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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fuaths of Scotland

Fuaths of Scotland-
Fuaths of Scotland
Well my dears I've decided to go back to another of my
favorites and that is my Magick Creatures. As you have all discovered all Magick Creatures
are not always nice. And that holds true for the Fuaths of Scotland. These Gaelic Mythological water spirit creatures live in the waters of Scotland and are generally green to probably blend into the marshy
waters that they live in. They have the mane  and tail of a yellow horse. The one
interesting fact I found was, is that fact that they have no nose. Which made me wonder how they
know their prey is around without the sense of smell, but they do have a very keen sense of
their eyes, which they use to find humans that lurk in their low land watery homes. When mostly
children or older teens are unaware when swimming around their dormant, they are quickly grabbed
down by using their webbed hands and feet to the depths below to their deaths. I didn't find if they do
anything else to the humans like eat them of sorts but you never know?
These Gaelic Scottish Mythological appearance ranges from covered from head to toe in shaggy, yellow fur
Fuaths of Scotland 
to just having a yellow mane down its back, a tail webbed toes, tails with spikes and no noes. They are prone to wearing green, whether it being a dress, robe or kirtle as it is the Fae's favorite colour.
These Gaelic Fuaths sometimes with intermarry with a human being -typically a female- whose offspring will share a mane, tail and/or webbed digits. This is what I found fascinating to me! Why! Well because what right mind human female with some intelligence would ever want to be with a creature like this and for that matter mate with them and have children! Creepy! Well that's my opinion What do you think about having a fling with a Fuath of Scotland Eh! Right down you thoughts about what you think?  What Their banes include sunlight and cold steel, which with kill them instantly. They grow restless upon crossing a stream. Their alliterative name is the Arrachd. 
Well I hope that you leave a few interesting 
comments for me. And I hope you all Enjoyed
this New Magick Creature too
I love you all my dears very Much!
Your Wendy
(¯ `•.\|/.•´¯) ƗM'
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