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Sunday, March 15, 2015

~WendyTales~ ProtectYourPosts&Photo's


Welcome to my New Post Called
Like TipsFromtheGarden~ This too will bring you
helpful tips for your Garden, Stories, Poems and
some of my own experiences in life. These which will include 
how my Garden/Hummingbird has helped put light and 
happiness in my life.  You will find its new home on 
Sunday's. So when I get myself together I hope that you all 
will come and visit me also on Sundays as well. 
Well for Sundays post I thought I would talk about what 
I have been doing the last couple of weeks. Yes The last couple 
of weeks I have been copying all my photo's and I mean ALL MY PHOTOS
Why? Because of what had happened to me the first few months when I started
this blog. Where I had lost all my photos, posts, and bookmarks, and many
links that were impossible to replace. 
So for today's post I found my old post that I wrote 
just a few months after starting my blog 
It tells of what I went through at that time in early
January of 2013. And I just don't want any of YOU! 
My dear Friends & Followers to go through this.
I have copied everything on flash drives which is so easy to use.
So every photo that I have every use is on flash drives
and every post that you see from Jan 2013 to present is on a Flash Drive too.
After I show you what I had written that early Jan, of 2013
And if you have any questions on how to document your
posts or photos on a flash drive just leave me a note
on my blog and I will get to them as soon as I can. 
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.•´ ...  ❤❤(◕‿◕❤❤❤❤❤❤❤(◕‿◕)❤❤❤(◕‿◕)¸.•*""*•.¸
Thankyou so much, for being so supportive during this
difficult time that I'm going through. Since my first note that I wrote, to let you 
know what has happened to my blog, I though I would let you know what 
has been going on since. I thought I would go on the 
Internet to find some more info on anything about what is going on 
with this huge hacking that has effected so many people including myself.
I thought it would be helpful if any of you had been effected by this 
horrible hacking into personal accounts. 
From what I found out is that researchers had said that some
2-million people passwords have been hacked from Yahoo, Google and Gmail 
and other Large company. For me it has been my email and all my photos.
however, thanks to Google+ they were so wonderful and helpful it 
could have be a nightmare if they were there to help and stop anymore 
damage to my account and new Blog.
In short my Dear Friends & Followers I have been able to fix 
my email, My Blog which is a big Plus! All my widgets are working order which
I am very lucky because I am hearing that some folks werent' so lucky.
However, there was one very BIG problem which was my images that 
were on my posts on my Blog!
I know you all my dear friends and followers love all the images and 
today I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to do image or get them
back on my post again, but for some reason it just wont work.
So I am still have alot of work still to do. I still have to do scans on my computer 
every day to see if I find some kinda Malware.
I even found some activity on my history that I didn't do! 
If you are having any problems at all! my dears please don't wait! Take action and save your laptops or desktops and your accounts too. I am very lucky to have a strong Internet Security System that has caught all the viruses, malware and trojans too.
I will back with my images, but until then I thought I would do just the writing part on my blog
for posts, until I can figure out how the images can be added back. This way you will still get all my stories, that I have written before. I am sorry about all this. I wish you all well and good luck too. ."(✿◠‿◠)˙•٠•●c Celibate life´Magic Surrounds Us ƸӜƷ ♪♫♪♫♪❤❤

love your all very much Your Wendy..❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪❤❤♪♫♪❤❤♪    \(^o^)/  ☼ 
▼ ▼♥║ ◄°°﹒☆҉¸.¸¸.•´ ¸.•´.✿★ ✿★
 Well I hope that you find this post helpful 
I just didn't want any of you my dear friends & followers to
go through what I had about 3 years ago and now I have in the year 2015
made sure that all my documents - posts and photos are safe.
All in flash drives. I just wanted to pass the info onto you all 
So you all can be safe on the internet too!
I love you all very much 
Next week we will have a much more fun 
subject love you 

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