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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hummingbird Feeders-2013

Hummingbird Feeders~ 

You can supplement the food that your hummingbirds collect from the flowers in your yard with a special feeder that gives the food source that they need when, your garden is in different seasons of the year. This could be when your hummingbirds favorite flowers aren't in bloom or it could be in other areas during periods of drought or floods, when  flowers might not be able to bloom profusely. When you  go out looking for a hummingbird feeder, you will fined many different kinds of commercial and Artist feeders to choose from. The question is which one is for you! And your hummingbirds. I could tell you a few hints of what I have learned over the many years of living with these beautiful tiny birds. One thing is I found that Hummingbirds are very attracted to the color red. Now this doesn't mean you have to get a red hummingbird feeder. But The two different kinds that I do have and always use are 1) my large clear plastic feeder where they are able to rest and sit while they eat the food that I make for them. 2) Is my large glass feeder that they can come and fly and get a quick drink when ever they want. I also have two  very small feeders that you can stick in a plant pot of their favorite flower. This is handy  when introducing a new flower  or one of  their favorite flowers. Now about the color red. When you first start out with trying to attract hummingbirds, I put some RED ribbons nearby to get the hummingbirds attention. They also love to fly thru water too. Like fountains...
Try to place your new feeder where it will be protected form the wind - so that the sugar solution doesn't spill out (I will give you my home recipe for hummingbird nectar later on in the blog), If possible it should also be located in the shade too; hot sun can cause your sugar solution to spoil faster. And of course, it should absolutely be hung where you will be able to watch your tiny jewels flying about.  That's is what got me so fond and love theses tiny jewels. I have even found a love of photography with these tiny beautys'.
There are lots of commercial hummingbird food mixtures available but these arent' good mixtures for your tiny beauty's. In my opinion, they have artificial chemical & preservatives but it is really up to you! 
Here is my Hummingbird Nectar 
4 to 5 parts water 
1 part white sugar - note  parts means 1 cup 
1 - teaspoon of pure orange Extract - This is what make my Nectar special!

Mix 1 cup of white granulated sugar to 4 cups of water, then put the temp to either med/high on the top of the stove.
When the solution starts to boil, stir until the white granulated sugar has dissolved. Once this has happened you will want to take it off the burner, and let cool.Once the solution is cool, you can then put in clean plastic containers filled with your own special nectar. Keep the extra Nectar in the refrigerator. 
It is important to only use white sugar - do not use honey or  artificial sugars it could sicken or possibly  harm your hummingbirds seriously. As far as the RED food coloring to add in your home made nectar well,  I think that is a personal thing. I myself do add a little of the red food coloring in my nectar..And I have been for about 5 to 6 years.
I have noticed that in the winter months when my hummers do stay here in Washington state. It snows here sometimes and gets down to the lows 20's . So what I fine that helps with the feeders is using old socks to cover the e feeders. And with the larger one's I use a old scarf.

Brazilian Ruby femaleype

 Lucifer Hummingbird 

The wine Throat hummingbird  

You should always keep your feeders clean. That is very important/Why you may ask? Well because of the big problem with mold.The mold can make the tiny birds sick. . So I clean my feeders a lot in the winter months, because of the mold. In the summer months it isn't as bad but you still have to keep an eye on your feeders for the mold..The best way of cleaning them is just warm water  & a little bit of dish washing liquid soap.Just make sure that you get all the soap off before you put your yummy nectar in the feeder. 
I hope that all this info has been helpful. For my next blog on hummingbirds I will go over different flowers that are great for hummingbirds & Great ones that attract hummingbirds too. 
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