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Saturday, November 9, 2013

 ● ¸. ★. ° ° ☾. ° ° Ningyo Japanese Mermaid★. ° ° ☾. ° ° ☾. ° °. . ☆ ¸. ☆ ¸. • °. ★. . ☆ ★ * °. . ☆

Ningyo Japanese Mermaid~
In the Japanese folklore they are called the Mermaid - Ningyo.
Unlike the European and Westerns who call them Mermaids. They are also a different kinda of creature in Japaneses culture compared to the European and Western Culture  too. In Japan the Ningyo is depicted as being an enormous fish but, with the head of a beautiful woman. Plus she is benevolent and very protective towards humans. They warn humans against misfortune on land and in the oceans and seas. They do not entice them into danger like her occidental counterparts. Note: These different folklore's are all up to a matter of opinion. I've just written the different cultures, myths, legends and folklore of the different counties. 
The Traditional Mermaids are often seen sitting on rocks on the
edge of the ocean seashore. They are usually singing and enticing curious sailors to come closer to the dangerous rocks near the oceans shores. It is this singing that allies them to the sirens, luring sailors to their doom. Even the ancient accounts as well as the more modern ones, the appearance of these creatures will conjunction with misfortune and disaster.
Although there are a few regions - Scotland, Wales and Cornwall in
England where the Mermaid has been kind and benevolent towards humans when they have rescue humans from the oceans and give humans their great knowledge in herbal cures for fatal sickness, others have given humans rich gifts in gemstones and warned them of terrible storms that are coming. 
It is also been heard of that a few of these Mermaids will marry a human. Their children will often have webbed feet and fingers. Yet these marriages never last very long. The mermaid usually will return to their watery world of the sea, where their men are called mermen. 
There are some stories during the medieval period in Europe that considered the mermaid to be an  agent of the devil and a symbol of deceit, but I don't believe in that at  myself personally so I am not going to go further on that subject.
I have found that there is a rich history and tradition in folktales, songs and culture around the world with the Mermaid-
These places are such as;
The Bonito Maidens of the Solomon islands
The Saivo-Neita and Havfrue of Scandinavia
The Nakinneito of Finland
The Nakinein of Estonia
The Imanja & Jamaina from Brazil 
The Margygr of Greenland 
Ningyo of Japan.
I hope you Enjoy the legend of the Ningyo Japanese Mermaid
Love you all my dear Friends and Followers! Your Wendy!

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