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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sun Elves

Sun Elves
The Sun Elves have generally abandoned what was once their ancient realms during the many centuries of their Gods. They are most famed for their command of bothe arcane and divine Magick, which exceeds that of all their cousins. 
The Sun elves work on an Elfin magic that is thousands of years older and still survived within their realms hidden in refuges of the Sun Elves.
 Sun elves are responsible for the majority of the Grand Elfin cities of legendary times, although there are often Eflin cousins that aided
In the construction of these magnificence cities. Who these Elfin cousins were? One will never know! It wasn't written down asalot of the Elfin history was not! And it was so long ago. These cities were what dreams were made of. They were beautiful. Sun Elf realms are the stuff legends are made of, and integral part of history of the Fae world for thousands of years. These Elves certainly know this too, for they distance themselves from other eflin races.
No humans world ever be within the realms of their cities or allowed. They felted and often wouldn't let 'lesser beings' into their lands. You might say they were a bit snooty. Well that just my opinion anyway.Sun elves have bronze skin, hair of golden blend, copper or even black, Their eyes are either deep green or golden. What they loved to do mostly was study magick, their history, they are quick at games, love songs, but seem to embody the unearthly beauty, grace and presence of the Elfen Folk. 

These Elves dress in clothing that is at the same time magnificent and understated. They favor cool colors such as blue and green, also decorating them with intricate gold or mithral threads embroidery in exacting patterns whose subtle designs are easy to miss at first, but if you look more closely you will fined that their designs are quick a painstaking craft in the threading of the embroidery of the golds. Their jewelry that they ware is also simple looking a first look but as one has a closer look it too show that it has the painstaking intense craftsmanship in  all their Jewelry too.

The Sun Elves believe that they were selected to be the defenders of Elfin traditions and their history. 
They are also the most patient of all the Elfin races and they devoted  their time to perfecting a task rather than just merely competing it. To a Sun  elf, rushing to finish a project is anything less than perfection is betraying the Elfin ideals. 
They have a unravel master of the skill in the Arts and crafts. This could be why their cities are so magnificence and legendary in history. But they have no love for war-cobat-
They view war as a necessary evil. It should be resolved quickly as a task so they can get back to more pleasurable pursuit's.
These elves are the least likely of the Elfin to roam about the world
and meet other people . They are much more drawn to staying at heir homeland learning about ancient powers, magick and studies of their ancient history.

The Sun Elves are devotion to the higher divine magick,has but
them in a differnent place than their counsin elves. They have and affections for their cousins the moon Elves, but at times there is fear with them. They also admire the wood Elves and feel that they embody the Elfin spirit of Nauture. I found
these elves to be interesting I hope you do too


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