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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ancient Graves found in Greece

Ancient Mass Graves Discovered in Greece-
Good Afternoon my dearest Friends & Followers. I hope you will find this newest post
interesting, about Archaeologist in Greece finding mass graves and their theory's on why they might
have been put there. Here is the story of the Archaeologists that discovered the two mass grave sites near the Greek capital that happen to contain the skeletons of 80+men who may have been followers of the ancient world be Tyrant
CYLON OF ATHENS. It would seem that the head director & Regional Archaeological - Stella Chryssoulaki has laid out a theory of what may of happen to these men back in the ancient days of Greece and their faith of why they all ended up in mass graves. Stella theory as she studied the site of  80+ skeletons, was unveiled when she very carefully brought each one back to the Central Archaeological Council, to study them. This is the custodians of Greece's ancient heritage. Also it would seem that the Custodians of Greece's ancient heritage is giving this dig site the highest importance of any of the discoveries that Stella Chryssoulaki finds or in further investigations, in a ministry statement. So far as to what they have found is 'Two small vases discovered amongst the
skeletons which have allowed the archaeologists to date the graves.
The Acropolis - I am very luck to have been
there with my family back in 1984 I will treasure
the memory's and the many photo's
Which is very important to the Custodians of the Greece's ancient heritage & its people. It would seem as of now the grave sites and the skeletons date between 675 and 650BC 'A period of great political turmoil in ancient times.

The Archaeologists found that the skeletons were found lined up, some on their backs and others on their stomachs. There were a total of 36 had their hands bound with iron sadly. Many of these Skeletons were discovered during the excavations at an ancient cemetery on Athens' seaside on the outskirts, on the construction site of the new National Library of the Greece and
National Opera. Another interesting find was the Archaeologists found that the teeth of the men were in good condition, which indicated they were young men and healthy when they died. Of course this brings other theory's too, of what may of happen to these young men and boys of ancient Greece. Why did they died so Young? So this other theory is that they could have been followers of Cylon, a nobleman whose failed command in the 7th century BC is detailed in the accounts of ancient historians as Herodotus and Thucydides. Cylon, a former Olympic champion, sought to rule Athens as a tyrant. But Athenians opposed this attempt and he and his supporters were forced to seek refuge in the Acropolis, The citadel that is today the Greek capital's biggest tourist attraction.
It would seem that even after hiding in the famous Acropolis back in the ancient times, the conspirators eventually surrendered after winning guarantees that their lives would be spared. However, it was all a sparse. They were being lied to just to get them out of the safety of the Acropolis only to be massacred later. You see Megacles by the powerful Alcmaeonid clan, had the men massacred the moment they step out of the safety of the Acropolis. It was an act of condemned as sacrilegious by the cities authorities. So you could say that was your young 80 men that was found centuries later.

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