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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Curse Painting of the Crying Boy

The Cursed Painting of the Crying Boy-
The Original First Painting of
The Cursed Crying Boy
For today's post in the spirit of Halloween I thought I would pull out one of my favorite stories
that I found years ago about a boy and a painting and how it caused so much pain with terrifying fires. The Painting of the Crying Boy was painted by an Italian painter Bruno Amadio - also known as Griovanni Bragolin. Who had the painting mass-produced many times over. It was widely distributed from the 1950's onwards to modern times. there are even numerous alternative versions of the original portrait of tearful young boys and girls. However the true original portraits of the Cursed Painted Crying Boy is of two Painting that I know of and that seems to show up in many of the stories of the burning buildings and as for the two portraits of the Painted Crying boys, well they are never touch by the fire. The legend around the Cursed Crying Boy Painting is a Grim tale and it gets worst before it get better. It seems the stories has started around the year 1985 even though these paintings started widely being distributed in the early 1950's.  What happened in 1985 was  a huge string of horrendous mysterious fires broke out all around England. It was said that after these terrible huge fires that had engulf the entree homes and the debris was shifted through, the only item that remained untouched/un-charred was the painting of a little boy with a tear rolling from his cheek in ever fire that broke-out in London. A good amount of the fires had even killed entire families too, but not the Paint of the Crying Boy. The good people of London were beginning to wonder was the painting cursed or was it just a coincidence?
It seems that it got the attention of the Yorkshire Fireman in England because of all the fires they had to deal with and the many burned victims.  They were so upset that they even talked with the Sun Newspaper in England. Told them their story's of the terrify cases of the Crying boy painting and the homes, building and all those dreadful fires they encounter. These Firemen of the Yorkshire fire-department had chilling stories to tell to the reporters. It was said one of the victims of the Curse of the painting, was an lady by the name of Dora Mann of Mitchum. The Fireman had quoted her saying' Only six months after I had bought the picture, my house was completely gutted by fire. All my paintings were destroyed, except the one of the crying boy."  It was soon after that when the Sun Newspaper, well about a month of hearing all the tales, of the true stories of folks around England homes being gutted out by fire within days after they have bought the painting of the Crying Boy and put it in their
The Second Original Painting of
The Cursed Crying Boy
homes or even business in some cases. The Sun Newspaper decided to give their readers the chance to bring their paintings that they had bought and agreed to have a very large Bon fire to rid of every last one in England these cursed painting.  So in fact at the time all the painting of the crying boy that were brought to the newspaper were burned in that huge Bon fire which everyone join and it seemed that there was peace for a while with no more fires.
However, the tale doesn't end there... Even though they thought they had burned all the cursed paintings of the Crying boy, there were reports of the crying boy being found in charred homes untouched as recent as 1985 to 1988! Yes Creepy Eh!
