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Friday, February 22, 2013

'HummingBird's Haven'-2013

'HummingBird's Haven'
In this blog I will be giving you many different hints that I've come across in my readings over the years in hummingbird magazines & books~

Attracting hummingbirds with Fruit~
well by setting out pieces of cantaloupe & other types of melons, not only will the hummingbirds
like your tasty treat of juicy treat. But other insects that are attracted to the fruit will be and this
will be more food for your hummers.

Hang feeders in a shady spot~
I always hang my feeders either from a shady branch from a nearby tree or a decorative hook that is 
placed hanging from my porch. Another hint is to plant lots of nectar full flowers near your flowers.
Some of these are the Pink chenille,Amaryllis & the Red, Pink, Purple ,white Bee Balms are full of tasty nectar for your hummers. Also the thing about these flowers, they grow up to 6 to 8 feet tall. And the hummingbirds go crazy for them. Mostly the RED ONES.

Small ponds & waterfalls~
Another way to create a small haven for your hummingbirds is to create a small pond, that will produce a light mist, Your humming birds will go crazy - they love to whiz through the mist & get a drink of water too!

Problems with Ants~
If you hang your hummingbird feeders from a plant hook then you wont have any problems with ants finding their way up to your sweet nectar. Also if you smear some oil at the base of the hook the ants will leave your feeders alone. 

Taller flowers for your hummers~
Another trick to attracting hummingbirds -
1)Carnal lilies
2) Bee Balms - Are my favorite- Reds are the Best; although the Pinks are good too.
3) Red Carnations in pots or hanging baskets /are also good to attract your hummingbirds too.

Hummers-The Joy of Morning Glories~
I have found that my hummer and his group of Ladies come around alot during the morning hours
& the afternoon~ So I've discovered that Morning Glories & Four-o'clock Gladiola's and the sweet scent of the sweet pea's are great for attracting your hummingbirds- My other favorite hummingbird plant is the fuchsia~ The reason why is they look like tiny ballerina's dressed in lavender, pink, red saliva, white/pink too. And they provided lots of nectar for your tiny jewels too.

The Mexican Sunflower will attract your tiny jewels too-
Note-Hummingbirds use dandelions seeds to line their nest. So let these weeds grow in your yard. Also they love the nectar from marigolds, periwinkles, lantern's, cosmos, and  impatiens too-

Trumpet Vines
The Hyacinth Bean Vine - This vine is an perfect combination for the Mexican Sunflower and the Hyacinth Bean vine. Since the sunflower has a strong stalks to support the vines it in turn will provide a great meal of  you and your tiny jewels.  

Problems with dominant male hummingbirds in your Garden~
More often then not when you have discovered an dominant male hummingbird in your garden, 
you will find that they will chase other hummingbirds off your garden that might want to visit, either your feeders or flowers you have grown for them. What I've discovered that helps with this problem is; by moving one of your feeders out of the males line of sight, this should help the problem~
The male dominant hummingbird is usually the vocal one.

Ant Barriers~
One-way of doing this is by putting small receptacles filled will just water that are placed on the hanging portion of the feeder, The ants who always like a good sugar fix, cannot proceed beyond the water reservoir and thus cannot reach your hummingbirds food~

Never use honey as a sugar substitute!
Why! Because your tiny friends may develop a fungus that will affect their tongues. Some of the prepackaged hummingbird food that you find in your local stores that have a section for hummingbirds feeders and food may have this too. Its called sodium Benoite a preservative. This is a foreign substances to your tiny jewels that does not come from the normal nature of flower nectar, and is probably not healthy for your wild feather friends. 

Cleaning your Bird Feeders~
When cleaning your feeders I've found that having cotton swabs - Q -tips, baby bottle brushes are also a wonderful great cleaning source for your feeders too. You really don't have to spend a lot of money on the heavily priced cleaning brushes and sponges at the local stores. Also the best solution to clean your bird feeders is warm water and very diluted solution of one part vinegar to five parts water. I wouldn't use bleach unless you have a really dirty feeder/ with black mold.

You Might not know this~
Hummingbirds are great Pollinators - Just like the Bees, They play an important role in nature because they are too responsible for pollinating certain kinds of flowers. Flowering plants rely on insects, birds and other animals to pick up pollen from the anther of one flower an deliver it to the stigma of another. 
Hummingbirds are particularly well suited for this role . As  they too fit among many of the flowers, as they feed on the nectar. They pick up grains of pollen on their tiny foreheads,bills, and chins. The pollen is then carried to the next flower that they go to for food, they they pollinate the next group of flowers without even knowing it. 

Red & Orange, & Yellow flowers often contain the most nectar~
I have found that the vine red and orange tubular shape flowers are the best
when it comes to nectar for tiny jewels~

Understanding your Garden~
Once you understand that hummingbirds are attracted to the slender tubular shaped flowers - in the red/pink/orange/and yellow range. And you choose shrubs that are perennials & Annal's that you like with these flowers characteristics you are on your way.

If possible plant either in pots or in the ground, of the same flowers so they will be more visible to the passing hummingbirds and provide larger quantities of food, in your garden for your hummers. Including some plants like the thistle that will provided fuzzy material for their nest lining;
Planting trees can also provide jumping off points for courtship displaying their aerobatics flying displays that hummingbirds are known to do. And I've been so lucky to seen. Although if your hummer feel safe in your garden they will do the same with the trees that surround your garden, like my do. Another great way to provide areas for courtship or places to perch to survey their territories is dead limbs from a tree or sticks from the store.
Keep your garden natural looking- Hummingbirds are more likely to visit your garden if you have plenty of vegetation which they can feel save. Too much pruning and tidiness can actually discourage them to visit your yard.  
Here are a few images I have found that are of beautiful flowers that hummingbirds love & some rare humming birds that I thought you all might find fun to see too..

Good lucky and happy Gardening



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