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Friday, April 26, 2013

Irish Banshee

The Irish Banshee
From the Irish word Banshee has two meaning, Bean -Sidehe - which means~ 'Faerie women of

Faerie woman
the   Mounds'. And the other meaning of the Banshee is 'The Gaelic' . They both describe a spirit who screeching and howling that may resemble that of an owl to some. Under the windowsills at night to foretelling that of a death of a loved one in the household that the spirit is attached to. This is how the legend is told in Ireland.
These Spirits of Ireland that screech in the night like owls - foretelling family members of a loved one is going to die are good spirits that have been with the Irish for centuries and generations in certain Irish families. 
Most often called Faerie women or Faerie of the Mounds, she is looked upon as a good spirit not

evil. She does not bring death but gives an Irish family a chance to prepare for a death that is coming.  The Irish Banshee comes to comfort Noble Gaelic Race with an forthcoming death even if its not necessary a violent death but it could be a member of the family who has lived a good life of 100-years of age! 
(This of course is very different than your typically Banshee who is evil and brings death to the family). 
The Faerie women could be often heard late at night crying or singing to warn their family that their connected too of a forthcoming death of their loved ones. The she will escort that loved one that has died to ensure that they will pass safety to the other side.
The wailing of an Irish Banshee is quite different than that of your typical Banshee.
 Irish banshee
The Irish 'Faerie woman' wail is a peculiarly mournful sound that resembles that of a melancholy sound of the hollow wind and the tone of a human voice. It sounds that of a woman singing softly or wailing mournfully with passion in her voice. 
There is  Keening which is the Irish form of wailing too. 
It is said that the 'Faerie woman' - 'Irish Banshee' is rarely seen. But in the legend of the Irish Banshee there have been a few documentary sightings in old Ireland. 
If the Irish Banshee does show herself they have been known to attached themselves to the more Famous Irish families of Ireland. These families have been around for centuries.
Some of these Families are; The O' Gaels, O'Neills, O'Donnells, O'Connors,O'Learys, O'Tools   O'Connaghs and the O'Connells 
Each of these families have their own Irish Banshee that is a solitary fairy who loves the mortal family she is connected with - A fierce unearthly caring and Spirit that will pace the fairy mounds in sorrow when she knows a death is looming in one of her families.
She will follow her family across the world to keep and watchful -eye unseen, Keening wherever true for a loved one of her Irish family. 
The Banshee is believed to be an Unearthly Spirit to the ancient Families of Ireland the true descendants of the Noble Gaelic Race. Those who have the Mac & O' to their Name ~
By Mac and O
You'll always Know
True Irishman they say.
But if they lack 
The O and Mac
No Irish are they.

Celtic Goddess
When the Irish Banshee does take on a form it is usually of and beautiful young Irish woman, a matron, old woman or an Celtic Goddess.
For the banshee to actually take on a physical form:
She must go through these three stages~
1) Young beautiful woman - beginning of life
2) Motherhood
3) The crone - The wise old woman nearing the end of her cycle of life

There are many stories within the Irish families that have had their own personal experience with an Banshee. Most of these stories have been described by one of the following Type of Irish Banshee.
1) An old woman dressed in black with long grey hair and covering her face with a veil.
Irish banshee
2) An old woman with long white hair, red eyes ( from crying for some many centuries) and dressed in a green dress.
3) A beautiful woman naked with red hair.
4) A beautiful ghostly naked young woman.
5) A headless woman in a white dress with red hair.
6)  A beautiful woman with red eyes black hair and a white dress.
Here are a few of those famous tales of the Irish Banshee Some have dated back to 1014AD.
* One of the most famous tales - dated back to 1014.AD.
This tale is about an Irish Banshee of ancient times that had attached herself to the Kingly house of the O'Briens, Aibhill, who haunted the Rock of Craglea above Killaloe, near the old palace of Kincora. In AD 1014 was fought the battle of Clontarf, from which the aged King Brian Boru O'Brien, knew that he would never come away from the battle alive, because the previous night Aibhill had appeared to him to tell him of his impending fate. 
The Banshee's method of foretelling death in the ancient times is much different than present day. Now she wails and wrings her hands, as a general rule, but In this old Irish tale she is to be found washing human heads and limbs, or blood - stained clothes, till the water is all dyed with human blood - this would take place before a battle. In the ancient time of battles. In the course of the centuries the Irish faerie has changed her attributes and her characteristics  through the centuries .
* In the 18th century a small group of children saw a little old woman sitting on a rock beside the road, while they were walking by that evening. Suddenly the old woman began to wail like an owl - then clapped her hands. The children of course ran away in fear. But later discovered that the old man who lived in the home behind the rock had died at that very moment when the old woman had clapped her hands.
* She has appeared as a beautiful girl with Red-golden hair and a green Kirle & scarlet mantle transitional dress of Ireland. 
* A party on a yacht, on a lake told by the owner had witnessed a woman with red hair and reddish eyes. The owner , Count Nelsini formally known as O'Neill became anxious that the Banshee was announcing the death of his wife or daughter, but within 2 hours he was sized with an Augina attack and died. (Augina pronounced - aw - jin - uh)  ( Its meaning is Heart attack).
Banshees are always a spirit women~
In Ireland the Banshee legend is much less gory viewed than what some might think this ghostly
Ghostly young woman banshee

spirit to be.  She is a much kinder sort the Irish Banshee. I believe this is due to the rich culture and the legend of their 'faerie woman'. The different names I believe has a big difference to the legend too. Here are a few more of the Irish banshee.

traditional  banshee in red cloak  

Another difference I found that is important is these special spirits tend to attach themselves to
 Irish banshee in traditional Irish clothes

one family for centuries or generation thought time and will follow them all across the world to help them pass  over to the divine side just because the love their family so much. Now that is a kind hearted spirit.
Note: the beautiful images are not mine
I hope that you enjoy them with the post. 

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