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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Korea - Fox Gumiho

Korea-Fox Gumiho-
In Korea, they also have a Nine tail fox too which is called an
Gumiho. It has been known to be a malevolent being . It would transform into a human men so he can seduce men to lower their guard. Once the fox finds an opening on the human, it will strike and devourer the
victim's being either female or man's liver. In one Korean Myth a farmer has tried many times with wife to produce a daughter. When they finally produced one, she was the perfect little girl. However, when she went into the woods one day, she was found and killed by a Gumiho. The gumiho went "home" in the daughters image.However, since she returned, cattle began dying due to having their livers being ripped out. (apparently these Fox-Gumiho enjoy the liver's of his victims) The father hires men to investigate, but
they are fired due to the fathers pride in his daughter. When the son reports they same things, that
his sister is the one who is killing their cattle, the father disowns his own son.
When the son learns the truth, he returns home to warn his home to warn his parents, to
find that the fox already ate his parents too.
When the brother was next, he tricks the gumiho and drowns her in a river.
In earlier gumiho myths, the gumiho was a benevolent entitiy and sometimes naive.
In Korean myths, the gumiho needed only one millenia to grow nine tails compare to the
9,000 years in Japanese mythology. The gumiho also had the ability to become a true human,
through various ways. The most common is to fast from eating meat for a certain amount of
time. The Gumiho is a popular nine tailed fox from the myths of Korea too. Its name
literally translates as 'fox with nine tails'.
It is believed that an ordinary fox that lives for 1,000 year years will transform into the Gumiho.
As a Gumiho the creature can transform into a most attractive young woman to seduce men.
Once a man is captivated by her beauty and is usually most often defenceless to the Gumihos who will
tear their hear or liver. And sometimes both killing them.
Some say that the Gumiho has to eat the heart of others just to
survive. A Gumiho can also Trnsform into a young woman for up to 1,000 days after which it is
believed that they will starve to death for not eating a liver or heart that they will lose theri evil
composition and remain as human forever. If a human sees the fox transform into a
woman and is ale to keep the secret to themselves for 10 days, then the Gumiho will be
cursed to remain as a human forever. If they do remain a human forever and have children,
the could often pass the Gumiho - Fox to their children and  their
children will inherited their extraordinory powers too.
I found that they have even made a movie in Koren I think it was on the Gumiho fox. I believe it was a love story about a young couple when the young girl is taken by the Gumiho.
It seems to have good reviews and I'll but a link for you all to read a bit about it too.
I found this creature to be very interesteing I hope you Enjoyed the legend of the Gumiho Fox and the Nine-Fox tail too. 

Love You! Your Wendy!
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