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Thursday, June 2, 2016


A Tsukumogami friend spirit
Good evening my dears & welcome to my humble blog...Tonight I'm going to bring you all back to the ancient world of Japan. I found a new magick creature of Japan. This is the Tsukumogami- 付喪神-'The Artifact spirit, which is a type of Japanese spirit. According to this Japanese Spirit, the Tsukumogami-emaki which is another name for the Japanese spirit. Its origin is from items or artifacts that have reached their 100th birthday. When this happens, the object become alive & is aware that its a live ghost-spirit, hence they become a live spirit 'a Tsukumogami-emaki. So any objects of this age, like the Japanese swords, old fans etc. become a Tsukumogami Spirit. These Tsukumogami are considered spirits & supernatural beings as opposed to enchanted items. It is said that modern items cannot become a Tsukumogami-emaki; the reason for this is that the tsukumogami are said to be repelled by electricity. Also, there are only a few modern items that are used for the 100year-span that it takes for an artifact to gain a soul.  
As for the appearance of these spirits they can vary. It really depends on the type of item they originated from as well as the condition that the item was in. Some, such tsukumogami originate from paper lanterns, broken sandals which have tears & become eyes and have sharp teeth, thus giving a horrifying visage. Other, such as worn as prayer beads or teacups may merely manifest faces & appendages, giving a warm friendly appearance. Though by and large the spirit Tsukumogami are usually harmless and at most tend to play occasional pranks on unsuspecting victims,
They do however, have the capacity for anger and will band together to take revenge on those who are wasteful or those who throw them away thoughtlessly. Being the fact that these spirits are over a hundred years old one could see why. To prevent his from happening, to this day some jinja ceremonies, such as the Hari Kuyo are performed to console broken and unusable items that may have turned into a tsukumogami spirit. As I research the Japanese tsukumogami-spirit there seemed to be several layers to the tsukumogami-spirit. For one, in the tenth century, the tsukumogami spirit were used in helping spreading the 'doctrines of the Shingon Esoteric of Buddhism to a variety of Audiences-ranging from the educated to the relatively unsophisticated by capitalizing upon pre-existing spiritual beliefs in the Tsukumogami-Spirit.

The tsukumogami are animate household objects that after a service of nearly one hundred years-tsukumogami receives souls. These objects can be anything from containers, tools and instruments of the time of 100years ago. So by the 12th century the tsukumogami had entered into the Japanese popular culture to such an extent that the Buddhist teaching had been 'completely lost to most outsiders'. As for the tsukumogami-spirit it was only the people of japan the believe in the tradtions of these types of spirits. Even today there are many different kinds of folklore, myths and legend but the people of japan still believe in many of their spirits or ghost traditions of long ago into modern day. I hope that you found this tradition of the

Japanese tsukumogami-spirit interesting, I sure did.
I love you all my dearest friends and followers
your friend always

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