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Friday, December 18, 2015


 For my Love for the Hummingbird 
I thought I would continue my BirdTales
on the Hummingbird.
Hummingbirds have an undeserving 
reputation for aggressiveness toward each other.
However, they are in no way a social 
species as they don't engage in some of the 
communal Activities with each other, such as 
their singing assemblies of the male hermits or 
the communal roosting of the 
Chimborazo Hillstar hummingbirds. 
These tiny hummers are often seen 
chasing each other, however, the chasing has been
studied as nothing more than a form of play. 
They are also the rival between the male
hummingbirds. They can sometimes be very
aggressive about the areas in which they choose 
to live. Especially hummingbirds who have 
made a backyard or porch their home 
365days a year.
Just like my Rosy, which I have written about
~My Rosy~
over the 3years, I've been doing this blog.
He is an Anne Hummingbird & when he decided to make
his permit home on my porch here in Washington State
for the last 7years+ I have made sure he has plenty
of homemade food for the winter months, 
which can be quite cold! It could be either lotsss of
rain, wind, snow etc. So you never know my 
dear friends, readers, and followers you might
have a hummingbird that has decided to make their 
home in your backyard instead of the long 
the flight across the ocean to the warmer climates.
During those winter months, if you happen to
have a new hummingbird, you might see them
making short dashes from your bird feeder
to his favorite perch on a nearby tree.
~Rosy on His Favorite Perch~
Now, during the Spring/Summer & Fall
these male hummingbirds will be much more
aggressive about protecting an area they have
made their home. Especially during the time
of blooms of flowers & their favorite
My Rosy in the Trees in my 
Yard by the Green River
Fresh Nector. 
They still will go for your homemade nector,
however, durning the Spring and Summer
these hummingbirds love the Fresh blooms
with the nector.
This is when the Rival Male hummer's [like my Rosy]
will make lots of short dashes around the area
of my porch to the trees like the photo
I took in the trees to protect his home.
He does this to warn intruders away form
their favorite area by sitting on a perch
very close by. It there is other younger males about
the Rival male will let them know who's boss in the
area by having what you could call dances in
the air. I have seen it myself many times so
that I have put a couple of feeders up so
the other hummerbirds can have food too.
This is the reason why its good to have
a few extra feeders around during the Spring
and the Summer. Also, lots of hummingbird kinda
blooming flowers.  The more different
hummingbirds flowers the less problems you
will have with Rival Male hummingbirds.
There will be less frequent skirmishes, chases
and dives on one another.

Hummingbird swarm
Click the about link and you will see 
an very large swarm of hummingbirds Enjoy

I hope that you all enjoy another
BirdTales as I would say My Love
I love you all my dears
wishing you all a happy & lovely
Your Friends Always

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