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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pandora Box

Pandora Box-
 Have you ever been curious about Pandora's Box? Well In this post I will tell you how it all
It all started In Greece Centuries ago. It is said it was the a woman who brought all the
 evil to mankind, but she didn't do it all on her own. This is how the tale goes-
The Smith God HEPHAISTOS made Pandora out of clay. The Goddess Athena gave her life
and beauty was given to her by the Goddess Aphrodite. 
Now quickwitted Hermes taught Pandora her guile and arranged for her to marry Epimetheus,
the brother of the Titan PROMETHEUS.
But of course Zeus disliked mortals and did his very best to harass them,[mostly men] unless of course they were an beautiful woman that he felt he wanted to take advantage at the moment. That is just how Zeus was 
in the days of the Gods and Titans. What had anger Zeus was the fact that Prometheus, had offered
them the happy married couple protection as much as he could. 
This is what I believe what created the Pandora Box- From this action of Prometheus- 
Zeus God of the Sky & Thunderbolts and lighting was so angry with the actions of Prometheus, 
that when Prometheus gave mankind fire, that he became his sworn enemy and introduced Pandora to 
Earth to plague the world with all the evils of the world. How ignoring the warnings of Prometheus, Epimetheus married Pandora and accepted as her dowry a sealed jar of divine gifts, but it happened 
that the jar of sealed divine gifts were the container of all the evils of the world given to them by Zeus as 
a wedding gift.
The only good thing in it was Hope, which lay at the very bottom. One day, against her husbands advise
Pandora opened the jar and then released all the evil into the mortal Earth as Zeus had said would happen and wished, to ruin all that was good on Earth. In some ways You could take this as Zeus truly believing he is the God of everything and decided to purge the Earth of all it evil and starting over again. Like in Noah when God told Noah to build an Ark. 
There is another version to this tale- Although I don't think most believe this version- Some say that the Jar 
contained everything that was good, and when the lid was raised it all escaped.
It is also said that Pandora's daughter Pyrrha married Deucalion, the Greek name for Noah.  So when Zeus Was so determined to destroy mankind on account of his/her wickedness he decided to purge the Earth with his Jar -Pandora Box.
But Deucalion-Noah and Pyrrha [Pandora daughter] survived the great flood he sent by building a boat, stock with food and animals etc of both female/ male to reproduce after the flood. So in both ways one could say Zeus failed in ended the humans.. 
But it really depends on yur belief and faith I just am telling the tale of the the Greek gods. So You have to make your own decisions on what really happened . Hope you liked the tale of Pandora' Box
Loveya Wendy.

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