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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wood Sprite Creature

Wood Sprite Creature-
Wood sprite's or for that matter all types of Sprite creatures is a generic term for an Elf, Fairy,
Gnome or even a Goblin in some cases. Sprites are all small beings that are usually mischievous by nature.
They like to play around and torment butterflies or any other small insects that are smaller that them. They usually don't bother bees because they bite back. Sprites each have their own specific habitat of a wood,
forest, marshlands, lakes or other types of water based land. These habitats are quiet and very serene
environments. They have important job these tiny creatures too. Even so small they are very important to our delicate balance to Nature.  These jobs are in helping the changes of the seasons such as changing the colours of the leaves to orange and yellow and to green for the spring. They are benign that that seems unless but very important to the balance to Nature and are becoming threatened as are many of our Magick Creatures are in the 21th century.
A sprite is a kinda like a fairy, but much smaller. The word Sprite comes from the Latin word spiritus or spirit which once meant 'soul' or ghost'.  Sprites are used in most every Cultures' folktale. They love either the woods or the water. If you are so lucky to see one, you must be very still and quite, for they love the most serene and cool place in the world. Besides playing with or tormented butterflies (note the butterflies really don't mind, the Sprites don't really hurt them), they also love to play with nymphs too. Sprites are very
creative creatures. They are muses, artists and poets too. Some are the most creative even then some of the fairies. Sprites sometimes will marry a human or even a elf and stay with them their whole lives. This is only if they have decide to make that magick bond. Besides being caretakers of nature, they are supernatural creatures - who can be either elf, fairies and even ghost like too. They all have different  appearance. Some sprites have green completion and wings. Others look very much like small fairy's or elf's. You must remember these creatures are by nature mischievous and love to play tricks on humans. They know the ways of the Supernature magick world too. So I would use caution if you do come across one too.
Your Wendy! 

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