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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Who is Krampus?

Who is Krampus?
Krampus and Saint Nicholas visit at home
in 1896

I thought I might do the folklore character that is based on the Germany Character Krampus - Also since they have done a very scary version of the infamous beast like creature in an upcoming movie this coming Chrismas. For which I am not so sure it is quite like the culture of the German and Australia Krampus fictional character that was used to scare the haunt naughty children during the yuletide season. Above is an old fashion type of the kinda image they would show of the fictional beast like character to scare naughty children before the Christmas season. This fictional character is an infamous beast that is said to haunt naughty children during the yuletide season of Germany.
An 1800 picture of Krampus
The Krampus was said to have enormous horns, dark hair, and fangs. Krampus is like the counterpart of Santa Claus. It is believed that he collects the kids who have been naughty and takes them with him down to the underworld. On December in Germany, Children are accustomed to checking, their doorsteps. If they get a gift it means that they have been nice and good boys and girls. However, if the children get a rod, well this is bad news, it means they have been naughty and Krampus will probably be coming to collect them.
Nowadays, in a search for non-traditional ways of celebrating the yuletide season, the people have come up with the Krampus parties where guests will dress up like the Christmas beast and will scare the guests. This has become a pop culture in the US and Germany it seems the Catholic Chruch is against the raucous celebration. It could be that is was created during a time of pagan/yuletide's when the Catholic Church wasn't established yet... This is only my own opinion...
The Krampus of folklore of Germany
of early Christmas Dec 4.
The Krampus would come at Christmas time, hairy backed, brown or black, cloven hooves, horns of the goat. The not-so-merry---Krampus! This beast with Germanic roots is St. Nichola's other half and scares children into being nice, not naughty. It is said Bad Santa meets Krampus; a half-goat, half-demon, horrific beast who literally beats people into being nice and not naughty.
I do remember this folklore last Christmas, but I just didn't think it was one to write about however with the new movie coming out I thought I would this time. It is quite different than the original tale.
Krampus isn't exactly the stuff of fairytales. Coming from the pagan times, he bears horns, dark hair, and fangs. The anti-St. Nicholas comes with a chain and bells that he lashes about along with a bundle of birch sticks which are meant to swat naughty little children. The he hauls all the naughty kids of the world to the underworld.
Krampus, whose name is derived from the German word 'Krampen', meaning claw, is said to be the son of 'Hel in Norse Mythology'. The legendary beast also shares characteristics with other scary, demonic creatures in Greek mythology including the Satyrs and Fauns. The legend is part of a centuries-old Christmas tradition in Germany, where Christmas celebrations begin in early December 6.
This Creature was created as a counterpart to the kindly St. Nicholas who rewards all children of the world with sweets and gifts.
Contrast to the Krampus who swats the wicked naughty children who are not nice and takes them away to his lair. According to the folklore of the Krampus, it will purportedly show up in towns the night before December 6, known as Krampusnacht Night. December 6 also happens to be Nikolaustag or St. Nicholas Day when the
Children of Germany look outside their doors to see if the shoe or boot they'd lift our the night before contains either present - as a reward for good behavior or a rod for bad behavior.
There are other tales in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic that involves the drunken men that dressed as devils who take over the streets for a Krampuslauf-a Krampus Run of sorts when people are chased through the streets by the 'devils'.  You wonder why? It seems in the pagan/yuletide days it's a way for humans to get in touch with their animalistic side. It is hard for some to understand, but one much realized that it was a whole different whole back then. And their believe's were much different that many today.  If you want to learn more about the pagan traditions mysterious you can look by 'Antonio Carneiro' who has written much on the subject of early pagan Traditions.Antonio Carneiro Early Pagan Traditions
Above are a few links of the Early Pagan Traditions~
Well Then in the States there is the lump of Coal when children were
It seems that the Krampus's frightening presence was suppressed for many years from the Catholic Church forbade the raucous celebrations and fascists in World War ll Europe found the Krampus despicable because it was considered to be a creation of the Social Democrats. However, the legend Krampus is making a comeback now, thanks to the pop culture and people searching for ways to celebrate the yuletide non-traditional ways. But like with anything if, you do too much of a good think you can over do a legend and it seems that there are folks already complaining that the Krampus is to commercialize by this upcoming movie.
For your own opinion my dearest Friends & Followers
Here is a little bit about the upcoming film which they say
is both comedy and horror. A film celebrating the
Mysteries of the legend of Krampus December 4, 2015.
I have seemed two different trailers and I haven't seen
any comedy to the film only the sadness of the
spirit of Christmas and the horror of the creature.
Below is one image that I didn't see in the 
trailers and that is the one below.
It's a full photo of the Krampus with our 
child hero from the Movie. 
As for the movie, it is based on the legend
Traditionally there are parades in which young men will
dress as the Krampus, such as the Krampuslauf, that occurs
annually in most Alpine towns.
Krampus is featured on holiday greeting cards
called Krampuskarten. In German-speaking Alpine folklore,
the Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure.
According to traditional narratives around the figure.
The Krampus punishes children during the Christmas
season who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas
who has rewarded well-behaved children with gifts.
There are even Regions in Austrian have similar
figures of Krampus.
There is one last and very import tradition
that is celebrated all over the world that I must not leave
out. Christmas does have many folklore and legends.
And of course, Santa Claus.
However, there is one other very important person
to Me! 'Happy Birthday Christ & to all the other
Faiths in this World'.
I do lots of different legends, folklore & mythology,
however at Christmas time I am so very thankful for
my Faith and my God. I pray that all of you
dearest Friends & Followers, that you look to your faith
love and whatever guides you above the heavens giving
you Faith. Have a wonderful and happy
Christmas full of love and peace.
I love you all.
Your Friend Always

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