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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Jinshinuwo of Japan

The Jinshinuwo of Japan-
Artwork by bennyb92 at Deviantant
Good afternoon my dears and welcome to my humble blog. Today my dearest
Friends and Followers I have a interesting legend from Japan. The Jinshinuwo the
name of an ancient eel-fish of enormous size. It is in many of Japan's legends & traditions
of Japan too! Many of the older folk have said, that it's so vast that it lies in the middle of the
ocean and it supports the entire islands of the country of Japan on its back. It has
a massive head and is located beneath the city of Kyoto, while its tail is located seven hundred
miles north under the city of Awomori. In order to prevent Japan from failing off the Jinshinuwo back, there is a rivet that goes through a stone in the temple gardens of Kashima that secures the
entire country of Japan, to the beast Jinshinuwo. However, when this great beast of the ocean rolls
or lashes its enormous tail - this is the reason Japan has so many earthquakes and tsunami's.
Gigantic Eels have been around in Japanese folklore & legends for hundreds of years. Even now there are various of locations in Japan that have had reports of huge eels far larger than any known species in their country or any other no today. Workers doing construction on a floodgate on the Edo River, which people have reported seen coming across at a enormous  size. This eels were said to measure up to 2 meters [6.6 feet] long. According to the account, four of the eels were spotted and some of the workers even attempted to capture one, as the eels appeared to be rather lethargic and slow moving in the Edo River. Upon returning to the scene later, they with tools they felt they needed to catch the eel it was discovered that the mysterious giant eels were nowhere to be seen.
It would seem that it happened again from a different lake called Biwa, which is in Shiga Prefecture. This lake is the largest freshwater lake in Japan. In the 1980's there were several reports of giant eels inhabiting the lake.
There was one such sighting that was made by a large group of people aboard one of the lakes in the many pleasure boat cruses that they have on the lakes. The very startled ferry passengers reported seeing several very large eels swimming at the surface far from the shore. They also described the eels-what they looked like for the authorizes - These eels were described as being much larger about 3 meters [10 feet] long, a silvery blue color. They appeared to be leisurely gliding along beside the boat and were observed for around 15min. before moving off out of sight.
Lastly a fisherman on that same lake reported actually hooking and reeling in an eel that was reported to be around 8 feet+ in length. In this case the eel was kept and then eaten. Another fisherman on the same lake reported seeing a similarly sized eel rooting through the mud in shallow water near the shore.
I hope that you, all enjoy the post my dears
I love you all my dears
Your Friend Always

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