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Friday, April 12, 2013

Moon Elves-2013

Moon Elves
The Moon Elves are also known as the Silver Elves. They are one of the more tolerant of the elfin kin towards the humans than any other of the elfin clans and their ancestors are the Eladrin Elves who are the original elves. 
In the early days of elves they lived a very peaceful life between our planet and their world, mostly living in deep forests where they made beautiful castles, living between our world and their own realm. During these times it would be very easy for them to walk through their own borders of parallel world and different planes back to our earth. 
As generation of elves continued to come to our earth though their borders of parallel planes back and forth to our world to theirs, they started to form different races of elves  one of these races was 
the Eladrin Elves then the Moon Elves.
Personality ~
The Moon elf's are very close in height to the humans, but more are a bit more slender and have a eloquence of unique beauty that no human could ever compare to the Moon elfin kin.  They have the purest pale clear skin, which often if not always has a icy blue hue to it. Their hair is commonly either  ebony black, blue, silver or white. And they usually ware it long flowing to the back of their kneecaps.    This is done with the female Moon Elf's, the male ware their hair shoulder length. 
The Moon elf's eyes are commonly green, although some are blue as

well. All Moon Elf's exhibit a characteristics of having golden flecks that speckled through their eyes in the iris of the eye. This is a special trait that not all inherited. 
Culture ~
Moon elves society is often loosely organized & few moon elves will only stay in one place for more than 1 or 2 seasons at a time. They preferred a nomadic lifestyle. The moon elves are generally comfortably living among other Eladrin elves particularly the Sun elves as well as all races of elves, gnomes, humans and halflings too. Most moon elves organize themselves into groups of a dozen extended families or so, each ruled democratically, Although often with leaders whose have more weight than anyone else within the group & are most often respected for either their age or their Martial Skill.
Whenever they live, the Moon Elves are unassuming , with homes just as humble if comfortable.
Homelands ~ 
Although nations that can properly be considered Moon elfin, still exist today - Moon Elves have fared relatively well on the whole compared to their brethren. Though the Moon Elves have not settled in vast numbers, this is less out of inability as lack of need. As the small bands that make up most of the Moon Elves, have been fairly successful at their life's for centuries. 
By and large, the Moon Elves have ignored the retreat carried out by their Sun Elf kin, preferring to either live among other races or wander the wilderness. The majority  exception to this has been the isolated city of Everska, mainly populated by Moon Elves. 
Moon Elves can be found most commonly in Daleland which is a very deep forest of Wizards. 
Their Magic ~
Moon Elves love to learn and use magic, in whatever form it takes. Both traditions of Arcane Magic & The Art of Magic. The Art of Magic is the direct manipulation of energy  - Arcane Magic is created out of manipulation of the weave which is the way magic is presents itself to being there for only for the use of the Moon Elves - It flows throughout the world touching almost every coroner or existence with exception of dead magic zones - 
Anyone who carefully duplicate the gestures and sounds  require of each of these spells, he/she can use a Arcane Magic - which is manipulating the weave, that can be done via magical writing. There is also the Divine Magic is for those Moon Elves who are highly encouraged to practiced the art of this Magic and those who partake in either are pushed to expand the knowledge or their race too. The pressure doesn't bother most Moon Elves who are out right delighted to become the Master of the Art of Divine Magic -
The Power is granted from a prayer with the Gods - Clerics, Paladins and Rangers who all use this type of magic.
Although often light hearted and at ease, The Moon Elves can leap into action if danger comes around. Like other Eladrin Elves, Moon elves make sure that nearly all of their numbers are trained to wield a weapon and also some small skills in magic.
The Goddess Mystra controls the weave which is the main medium for channeling the Arcane energies of the other Gods and the Goddess Shar has control of the Shadow Weave which flows in-between the normal weave and enables the use of the shadow Magic too.

I have love the Moon Elves just as much as I do the Drows - Although with the Moon Elves
I have a bit more of a passion because I hope in the future to share with you my readers a book that I have been writing for a number of years and it has a little bit of my favorite Magick Creature in this story... So I hope you all will stay with me on my blog until the time comes
Note.. The Beautiful Images are some of my Favorites Images of the Moon Elves - 
They are not mind..


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