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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mountain Nymphs of Oreads

Mountain Nymphs Oreads- 
Nymphs are in many way like fairies in that they are
unpredictable, playful, delightful, guarded, & at times can be
Mountain Nymphs Echo
a little scary if they feel they are threatened. Now there are Fairies
that are just a bit scary because they just are scary. This is with the Nymphs too.
But more often then not its because the Nymph or Fairy is either protecting their
home which is usually of a Nature origin..
I the Greek Mythology, an Oreads or Orestiads was a type of nymph that lived in the mountains, valleys
and ravines. They differ form each other according to their dwelling; The Idaeae were from Mount Ida,
and the Peliades were from the Mount Pelion. They each were associated with Artemis since the Goddess, when out hunting preferred mounts and rocky precipices.
There was one very famous Oreiad Nymph of Mount Kithairon in Boiotia. Yes! And this Beautiful
Nymph was Echo. Although being probably one of the most famous of all the nymphs has its good/bad  perks. Thoughtout Mythology her voice and name has lived on to modern times even to this day.
Being that she was a beauty of a Oread from the Mt. Kihairon, she would run into the Great Zeus himself quite often. And Zeus loved the Nymphs be it Mountain, water, etc. but he did enjoy the company of the Nymph Echo. So it meant that when Hera came looking for her wayward hubby,
Mountain Oreads Nymphs 
Echo Mountain Nymph
Echo would have to keep her taking until everyone could make a clean get away. Eventually all Echo's taking make Hera even more suspicious of Zeus when she came a calling. His absence in  Mt Olympus, was becoming more and more frequent. So Hera was determined to catch her husband in the act. Well she did find out it was Echo the Nymph of Mountains of Oreads and a couple of others Mountain Nymphs . Of course this is a much storter version., but Hera cursed poor Echo to lose any ability to speak for herself and to only be able to repeat the words of others. And of course the other Nymphs were punished too, Hera didn' t keep her word to protect her voice and she was punished worst of all. Now not being able to speck to for herself and to only be able to repeat the words of others. She fell into a great depression. The beauty Echo had fallen in love with Narcissus. If You are interested in this story of Echo and Narcisssus Please put your comments and If there are are quite a lot I will look it up for you all and  look into the history of their love and what happens to these to lovers.
Echo Mountain Nymphs
Lovers Narcissus
From what I gather what happen in the tragedy love story, Echo despite falling in love with Narcissus- who
was the son of Lirope of Thespia, a blue nymph, and the river God Cephisus. As the tale goes between the two lovers/ poor Echo who could not speak, saw her beloved Narcissus hunting, so she decided to quietly with him through the woods. Well follow him without being seen. She was desperate to talk to her beloved Narcissus. but unable to speak unless he shouted something so she could repeat it, which she felt was not a very good chance of happening! The Mountain forest was very quite, which was odd, Then Narcissus finally figured out that he had be followed. So he finally shouted out the words''  Who's there?!", to which could only be repeated back by Echo," Who's There?!".
So Do you wonder what happened to these to lovers? Humm. Well I have a bit more to tell. This little exercise in the Mountain forest went on for a while until, guess who had the courage to show their self?
A Heartbroken Echo
who Cried the rest of her days
in the depth of her mountains.
And Echo turned to stone
after crying the rest of
her days until her beauty
was incased in this staute
Well? Ok... It was Echo, she finally mustard up the courage to show herself and ran up to Narcisssus and give him a very
huge hug. She was denied as he pushed Echo away and strictly told her to leave him alone.
Echo's Heart was heartbroken, and she left crying; She cried for the rest of her days until finally she became
a stone. Now all that is left of her is an invisible echo And I bet if you go into the Mountains of theMount Kithairon in Boiotia. You might beable to hear if you listen very carefully
the sound of Echo's cry's echoing throughout the moutaintops... Her spirit will always be in those mountains.. This is something I will always believe.
I hope that you will Enjoy this new post my dears. 
I love you all! 
My dearest Friends and Followers 

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