No one knows for sure who the artist might have been and where he/she got the idea to paint a portrait of a crying boy either. Yet there were rumors to this tale of course. And if you ever find one of these two different painting of the Crying boy! They are said to be beautiful paintings of a sad little boy with a very very realistic tear that, its like that painting is alive in a creepy kinda way... It was so creepy that the Crying Boy Painting actually appeared out of the blue one morning in 1985, in the Sun Newspaper which at the time was the most popular tabloid newspaper in the English-speaking world. It had published on page 13 on September 4, 1985 with the special Edition Story Headliner: "Blazing Curse of the Crying Boy''   . It told how Ron and May Hall blamed a cheap painting of  a toddler with tears rolling down his face for a fire which gutted their terraced council home in Rotherham, in a mining town in South Yorkshire. The blaze broke out in a chip span in the kitchen of their home of over 27years and spread rapidly. Although the downstairs rooms of the home were badly damaged, the frame of the Crying Boy escaped unscathed. It continued to hang there, surrounded by a scene of devastation. Normally a chip-pan blaze would merit nothing more than a couple of paragraphs in a local newspaper. However, the newspaper, ran their story about everything in the home and how it was consumed by fire except for the painting of the crying boy. There were at the time more than one of these paintings around and each seemed to have the same effect on each home and all the contents would be totally destroyed but, the painting of the little boy crying would show now sights of  going through a blazing fire. The newspaper began receiving television story headlined-Rapidly. It seems what had transformed from this story into a page, was also leading up to the Britain's leading Tabloids newspapers. They were working on a interview with Ron' Hall's brother Peter, a firefighter based in Rotherham. In this interview, a colleague of Peter's station officer Alan Wilkinson had said he known of numerous other cases where prints of the painting Crying Boy had turned up undamaged, in the ruins of homes destroyed by fires. Accompanying the article was photograph of a quote 'Crying Boy' with the caption: 'TEARS FOR FEARS...THE PORTRAIT THAT FIREMEN CLAIM IT WAS CURSED... However the fireman in in the article had not actually used the word Cursed! but even so, the newspaper reporter had help to give the story a certain level of credibility by adding the part about the fireman. The Newspaper also added that an estimated 50,000 'Crying Boy' prints signed by G Bragolin had been sold in branches of British department stores, particularly in the working class areas of Northern England. They went on saying that examples could be seen hanging in the front rooms of family homes across the nation and one story has suggested a quarter of a million of these Quote' Cursed! Paintings have been SOLD!  
I found that the additional stories about folks that came in contact with a Painting of a Crying Boy continued with the same horrible end. And with some of the fires the folks were either hurt or killed. So there was something to this painting of the Crying boy.  Here are a few more accounts of folks terrifying blast with the Curse Painting: '"Dora Mann, who had claim her house was gutted just six months after she bought a print of the painting [Could have been from one of those department stores?]. "All my Paintings were destroyed except the one of the Crying Boy,'"she claimed. 
''Sandra Kaske, of Kilburn North Yorkshire had said, 'Her sister-in-law and a friend had all suffered disastrous fires since they too acquired copies of the paintings too.''
''Finally there was another family from Nottingham who had bought a print of the Crying Boy and its blaze caused them to be homeless. There more to this story... It seems that the father,  Brian Parks, whose wife and three children who were being treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital, said he had destroyed the copy of the painting before he came to the hospital make sure his family was going to be alright. Creepy Yet!  on Brian's return from the hospital to his destroy home glutted of fire, he to his horror found that the painting hanging undamaged, of course , however the back of the painting where it hung was blackened as was the entire living room. Question? how did the painting get back there in one piece and not damage? "
As more stories emerged from folks, it seemed that the idea that if one was to posses a painting or even a print of the Crying Boy it could be a risk not only to their homes or business it could be to their very lives!
"More stories... One woman from London had claimed she had seen her 'print' of the Crying Boy swinging from side to side."
"While another lady from Paignton told her 11year old son had 'caught his private parts on a hook after she had bought the print of the Crying Boy."
"Yet another , Mrs Rose Farrington of Preston, wrote in a letter to the Sun Newspaper, which was then published by the Sun stating 'Since I bought the painting in 1959, my three sons and my husband have all died. I've often wondered if it had a curse." [You Think!]
