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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Moving/Crying Virgin Mary

The Moving/Crying Virgin Mary 
Virgin Mary that Crying blood
In this post I am going to tale you about the mysteries of the crying or bleeding Virgin Mary. I have always been very curious about the statue since I hear about the mysterious miracle of the statue that is made of sold cement. I have read stories about this amazing statue and even movies have been done about the Virgin Mary that bleeds that cries too. It is said that there are many Virgin Mary stature too, but there are not any such as the one of Ballinspittle that when it cries its tears is blood. Well I guess in 1985 it the special Irish statue of the Holy Virgin Mary showed some special abilities stronger that just its tears of blood. It started to move! The moving of the Virgin Mary Statue of Ballingspittle Ireland was first witnessed by a retired police sergeant who said he saw it begin to levitating in the grotto of the church where it stands. At first, the police sergeant didn't believe his own eyes. After all the statue is solid concrete. However after inspecting it the following day and realizing there was no chance of foul play, he became convinced that he had witnessed a miraculous event. 
The Virgin Mary in the Co Cork area
In Ballinspittle Ireland.
Well the legend of what the police sergeant had seen started to spread across Ireland and others started to claim that they too had also seen the Virgin Mary move too. Of course, the 
Phenomenon was and still is widely disputed. However, the people of Ireland truly believe what they saw. Scientists have written about the stature and that the divine abilities off as an optical illusion and even the Irish Catholic Church doubts the stories too.
Despite all these dis-believers with these amazing phenomenon or divine happenings, the folks that do believe stand by their claims. Some say they can still see the statue move sometimes. Nicola Tallant witnesses who were ridiculed for saying they saw the Ballinspittle's famed statue move 20years ago, are sticking to what they said. And even today they say it still moves for them.
This all happen worldwide in 1985 when crowds thronged to see the statue of the Virgin Mary in the Co Cork area. Even like I have said earlier a former police Sergeant was teased in his station just because he said he saw the stature float in mid-air of an height of an marvel that captivated Ireland. However, it seems that during their 20th anniversary of the Ballinspittle of
the tiny town the former sergeant said in a documentary that he was adamant that he witnessed a miracle. It seems on that summer day in July 1985 many people saw different things and experiences of amazing and Divine. Some saw something physically impossible at the grotto where the Virgin Mary is other saw something else. Could even be the crying of the bleeding eyes too? Sgt John Murray of the town said he saw the concrete statue of Our Lady floating in mid-air. Not rocking too and fro but floating! Sgt John Murray had to make sure what he saw so the following morning he went there to check out the statue to make sure no one was playing tricks on him. However he was amazed to find out that there was no wires or anything to make the statue move.  Cathy O'Mahony an Mother of nine, said she too suffered ridicule because of her visions but, she says she is confident of what she has seen with her own eyes and only had a vision three months ago. This was the other vision ' I was saying my prayers and the whole stature disappeared and I saw a big luminous figure of some sort. I got a fright but it faded away and came back. There is a Patricia Bowen who says she too sees the statue move to this day and claims to have seen the face of God at the grotto.  When this statue in Ireland started to move it prompted a religious fervour across Ireland and around the world! So the question I give to YOU!  Do you all believe?
I do myself I have always believe in the divine and unknown.
Well I hope You all Enjoyed the post of the Moving/Crying Virgin Mary
Love you all very much my dear Friends & Followers

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