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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Naiads - Greek Nymphs

The Naiads 
The Naiad were the Nymphs of the Fresh waters-
In Greek Mythology, the Naiads, were a type of nymph who preside over fountains, wells, springs 
and brook. They were known to be very ancient spirits that inhabited the still waters of marshes, 
ponds, and lagoon lakes. The essence of a Naiad was that they were bound to their body of water being that of a spring, brook, fountain or lake, the naiad could never ever leave their body of water or they would die. This would be also the case if their body of water they live in were to dry up the naiad would die with the lake too.
These Naiads presided over rivers, streams brooks, springs, ponds, fountains waterfalls, lakes, 
ghettos, basically any type of freshwater body of water. 
The lifestyle of the Naiads~
The Naiad was intimately connected to her body of water and her existence seems to have depended

on it. If a stream, brook, fountain or lake dried up its Naiad will expire.  The water over which Naiads presides were thought to be endowed with inspirational, medical or prophetic powers.

Whoever drank of these magical waters would be inspired, thus the Naiads were themselves considered prophetic and were frequently worshipped by the Ancient Greeks in association with divinities of fertility and growth. Hence all person in the state of rupture, such as madmen, poets seers and prophets were said to be caught by the Nymphs - Naiads 
Naiad's Reputation in Greek Mythology~
The Naiads can be quite dangerous and treacherous too. And were often known to exhibit jealous
tendencies toward men - mortal men.
In the legend of Hylas -
The legendary Argon aught was lost when the Naiads seduced him and carried him away fascinated by his beauty. 
Another Fascinating legend about the Naiads is they were worshipped by the humans and youth at coming-of-age ceremonies. They used to dedicated their childish locks to the naiad of the local spring and many of them were attributed to magical or healing powers.
The Naiads is just one of the many different
nymphs to the Greek mythology. 
later on in my writings I hope to cover all the different Greek Nymphs .. 
I hope that you find this interesting as much as I have..
and the beautiful images I have chosen to go with the post too.
note. These are some of my favorite artist and are not my paintings
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