From all these accounts I wonder do you believe the painting of the Crying Boy could be Curse? Well I believe ever since I found this story.. I would be curious to hear what you all  think? I do have a bit more to the tale.. We are going to go back to the Rotherham Fire station with the firefighter Alan Wilkinson who had personally logged 50+hours' during the fires back to 1973 by the famous Painting of the Crying Boy. It seems during that time when Officer Alan Wilkinson had did all those reports, that had the Crying Boy logged in as cause of fire, were either dismissed with no reason or dismissed of any connection with the supernatural and satisfied himself that most of the fires had been cause by human carelessness.  However, despite officer Alan Wilkinson fighter and his pragmatism, he couldn't explain how the prints of the 'Crying Boy' had survived the inferno which generated such a sufficient amount of heat that in one such fire the plaster was striped from the walls. But the Print of the Crying Boy was still untouched in all the inferno blaze! It seems that his wife had her own theory. "I always say its the tears that put the fire out."  Humm what do you think? The Sun Newspaper was not interested in finding a rational explanation. So they basically ignored the Fire Chiefs' Claims and Comments [Alan Wilkinson firefighter and Chief ]. It seems that later the Fire chief did admit that they had no logical explanation for a huge number of the recent incidents of fires that had the print of the Crying Boy in the home's. To make this post even  Creepier, it was found soon after the interview with Alan Wilkinson. All prints that were  in the department stores, an estimated 50,000 'Crying Boy' prints signed by G Bragolin had been sold in branches of British department stores, particularly in the working class areas of Northern England- are in-fact not prints! It gets better my dears. Its seems that all the cursed prints were not all copies of the same painting, nor were all the prints by the same artist.  The Painting or Print that survived the fire in the Rotherham London that initially triggered the scare, was signed by the Artist G. Bragolin.  Now It may be a bit confusing since above G.Bragolin had signed all those prints that sold in the British department stores of the working class areas of Northern England - an estimated 50,000 of the Painted Crying Boy'.
This is when the story of the Painted Crying Boy gets interesting....
The Sun newspaper had claimed the original Artist was done by an Italian Artist. In fact, 
Giovanni Bragolin was a pseudonym adopted by an Spanish painter Bruno Amadio who is also known as 'Franchot Seville'.  It gets better I promise... The Story was uncovered by an
well-respected researcher into occult matters, a retired schoolmaster from Devon named George Mallory in 1995.  What This retired schoolmaster would discover would change everything. Mallory has traced the Artist who had painted the original Painting of the  'Crying Boy'. Know one has done this till NOW!   Who is it? Well it ends-up to be an old Spanish Portrait by the named of Franchot Seville, who lives in Madrid. 
Franchot Seville, assures readers they will recognise one of the pseudonyms used by Bruno Amadio, otherwise known as 'G Bragolin' whose signature appears on some of the prints of the Crying Boy. I am sorry if it does get a bit confusing, but I did truly try write it in away that could be understood... However this is where it all began, I remember the tale now and it starts here... Well it seems that Seville/Amadio/Bragolin told Mallory the schoolmaster hope researched the whole mystery of the Painting of the Crying boy and the subject of the  paintings... Mallory was told by these three Seville/Amadio/Bragolin the subject of the paintings was a little street urchin he had found wandering around in Madrid in 1969. He never spoke, and had a very sorrowful look in his eyes. Seville painted the boy, and a Catholic priest identified him as Don Bonillo, a child who had run away after seeing his parents die in a huge fire blaze. "
"The priest told the artist to have nothing to do with the runaway, because wherever he settled down, fires of unknown origin would mysteriously break out; the villagers called him "Diablo" because of this. Nevertheless, the painter ignored the Priest's warnings and adopted the boy.
The Artist portraits sold well, but one day his studio was destroyed by fire and the Artist was ruined. He accused the little boy of arson and Bonillo ran off- naturally in tears and was never seen again. From all over Europe came the reports of the unlucky Crying boy painting causing blazes in homes all over Europe. Seville was also regarded as a jinx and no one commissioned to paint or would even look at any of his paintings. Then in 1976 , there was a terrible car accident where a car had exploded into a fireball, on the outskirts of Barcelona after crashing into a wall. The victim was charred beyond recognition, However part of the victims drivings license in the glove compartment was only partly burned. The name on the license was one of a 19year old Don Bonillo. Some have said that the boys spirit was trapped in all those paintings and that the curse extends to all the many different versions of the painting too. So there you have the true story of the Painting of the Crying Boy and how it came to be. As for now, if  any of the painting are still causing terrifying fires? Well the answer is Yes. There are still thousands of those prints and a few painting out there and even with him dieing in the car crash his spirit is still in all those prints and paintings that are left. that is the creepy part of this tale.
I have seen Crying boy painting with either with companion of an Crying Girl or another Boy within the painting. These are not the same thing. Anyways I hope that you Enjoyed the tale. Happy Early Halloween....
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