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Sunday, October 2, 2016


OF 2016~
Good afternoon my dears friends & Followers. I am truly sorry for not being around
these last couple of months...But with all my personal problems and the crazy stuff that has
been going on with Goggle I have had to take a break. There for a bit  I was wondering if
I was going to stay with a the #*$#@ that Goggle was doing with their G+page & my Blogger/Blog
Too! Yes there was a couple of days that I thought I would lose everything that I have worked over
the almost 4years coming this Jan 2017, however nothing happened. I am grateful that everything
worked out because I would have missed all of you my dearest friends, followers and so many people that view my G+page and blog too! So I have decided to stick it out and see what happens.
I have protected myself however... I have copied every post I have done since Jan of 2013 and all my links, widgets, and gadgets too. Bookmarks all on my word 2016 too... Which I implore any of you my dears who have a blog with Goggle to do... You never know what may happen.. For the last two years this has been going on...
Now as I promised a wonderful viewer and dear follower that I would start up with my blog again...😄❤
With the spirit of October, I thought I would start with a Pumpkin post...
This one is about the Largest Pumpkins of 2016, which I found in South Africa's Great Giant Pumpkin of Feb 29 of this year... I thought it would be fun to show a different country this time. In how they celebrate Enormous Pumpkins too!
It happens to be in a small town of Heidelberg in the Western Cape. In the last couple of years the tiny town has delivered record breakers in the LARGEST PUMPIN - in South Africa.
It would seem in that weekend of Feb 27 2016, at their Giant Pumpkin Festival there were 28 pumpkins that competed for the crowned champion in the town of Heidelberg.
At the end of the completion it was Louwrens van Deventer with the wining pumpkin weighing in
at 373kg[822.324pounds] with his wife, Theresa in second place pumpkin weighing in at 354.5kg
[781.581pounds]...It was said by both the two years winners that the conditions weren't as good as some years, for growing the Giant pumpkins as in the past years, yet they were very happy with their result and the one-two finish with his wife said Louwrens van Deventer after being announced the winner of their small town. However, in this year entries there were a few reports of weights that could of beat Louwrens record. This was by the announcement that Pinkie Swart had said who was the current winner of their small town of the last two years in South African with weight pumpkins of 497.5kg [1096,7998]. Sadly in this years
competition, he discovered his pumpkin was rotten, in the week leading up to the weekend of Feb 27 2016, at their Giant Pumpkin Festival. So he had to not compete. However, his wife, Ronel Swart, kept with the winning tradition in the family by finishing in third place with a weight of 342.5kg.
The current world record is 1054kg [2,323.672pounds] set in October of 2014 by Beni Meier Switzerland...
Year Winners in the Giant Pumpkin Festival of Heidelberg South Africa.
2012 - Henry du Plessis - 390kg
2013 - Johan du Plessis - 417.5kg
2014 - Pinkie Swart - 497.5kg [Previous SA record]
2015 - Pinkie Swart - 483.6kg
2016 - Louwrens van Deventer 373kg
Additional prizes were also awarded in other categories such as the smallest, pretties and the
Ugliest Pumpkin too!
Growers of the town can enter the competition with pumpkins grown from any seeds, however the seed Growers that do enter the competition are required to be very careful in planting the pumpkin seeds when preparing the soil they plant them in...The soil that is provided for them is by
Freshmark which is very special soil. It is not genetically modified in any way at all! And it originate from the Giant pumpkins from the North American Dill's Atlantic Giant variety too. Each pumpkin grower has his/her own secret to growing methods which spark speculation and anticipation leading up to the event every year... Around the world. The result is an exciting and tightly contested competition between pumpkin growers.
At the Heidelberg Pumpkin Festival, they have many other kinds of events other than the main event of the Giant Pumpkin contest...Like that of variety of different kinda stalls and activities for the young and old.. For this year of 2016 there was a MTB XC Race, Golf Day and bowls Competition...
There is another event that is strong in their community spirit of the town. This is the most possible pumpkins that are donated by their growers all over the small town for a most charitable cause... It is for a 400kg Pumpkin Pie which is baked in the most large portion like that of the spirit of the largest pumpkin too.  Giant Pumpkin Festival encourages the public to enter next year’s competition, for more information visit the official website
Well, I hope that you all enjoyed my post on the largest pumpkins in South Africa my dears I will  try to do more post this coming month as I have put lots more new images on my G+...
I truly am grateful for all your support over the last year and coming 4years I couldn't have done this without you all ... I love you all so very much
Your Wendy your friend...hugs❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶😄😄😄😍😍😍🎶🎈✨✨❤💜💜☀🌞🌟🌟

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