of corruption, of the matriarchal society.
 The cities were all ruled by women and the men were their slaves to do what they wanted at their command.
In the deep depths of the underground called the Underdark, cast down below after their ancient
Elfin civil wars called the Crown Wars. Note of their ancient Elfin civil wars- the Crown Wars there were 5
major ones that I know of and at some time if there is of interest I will do a post if you all would like me to
go further into the Elfin civil wars - the Crown Wars. Now I should explain a bit about how their new
society became how it is- Basically the society is a simple process of assassination. The Spider Queen is
a deity of the chaos and she and her highest priestesses, the true rulers of the Drow world, do not look with
ill favor upon ambitious of the individuals wielding poisoned daggers of sorts is one way of looking at the
society of the World of the Drow.
Spider Queen
Of course, there are rules of behavior to every society or culture that must be followed. And even the acted of committing murder or even to wage another war onto the vast cities of the drow would, invite the pretense  of justice that the Loth  feels in the of Drow justice will be merciless with such penalties added too. Here are a few examples of the drow justice: So if one were to be in a brawl, and a knife was involved in the back of a rival during the chaos of a large battle or even in the quiet shadows of the many path ways in the vast caverns it is acceptable even applauded. Yet investigation is not the forte of the Drow justice system because no one cares enough to even bother. It only matters if the Loth or if the high priest are involved in some crime commented to them. You see everything is the way of the Lloth, the ambition that she bestows to further the 
chaos, is to keep the 'Drow', [Her children as all self-imprisonment in her Cities]. Kinda like all the Drows are 
her pawns or dancing dolls for the Spider Queen to wrapped around in her web. All  climb the Spider Queens ladders for her pleasure and all will fall to the hunters for her pleasure too. She has a web around the vast Underdark of caverns of cities and her strands of webs locks everyone in, with no way out. So basically the ever day drow who lived a regular life the best that they could was always watching over their shoulders defending themselves from daggers that might find their way in their back to a early death. The lucky ones if you call them lucky were the ones that lived the high life with the high society under the watchful eye of the Spider Queen, even thought their lives would be full of the fruits lets say of the high life. They still had to live under the treachery of the and teachings of the Spider Queen. Which in my opinion I would take the ordinary any day because there was always the chance of freedom.
Dark Elves are feared above all other elves -
While the Dark Elves are the first to the battle field, they don't live for it!  The see 
Dark Elves
Themselves as guardians of the Elfin race. Never hesitating to protect their land by any means
necessary. It is said that they live for battle and enjoy slaughtering their enemies. That however 
is just a negative stereotype that has been put on them for many decades ago.
The Dark Elves were driven from their Elfin homeland of the Ulthuan many decades ago . 
They are close to their kin of the High Eves and appearance can be with some like their kin
the high Elves. The High Elves are the great wizards of the world and the Dark Elves are also
a race touched by a Magick power. Whereas the High Elves take great care to protect themselves
Warrior Archor Dark Elf woman
from dangerous magick energies and especially daemons, the Dark Elves long ago embraced the Dark Gods of the Chaos. The natural magick powers of the Elves and the unnatural vitality of the
Chaos are mated together in the Dark Elves , so that they have become the ultimate masters of thedark sorcery and magick. As before I hadn't got into much about their way of life and society and cities in which they life - So I thought I would do a more in depth view of the Dark Elves as I have for the Drows. The Dark Elves live in Heavily fortified cities. They were innumerable black towers would rise like pinnacles of ice from the cold hard rock in which they were made. The surrounding landscape of their grand cities were bleak and unwelcoming: with the bare rock and poisoned backwater streams and a even more forbidding dark forests that surrounds their cities. Their cities tend to be a very dark and evil place. Full of dark magick, sorceress,sorcerers of  the chaos.Now the Dark Elves armies are very mobile and well armed. Many of these elves
Dark Elve Women Warrior 
carry deadly repeater crossbows which can shoot a hail of small barbed arrows. Others ride a captive beasts that they use their sorcery to control. An Dark Elf woman can be just as deadly as the dark Elfin men and are equally adept to be warriors to fight alongside their men in battle. I did discover one interesting fact that is different from the other kin of elves which is very chaos and dark yu could say of the Dark Elfs. And that is their Witch Elves. From what I understand they are the most cruelest of all the dark elves and the most blood thirsty too. It seems that after a battle these witch dark elves women will choose victims to sacrifice to their lord and then bathe in the cauldrons of the blood of victims. So basically these Witch Dark Elves are your worst night mare. 
 They are Hag Queens who are extremely ancient, within the society of the Dark Elves. They are very dangerous and are masters of the subtle and murderous magick.   It is also said that they are the most promiscuous of the Elves~
That is not a negative stereotype but is the Truth. If they find another Dark Elf that is in the same mood you bet they will find a dark quiet place to get some action going...

They are known to be very intelligent as well as strong & agile. The females are much more
Dark Elf
promiscuous than the males elves. - But it seems that all dark elves are promiscuous and the combination of their powerful strength, agile and intelligences ~ plus being know for having quite the physique type of body too - they have quite the package -

They stand at about 5 feet tall & their skin ranges from dark blue to jet black -
Their hair is almost always silver but is also red, green, and black too. Their eyes tend to be pale in color. They can be either green, violet, deep blue & red too -

Among the elves they are considered the most beautiful of all the elven races.

You may ask why? One reason could be that they are considered the most superior warriors and sorceress - And they all know it. You could say they are all a bit arrogant.
It is not unheard of for an entire armies to be slaughter while other party's is there drooling over the dark elves warriors physique.

Dark Elves tend to keep themselves, as they are very distrusting & entrusted by others even in different elven clans~
They often are found in smaller groups & can be ruthless & cruel at times. But overall they are a very close net group of elf's.
As with the Drows &  dark elves I love them both  - The
beauty of the Art of the Artist that have depicted these 
beautiful images these images are not mine..
The images below are different interpretations
Of the Media of Drows & Dark Elves. All are in the form of paintings, Photographic photo-shop, digital painting and other Media. Many are from Talented Artist... Thank you to all the talented Artist, who have created all these beautiful images for all of us to Enjoy.Wendy. I hope you All 
will have a wonderful First day
of June. I love you All, my dears,
Friends and Followers. You have been so
supportive and kind and for that I love you
all. I could have this amazing blog without
all of you. hugs to all. love you
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Love you All-
Your Wendy!
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