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Wednesday, November 6, 2013



The Djinn takes on many monstrous forms, its most prominent is the traditions and folklore beliefs of the people of Islam faith especially of the Saharan regions in Northern Africa and some other countries of the Northern Eastern Mediterranean. 
The Islamic Tradition of these beings declared that Allah created these creatures from the Saharan wind. Tarnaushi was the first Djinn charged with controlling the rest, but the Djinns rebelled and Azazel and Iblis became their most terrifying leaders bent on leading the rest on a rampage of violence and evil against all other creations. 
The Djinns have been many different descriptions according to

Women in this form> it will be close enough to observe this

anyway, it is usually too late to be saved.
They may be beneficial or thoroughly evil, but can never be trusted. These Djinns Creatures inhabit the desert, isolated ruins and even the ocean or waters near the coastline, rivers, or even remote islands where they may be solitary or congregate to work their terror in the community around them.
When these creatures become benevolent, they may fall in love with a human partner and have children with that

a human partner. 
their offspring or children from these unions can create children that can walk through walls, fly and age very slowly. 
The Djinns can also bring great wealth and beauty to a relationship between a human and a Djinn. There is also the plus+ if you happen to be in a relationship with a Djinn he  will bring you

fabulous possessions to those they  care for. 
To those they dislike or have been directed to harm, these creatures will bring disasters-nightmarish nightmares, tortures, and horrifying death. 

Morocco Djinns~
These Djinns have many different kinds shapes, many of which are
grotesque beasts and distorted human shapes. They inhabit dark and isolated places as well as water sources. 

These Djinns come in roughly three categories~
Earth Djinns~These Djinns dwell in drains, wash places, lavatories, cemeteries and ancient ruins. They will exact a terrible retribution if the correct procedures are not observed when disturbing their domain. 

Water Djinns~
These Djinns dwell in any source of water, such as rivers, fountains and wells. They are particularly malevolent & will entice humans into different bodies of water for their own pleasure, then kill them.

Tree Djinns~
These  Djinns will only inhabit the trees, but they do like mostly benign except the Djinns of the Fig Tree, who will incite great hatred between any humans that will take rest under them so Beware!

It is said in traditions of Egypt the Djinns are malevolent toward humans and will pelt or shower them with stones. They are rarely ever seen, for they usually travel in the whirlwinds across the desert. These Djinns will abduct women and children and threaten all with violence. Calling on the name Allah will bring protection and shooting stars are thought to be retribution sent to quell their activities. 

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