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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hello, my dears & welcome to my humble blog. Thank you so much for all your support. I know its been quite a long time since I have written a post for your all. I have just had a bit of unlucky two first two months (Jan-Feb)but I hope the worst of it is over. I never realize how much I do depend on my computer and the Internet to keep in touch with you all my dear friends, followers, supports and readers too. So for today the first day of March and I pray to better months ahead. I give you the Oriental Unicorn. I have done a post just on the Unicorn and the interesting facts that it is found in the bible scriptures which was very in lighting to me. If you are curious about that post I will leave the link at the bottom of the post. As I have said in my other post called 'The Unicorn' I have always been curious about their orgin & how they relate to the different bibles around the world.
The Unicorn of the far east are quite a different character from those of the western area's. For one I have found that their appearance is very different & there are several different kinds of the oriental unicorn too. The main kind of Unicorn in the Orient is the Ki Lin or the Chi Lin. In ancient text of China it is said that the male of the Unicorn is; [Ki] & the female is; [Lin], which is always spoken as a unit- Ki Lin. These oriental unicorns are depicted as to having the body of a deer with the hooves of an horse with a fine head & a single horn. Their bodies is what places them very much in a class of their own. Usually they are multicolored with blue, aqua blue, black, red, white & yellow. These creatures are described as being about 12feet in height.
The King of the Unicorns as the best
that I could find
The Kilin was said to be one of the celestial beings with the dragon, the tortoise and the Feng Hwang... Now, its appearance was auspicious and many dignitaries such as Confucius was honored by its presence.
The King of the Unicorns is described as an single horned type of stag with an tail more like that of the water buffalo. There is another kind of oriental unicorn that is called the
Kish Twan, which is described as much like that of the Ki Lin. However, it was green & had a thicker tail like that of a horse. But its it's unicorn horn was on its muzzle. They are also extremely fast. They can also take great strides for distances too. In the plans of Mongolia, it's said that a beast called, 'the Poh' lives there. The Poh is an beautiful white horse with a huge black tail. However instead of hooves he has large claws on its feet like that of a tiger & large fangs on its feet like a tiger. He also has great fangs for his teeth too. He of course has a horn in the center of his forehead. The Poh unicorn are known to be aggressive too. They will hunt the tigers and leopard within their region too for food. There's another type of oriental unicorn known as the Hai Chai. This Unicorn also goes by the name Kai Tsu. This unicorn have a body like an horse, but it's reddish-yellow within it's body and a single black horn make it a bit different. It is said to about the Kai Tus is able to detect the guilty and the innocent. Basically they can tell who is telling a lie. The 'Too Jou Shen' Unicorn was more like a lion in appearance, but had legs and cloven hooves of an deer. They also have quite shorter and rounded horn. They were regarded as guardian figures and could depict the entrance to tomb complexes too. In many of the legends of Japan the Unicorn was Transferred from the Kilin of China and the name became 'Kirin'. The Kirin is covered in scales. I hope that you all enjoyed my second post from my
long time away. I hope to make up for it in time my dearest friends, followers, supports and readers
I thank yu for always being there for me even when I wasn't love you all.


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