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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cailleace Bhuer The Blue Hag of Scotland-

Cailleac Bhuer the Blue Hag of Scotland-
Good afternoon my dears, Friends and Followers; for today
Cailleach Bheara -
Blue Hag of Scotland
post, I thought I would bring you into the Scottish Highlands. One there we will be
talking about the Legend of a water faery called the Cailleace Bhuer or the
Blue Hag of Scotland. I find the Gaelic Mythology to be most interesting, just as the
Greek mythology with the Gods and Goddess of Zeus & Hera too. It seems that in the
Gaelic Mythology which is both in Ireland and Scotland; the Cailleace or called Cailleach Bhuer [Cailleach in Irish pronunciation is - 'kaljex - In Scottish Gaelic pronunciation is - kayex]. Anyways The Cailleach
Bhuer is a divine hag or a creator deity of the weather and possibly an ancestor deity too.
The Blue Hag is most commonly known as the Cailleach Bheara or Bheur it just depends on which
area's of Scotland you happen to be in. The word Cailleach means 'hag' in the modern Scottish Gaelic
language. Now that we have the understanding of how the blue Hag of Scotland got her name we
can move on to the fun part the legend and Myth. It seems that in Scotland where she is also known as
Beira, Queen of the Winter, she is credited to making numerous abouts of enormous mountains and
The Calilleac Bhuer with her large
staff that can freeze the Ground to Winter
large hills , which are said to have been formed when she was striding across the Scotland highlands and valleys when she accidentally dropped rocks from her creel or wicker basket.  In other legends it is said
that the Blue Hag of Scotland had intentionally built the mountains of both Scotland and Ireland too, to
serve as her stepping stones to walk about the lands. She would always carry a hammer for shaping the
mountains, hills and valleys the way she felt they should be shaped. Others would say she was the mother of all the Goddesses and gods of the Celtic Gaelic legends and myths. The Calilleace Bhuer had several powerful traits like that of a Goddess that was befitting to the personification of winter; She would herd the deer, fights with the coming of spring and with her very large staff that is with her all the time can freeze the ground.  I also discovered that the
Scottish Watery Faery had a partnership with the Goddess 
Brigid - Before I go further on in my post I thought I would
give you all a brief paragraph about the Goddess Brigid so that you'll have a better understanding of both
Brigid Goddess of Spring
women. They both are very strong deities in their own right in my opinion. The main quality that is different
between the two is that the Goddess Brigid is said to be the marking of the coming of Spring. Unlike Calilleac Bhuer who in the marking of winter or making of winter.  Brigid is honored by the coming of Spring too. She is a crucial deity on this sacred day as she is the representation of fire and the coming Sun Goddess of the Sun and Fire, as she gives hope for the Suns quick return at the coming of Spring. As a
Goddess of Fire (Brigid Goddess) she represents life and creative energy. Brigid's role as a healing Goddess
is represented all over Ireland in the form of their sacred wells. It is also said that whenever Brigid walks, flowers and shamrocks will spring up in her footsteps. Brigid is not only the Goddess of the warm seasons, but the Goddess of the entire year of sorts the Earth Goddess - In one season she shows her warmth by smiling her most beautiful face and in the other seasons, she shows her cold and remote face. It seems that the Celtic culture was the calendar year as broken into only 2seasons in ancient times, this would be only that of Summer and Winter. Not like we have now in modern times of the 4seasons of spring summer fall and winter.  Brigid was the daughter of the Morning sun who held the sunrise in one hand as little yellow flame and in the other held the red flower of fire without which men would be as the beasts who live in caves and holes. I did find this interesting quote to some up Brigid ' She herself and no other, is.. that ancient goddess whom our ancestors saw lighting the torches of sunrise on the brows of hills, or thrusting the quenchless flame above the horizons of the sea; whom the druids hailed with hymns at the turn of the year, when, in the season we call February, the first comers of the advancing spring are to be seen.' I hope that this small paragraph will give you a little insight on the Goddess Brigid and then when I get into the two as a partnership it won't
be so confusing...It seems that this partnership begins with Cailleach Bhuer in the seasons as the deity or spirit to rule the winter months between the Samhainn [Starting November 1 the first day of winter] to
Storm Hags 
Bealltainn [Ending to May 1 the first day of summer]. I hope I haven't lost ya:o While Brigid rules the
summer months Bealltainn and Samhainn. However this all can depend on location and climate to when the
transfer of the two powerful two goddess /the winter goddess and the summer goddess is celebrated any time between February 1 at the earliest, March 25, or Bealltainn May 1 at the latest and the local festivals marking the arrival of the first signs of spring may be named after either the Calilleach or Brigid goddess. Well now that I probably totally confused you all my dears, about the two different goddess I will try to tell
you more about the Calilleachan or the Blue Hag or Scotland. They are also know as the Storm Hags, and
seen as personifications of the elemental powers of nature, especially in a destructive way. They are also said to be particularly active in raising the windstorms of spring, during the period known as A 'Chailleach'.  It seems that these Storm
Hags would usher enormous 'Chailleach' winter storms off the west coast of Scotland. These Massive storms would take three days and during those three days/nights which would roar of the coming tempest is heard as far away as even
20 to 40miles inland from these 'Chailleach' created by the Storm Hags - When she is finished , she will lay all the land within those 30miles with a thick layer of pure white snow freezing snow..I tried to find for you
all the origins of the Cailleach Bhuer or the Blue hag of Scotland and this is the only bit of legend that
I could find for you all.. It goes at it goes;
'' Legend has it that the Cailleach was tired from a long day herding deer. Atop Ben Cruachan she fell asleep on her watch and a well she was tending overflowed, running down from the highlands and flooding the valleys below, forming first a river and then the loch. The overflowing well is a common motif in local Gaelic
creation tales - as seen in the goddess Boann's similar creation of the River Boyne in Ireland .' So there you have it my dears I don't really know it that how the Cailleace Bhuer or Water faery of Scotland became the Blue hag of Scotland but you never know.. I do hope that Enjoyed this tale in the Highland of
Scotland. And I will try to find a interesting tale for you all tomorrow I wish you 
all my dears, Friends and Followers a lovely evening love and light and good reading ;ooo)
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