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Saturday, January 9, 2016


The Green Lady of Wahiawa Hawaii~
Good evening my dearest Friends, Supporters, Followers and Readers of my humble blog, I thought I would bring you to the Islands of Hawaii for my next Urban legend. As I was telling in my last post I would try to find different urban legends/folktales of different countries. Since Hawaii is close to my heart being that my family on my husband side lives there it is fun to do. I have found two different version of the tale. So it really depends on which legend you believe. The first tale is said to be of a woman who would visit, the gulch of Wahiawa, which also contains the botanical gardens of Wahiawa with her only child. However, one day while visiting her only child became lost in the botanical gardens of Wahiawa and sadly never to be found again. How how the tale goes as the Green lady is this; To this day, the mother of this child still wonders in the gulch looking for her child & will take any child that she comes across into the gulch. 
Green Lady
Over the years, there have been several reports of seeing the green woman that has been said to be covered in moss or mold wandering in the gulch. Others have said that the Green Woman closely resembles that of the Japanese Mythological creature called the Kappa. If you are curious about the Japanese Mythological creature Kappa I looked on my blog and I found that I did a small post on the creature. at the link below you can read about it and others...hag-fairies.html 
This creature is said to resemble a turtle-like humanoid that steals children to feast upon. They say the last known sighting was to have been in the mid to late 1980's.
Today in modern times, children and even teenagers dare each other to cross the bridge that runs over the gulch at night. So if you are very brave at night- between 9am-4pm at the old Botanical Gardens you might see The Green Lady.
Ghosts of the Noble Lady's'
of Scotland were much less creepy
Then there is the second version; In this version of the Green Lady, she is more of a ghost an is very specific specter from Hawaii. Now there are other Green Lady Ghost that are usually from Scotland that inhabit castles and are called the Green Ladies, However, these Ladies of the Castles of Scotland  are truly White Ladies despite the color differecne.---plus their spirits are of noble womanhood that haunt the castles they once inhabited. Noted too, there is no real difference other than the color to the apparition of this woman too.

However, the Hawaiian Green lady is quite a differnt  and is very chilling compared to the noble woman of Scotland.  The legend goes as this which is a bit different than the first version. She, of course, was a normal mother who enjoyed taking her children [no one knows how many she had]to the Wahiawa Botanical Garden in Honolulu. She  & her children would cross the gulch in Wahiawa instead of taking the  bridge, for reasons that the mother was afraid the cars would strike and kill her children.[Never knowing her doom would be by taking her cross the gulch would cause her great pain and suffering.] Well, one night it happened, on their way back home the children became separated /lost from their mum. The mother could not find them in the gulch, no matter how hard she tried.
After searching and searching, the mother went looking for help. Sadly no one would help her look for her beloved children. One could only image how it felt when no one would help her find her children. What was going through her mind?
So the mother went back into the gulch alone never to be seen again along with her children. Ever since that faithful day, there were sightings of a ghostly Green woman haunting the gulch. She wasn't just green, it was covered in vines & grass, which resembled a shambling marsh monster more that a green woman ghost. This spirit which looked more like that of mucky plant life than that of a ghost of the mother, still looking for her children lost forever in the gulch.
The grief that she held to her heart all those years of losing her beloved children & not getting any help at the time when there might have been a chance to find them runs deep in her soul with the locals. So to help with that grief, she would steal away any child who come within reach of the gulch. And that child is never seen again.
Crazy, as it is Children and teens in the area of Wahiawa, will sometimes dare one another to run across the bridge to see if they get a glimpse of the Green Lady. However, they say the Green Lady will never come up on the bridge to take children so they think it is safe. Is the question it?
Some have said the Green Lady has been seen on the outskirts of Wahiawa Elementary School, which is located on the edge of the Gulch----So are the children Safe?
Another very important characteristic of the Green Lady that will come in handy if you are alone and you feel an odd energy in the air and a really bad smell of decaying plant matter, beware! This could mean that most likely She is very close. Her body is covered in decaying plant matter and it covers her entire body. So it often easy to tell if she is around by the horrible odor. She also has scaly skin and sharp claws. So I hope that you all
Enjoyed finding out about another legend in
Hawaii of the Green Lady of Wahiawa.
It's kinda sad one by alot of these Urban legends
and folklores are. However I thing they quite 
interesting myself 
Much Love 

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