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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The Vikings (Jarl) 
For today's post I am going to bring you back to the days of  the Vikings. As I began to read about the Viking I found many different tales of their beginnings - One tale that I hadn't heard of that you might find interesting, I will call; 'Gods & the Vikings'. You may wonder why I call this part Gods & the Vikings? well it  seems that in numerous parts of Norse Mythology the plight of the Gods and their interaction with various other beings is why it is called 'God and the Vikings.' It seems that the most popular of all the Gods, among the Scandinavians Gods during the Vikings Age was Thor, who is portrayed as a unrelentingly perusing his foes, with his mountain crushing thunderous hammerMjolnir in hand. There were various other Gods and Goddess that were mentioned too but, not so much as Thor. It even seems that the Elves and dwarfs were commonly mentioned too. And had some connection with the Vikings. As I read more - research more on the vikings, I found that they happened to be the first people to inhabit Norway as hunters living in small settlements on the edge of the shoreline where they cold kept and eye on their ships. Gradually it seemed that
Scandinavians Gods Thor
During the Viking Age
between the years 1500 and 500BC, the Norwegians/Vikings also started to practice agriculture and farming too. Then around the year 800AD, they started to take to their ships in search of their own land. What they found was an huge area that lies between Norway and Sweden. So during this period with other groups of Vikings from other regions of the Scandinavian peninsula which was in Sweden & Denmark/ these Norwegian Vikings sailed westward to conquer new land. In doing so they invaded and settled in Ireland, Scotland, England and some area's of France too. They even settled in some parts of the uninhabited lands of Greenland. The more I rad the more I discovered about the life of the Viking. There was a period called the Viking Age! In this period it talks of the earliest recorded raids that the Vikings had. I found that in the year 790AD there were actually recorded records of an Viking by the name of Norman who took England in the year 1066AD which was commonly known then as the Viking Age of the Scandinavian History. It seems

that all the Vikings at the time use the Norwegian Sea and the Baltic Sea for their routes to the South to conquer the South.  The Normans - I found to be the original Vikings Descends from Norman who had took all of England in the Year 1066AD and his descends have since then have founded his path. His
The Vikings
Descended were given feudal over lordship of areas in northern France the Dutchery of Normandy in the  10th century. It seems that all the Vikings/Norwegians expanded their conquest of land to the north and to the west such as Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, the Danes to England and even in area's of France. They End-up setting in the Danelaw which is northern/eastern of England & Normandy and the Swedes of the East, which they found is to be the Kievan Rus. (The original Russia). It seems that when the Viking  age came to an End, they had separated their kingdoms that were acquired over many countries when the Christan's took over most of the lands. Thus ending the Viking age. I thought before I finish my tale of the Vikings I would tell you a bit about their Culture~ 

First of all I should say that there was a strong misunderstanding between the Culture/lifestyle and their Religion beliefs between the Christan's and the Scandinavians/Norwegians the Vikings. This of course was regarding to the way of life and their paganism beliefs; which is still very much misunderstood even today.
Vikings in their Grand Ships 
Unfortunately it was this that brought the end and a few other possibilities to the Viking Age. From what I  could find it seems that it came to head dramatically in June of 793AD. It  was when the Norwegians/Vikings destroyed the Abbey Holy Church on the Island of Landsteiner or Lindisfarne. When this happened it seemed the Vikings were seen in a whole different light. The shock of the Holy abbey being destroyed had alerted the Royal Courts of all Europe. "Never before has such a atrocity been seen." This act on the Lindisfarne Holy Abbey had plague the Vikings for the next 12 centuries and beyond~ It seems that in my readings and research that the Vikings as a people have always had to fight hard for what is theirs and for their people. I must say form doing this post on the Norwegians they are survivors and to me that puts them high in my Book! These folks could read a language that was parallel with Latin. And Latin isn't an easy language to learn. So in my book they were a very intelligent people. The Viking ships were also a major part of their culture. They would use their ships to transport everything from; Trade, Exploration of new
 High raking Vikings being prepared for
buried at sea 
lands, raids, Conquests, Transportation's across the seas and waterways too. These ships were also made for warfare; with their long narrow hulls/shallow allowed them to sneak into the shoreline for landings. Also it was easy for trooping the men with the oars in the shallow waters onto the shore. Religion was of great importance to the Vikings as well. Being that of a pagan Culture. It seems that It was a high honor to be buried at sea on one of their most beautiful crafted ships. As far as their Religion I hope at some point to explore more on the Pagan culture at a later date.   Social Structure- This is something I didn't know. The Vikings had different social Cultures and the one who started it all was their Father of all the Viking known as Heimdallr  the creator of their social classics. There were First the Thralls; which were the

lowest ranking class/ the slaves of the vikings. Even the Viking had their own class of slavery too. And to them it was an vital importance to their everyday living. For the Thralls would do all the daily chores & large scale construction. They were also a major part of their Trade and their economy too. New Thralls were often captured abroad. The next Class was called the Karls, these vikings were considered free peasants.
They owned their own farms, land cattle and also engaged in the daily chores of ploughing fields, milking the cattle, building the houses, wagons for the horses too. The Karls would actually would employ thralls to help them with their farms, land the cattle and ploughing fields. Finally the last class of the Vikings is the Jarls.
This might have been a Jarl 
These were the aristocracy of the Viking Society. They are the ones who were very wealthy and owned the largest estates and huge longhouses that were probably were build by the Thralls. They have many horse land and many thralls (Slaves as they would call them in the age of the Vikings) The thralls would take care of all the Jarls daily chores, while the Jarls engaged in the communities polities, hunting, shipping of the long ships, trade goods, and paid visits abroad on expeditions for the entire community while the Thralls & Karls Vikings would take care of the homestead. I found in some of the traditions of the Vikings, they were very similar to that of the Egyptians. These was of the upper class Jarls Vikings of course. I found that when an High ranking Jarl would died all of his Thrall's (this slaves probably even family's too) were sacrificially killed and buried next to the high ranking Jarl Viking with a probably very public burial of the entree community watching. Of course this is just my opinion ant thoughts. Lastly I thought I would talk a bit about the appearance of the Vikings. I sure that the Vikings have been depicted many different ways over the centuries. And of course in the many different Movie/TV shows too. I thought I would try to give you a more in dept look at that or the best that I could anyway...Now that you know the three different Viking Classes 1-Thralls 2-Karls 3-Jarls Each of these classes were very easily recognisable by the way they looked in their cultural class and what they wore too. It seems that the men and women of the Jarls were very well groomed with neat hairstyles and their type of clothing was often silks and
Could have been a Karl Waring leather 
fine furs, with handcrafted jewellery brooches belt buckles, necklaces with arm rings. All was unique Norse Art YOU WOULD NEVER SEE RING FOR FINGERS OR EARRINGS. Most of the fur that they would ware is that of Fox, Bear, Otters and Beaver. As far as the wool and who would make it into their fine clothing it would mostly be the thralls or Karls they were very skilled spinner and weavers and very good with Down (feathers of their bedding). Other Trade is that of Walrus ivory, wax, Salt, cod and lastly soapstone. Their most highly one was the stone Amber. Well my dears, Readers, Friends, and Followers 

I hope you all enjoyed my post on the Vikings I spend a bit of time on this one that is why I havent' been on the blog for a bit and  I have had a few bad days. It happens it is what is is as my mother says. I life day to day. And if you read my profile You will understand me a little more why. I love you all so very

 much.Wendy ... Here are a very images I thought you might like of the Viking World.

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