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Monday, January 28, 2013


Through the parallel worlds of time and space, elves have been with us for millions of years. Its just we as humans either haven't seen them, believe in them or they have been standing in front of  us and these mystical creatures just haven't wanted to be seen. 

There has been great diversity in how elves have been portrayed. This depends on which race of elves you might be talking about. Elves can be depicted as youthful -  men and women of great beauty, living in forests and other natural places. There are the dark elves, shadow elves, drow's, ghost elves, night elves & sometimes the moon elves that usually live in the very dept's of forests, caves & the deep caverns of the earth. Some of these elves use pagan and the use of black magic. but this is not all. It just depends on the race of the elves. Each race has their own set of history, Personality, Society, Religion, Magic, Clothes, appearance, Orgins, land in which the live ~

Some feel that elves are folklore and are generally possessed by some supernatural abilities. Often related to disease, which they could use for good healing or sickness depending on their relationship toward the person they were affecting. Some people believe that elves have some power overtime, so they can entrap human beings with their music and dance.
 It was called the lure of the dance - 
Except for Welsh sheep. The superior quality of Welsh mutton is credited to those reckless sheep greedily munching on the grass off the fairy ring! 

One might be drawn to the ring by fairy music. Fatally charming for human ears, it weaves dreams and acts as a sleeping draft or love potion. You will never have a better time, the tales tell, and never weary. But when you stop dancing, or are pulled away by a loved one who  remains bravely with one foot outside the ring, you may find a year and a day or a lifetime has passed away. Some have dropped dead from exhaustion. Those who do return are described as dulled or befuddled, moving trance-like through life,unable to recall the tune, the dance or partner, but also unable to forget.
The Fairy Ring
Dare you haunt our hallow'd green?
None but fairies here are seen.
Down and sleep,
Wake and weep,
Pinch him black, and pinch him blue,
That seeks to steal a lover true!
When you come to hear us sing, 
or to tread our fairy ring,
Pinch him black, and pinch him blue!
O thus our nails hall handle you! 
by Thomas Ravenscroft

Just like their Fairy Ring Dance - The Faeries Music alone can be just as important part of their daily lives - but just as dangers to humans too. 
Music play such an important part in the fairy's daily living, particularly that of a Celtic fairy. that some wee folk like the Hebridian spinning fairy, will punish humans who can't hold a tune. Their music is haunting, lilting, and utterly other - worldly fairy music, that if caught by human ears, is so bewitching - one will lose their senses. This is whether it is comprises sweetly melancholic music or lively tunes that will cause the human body to start to dance, this music can remain in the mind forever, so you can see how they could be a not so  friendly type of Fae. The fairy instruments are exquisitely tuned to the cultural tastes of the mortals (humans) who listen to them.
In Wales, the little people play golden harps, in Ireland miniature fiddles, in Scotland the pipes. They  can make music on more uncommon instruments too  - Like the natural things that are around them. Like fishing nets , silver branches, and even a hammer. They say that an fairy fingers on an instrument is like nearly resembles Heaven's harmony
Artist Image of fairy Ring 

Real photo of fairy ring

Fairies and Elves like to be clandestine, so what better way of moving around bustling human markets and towns invisible. It is one of the reason why they are feared by mankind & the reason why they are not understood or for that matter believed - that they are still here. One never knows where they are and what they might over - hear. Some of them are as tiny as a bee and even smaller. Others are human size or even much more taller. They are  living creatures that live very long lives and some are immortal. 
I think the thing that scares the humans the most is that they have magic powers over humans and that they can do their magic in many different way. They don't always have to us a spell or potion. Many of the elves can use their minds & this is what I believe scares the human race. And has for millions of years since they have had contact with the elves. 
Another problem I feel is that most humans have a hard time in believing in  elven realms, parallel worlds, or even portals that they have used for centuries, in the deep forest of Oak Trees.  The reason I say the Oak Forests is because they are known well for being protected by fairy spirits and these tree spirits can be quite crafty and tricky. If your not careful in the forest of the Oak, You might find your self lost wondering around in circles deeper and deeper in the forest and never finding your way out.
I also believe that the elf's & Faeries are mis-understood. Like I was saying their great cities were on our earth before the age of the dragon. Now  they use our forest the u-touched ones /Yes there are a few left. In these forests, is where they have their portal holes to a other dimensions & Parallel worlds, that they can come in and out of our world. One way they do it is by the ancient Oak trees at the base of the tree. Another is in the ancient runes in many parts of Ireland , Scotland , England , Greece to bee just a few.
It could even be in your own backyard - but you will never find it because if your not in tue with the realm of the correlates of the eves or faeries, Mnay of these experiences of these amazing beings will never be part of your life and they will never will appear before you. If your don't open your mind, heart and spirit.
I myself have been lucky or maybe the since the last 8 years in my life I've been much more open minded in my heart and spirit. I've seen many different orbs of light in by backyard  when i take photos & sometimes I see these orbs of light at dusk and at late at night. I hope that you are lucky to be with these beings at some point in your lives too.

Come fairies
take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you
upon the wind and dance
upon the mountains like a flame. 
by w.b. yeats

I love this poem, sometimes when life gets to hard, I think of my fairies friends.

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