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Monday, October 24, 2016

Spirit within the Computer-

Spirit within the Computer-
Fatal frame Ghost Game for halloween
In the spirit of Halloween my dears I thought I would find a few creepy & scary stories
for Halloween. Its only a few days away... Hehehe.. In this story Its about how a young boy who loves his games on his laptop computer and how they turn on him is a ghostly manner...Its a true story by
The story goes like this:
Downstairs in the basement of my new house in Mississauga, Ontario. I was on the computer playing some games when suddenly, I heard some footsteps and the door opening. I went upstairs to see who it was, however there was no one there. So, I went back downstairs, shut the games website and shut off the computer. Suddenly, the computer turned back on! I thought that was weird...I closed the computer down once again, but this time I got a message on the computer's screen - saying - "I'm looking at you". I was very freaked out. I didn't shut down the computer this time, I just ran upstairs. When I got upstairs, I thought it might have been someone playing a joke, but I was very very wrong. I ran upstairs to my room where my sister was and I told her what happened. She obviously didn't believe me. But it truly did happen to me... Saman.

I hope you enjoy a little scary tale by Saman for the October month of Halloween.
Your Wendy...

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