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Friday, March 22, 2013

Drows- Escape From the life of the Spider Queen & from life of theUnderdark Caverns- 2013

Drows-Escape From the life of the Spider Queen & from life of the Underdark Caverns 2013-
There are many different writings of the Drow, as I've learned in my fascination with the Fae world. In this blog I'm going to give my ideas and the history known as the Drow. 
As all Drow's - they too had started as one race of elves centuries ago. They lived a very peaceful life between our planet and theirs world. Mostly living in the deep forests, Mountain tops, lust valleys and deep caves with some. Like all elves they all could speak to the animals, the spirit trees and faerie trees as well. They all had Fae magick and all lived for many centuries and their children & their children's children too. Living between our world and their own realm, in the early days of the elves. During that time it would be very easy for them to walk through their borders of the parallel worlds and different planes back to our earth.
As generations of elves continued to come to our earth through their different borders of parallel  planes, back and forth to our world to theirs. They start forming different races of elves. Some of these are: Moon elves, Silver elves, Shadow elves, Snow elves, Wild elves, Wing elves, Star elves, dark elves, light elves and of course there were half~breed elves too. The more common were; Moon elf-human, Drow-demon ( Shur-drow's), Dark elves-human (are not as common but are quite beautiful  when the two are together). This was the being of when the elves started their own territories on the earth but since there were so many of them now, they were deciding who would be the higher in power you might say. This is when all the problems started with the new race of elves.  

The Coming of the Elves Gods & Goddesses - Goddess Meness

The elves of every different race and territories were starting to squabble, if you could believe that... Yes the dignified and intelligent elves  were fighting among themselves which has never ever happen before in time. It was probably more like many towns hearings between the different territories of the elves. There was probably a high leader at this point for each of their towns.
Then there was the coming of THE STARS, THE MOON & BELAIDEN... These are the Elves Gods. They came because their children were acting like lords of the earth and were causing all kinds of trouble between their world and ours...
The elves were being to think that they were all Gods and they all should rule the world as their own. This included the forest's, mountains, valleys, oceans, the underworld of earth, jungles, and the icy lands of Iceland. 
So the their Gods decided to send them a message. The STARS were placed in the sky, illuminating the dark world for the fist time in centuries. "Thinking that would work, by taking the light away and bringing the dark world for the first time in ages. Well instead, the elves were in awe of the cold serene beauty of the starry dark nights with no days of the light. The elves used the constellations in the sky for naming their kin and the different events within the different territories they had claimed.
In other words they dominated over the darkness and the stars that their Gods illuminated to put a stop to their dispute over the land that was full of life and beauty. And now they were urging over it... to claim it, even now in the dark world for the fist time in centuries. 
Of course this trouble their Gods even more. That generations of their elven children would react in this way. They wondered how their ancient Kin would have reacted to their children's behavior too... 
So the Gods  felt something had to be done. They decided to reveal themselves to their first children. One of the MAKERS, the GODDESS MENESS, had long watched over the elves. And a great love that she has always had for her children, had grown into her heart and soul. So she offered to reveal herself to her children - the elves. 
So The Goddess Meness appeared high in the darken skies and as she rise over the highest mountain tops in the first early morning,  all the many different Kingdoms of the elves saw their Goddess Meness enormous white orb that opened the darken skies for the first time again. But the other happened again! When the elves first got sight of her enormous white orb that lighten up the skies, many of the elves flee the light, hide or run away form the beauty of the Glowing Splendor of the Goddess that love them so much. Slowly as the elves came to listen to the Goddess of the light & learn again of their Gods, they started to come out from hiding. They came closer to their Goddess and didn't fear her anymore and came to love her light.
Although there were some elves that never over came the huge presence of how their Goddess Meness opened up the darkened skies with her large white Orb of light. They had gotten used to the darken world, they like the stars and the dark places in the world. They didn't like hearing that the world wasn't theirs to rule as their OWN! and to do with what they pleased. They were the children of the Gods and with this a bitter chill grew through these  elves.
It remains that way to present Day! Some of the elves that resided to remain in the dark places of the earth for a time, until the different realms of worlds & parallel worlds remained open~ 
But there were the others that resented to remain in the glowing splendor of the Orb of the light of their Goddess Meness . 
Eleven Nations - Dark Elves - The Drow & Goddess Lolth~
At this time, it was when the Eleven Nations grew to their greatest strengths all around the world. They became wiser-physically, & stronger in larger groups of Kin. Magick was stronger and taught by the Fae and by their Goddess Meness.
But of course this would not last to long - the coming of the dwarves and the doom that came to the dark elves...
The Dark elves - Descendants of the Drow~
The dark elves and their nation as you know at the time were descendants of the DROW.
The dark elves were cursed by the good Goddess Meness of light and then banished them all to the Underdark.
This was the being of the end, of the once happy world of the elves that roamed our earth thousands of years before them, when there were Gods and Goddesses, life was good. Now it was a whole different life style...
There were elves who lived in many different territories and the dark elves became the Drow's who lived deep down in the earth, in caves and vast caverns. The blood elves and night elves were also descendants of the drows too.
The Drow History - Society - Culture & Underdark~

The Drow are very much like most elves as far as it comes to their body types and size. Usually they are just a bit smaller and thinner then the average elf. But it really depends on what they do as far as their type of jobs in the Underdark in which they live. 
There are: Higher Monarchy, Warriors, Assassins, Bodyguards, Slaves, Monarchy - families -Powerful families - Poor families, Single men/women, Homeless. 
The vast majority of the drow live in the Underworld to which they were driven to after many Crown Wars (At some point I will cover the interesting history of the crown wars of the drow).  The drow cities and states are spread throughout the underworld world-wide on our earth. This is in caves and caverns bastions, that are full of evil and demonic dealing of the Mother of Evil who started the Crown Wars The Spider Queen~
From what I have figured out, its not evil and such all the time, you just have to know how to get around The Spider Queen. Its a bit tricky but not impossible and from what I've found out about the Drow, they do find their way around their Evil Queen. And there are some that find their way out of the underdark.

The Dragon Coast - East Rift~
Not all drows dwell in the underdark, however while most of the race that flees the dark civilization
they were born into or die trying to reach the surface world, other escape the dark recesses of the earth to see daylight. Most Drows that don't live in the underdark dwell within the lands of the Dragon Coast or The East Rift. 
When a drow has been able to escape from the claws of The Spider Queen's Underdark world, they head for the Dragon Coast or the East Rift. These Drows are typically less apologetic about their past and simply seek a place away from the Lilith's & Lolth's  corruption, where there is few questions and their highly crafted skills in building beautiful architecture and crafting works of art is all that matters.  
Many of those who do dwell in the East Rift are refugees of the catastrophe wrought on the neighboring regions of the underdark by the spell - plague and the draining of the Sea of Fallen Stars~
They speak a version of elvish known that is suitable to use in which they live at the Dragon Coast - East Rift too. They are also very veritable in different languages such as Draconian, goblin, dwarf,
abyssal, and Shur-drow are a few. It is quite common for a drow to learn the language spoken on the surface beneath which they lived. 
Drows can also do sign language too, which is actually a commonly used language among the drow. It is a silent language that uses hand signals and facial expression, which comes very handy when they were in the underdark even in the very low light. This way they could speak without anyone knowing what they were saying. The drow have use this language for thousands of years. Also there is no equivalent written form of this language that the drows know of.   Wendy 

Note; Images are not Mine. They are beautiful drow images, in which 

how I became to love the drow... Wendy.. 

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