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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fly Litttle Fairies-A poem Written by Cynthia my dear Friend-oo)

Fly little Fairies

Fly little fairies fly far far away

On emerald green wings they fly

 In the bright and golden sunlight above.

Over the forests and glades of green

Over the hills and valleys do they fly

Momentarily they stop at the lake of blue 

And sing and dance playful over the calm waters

weary of their long journey and play 

They settle down to sleep.

oh sweet maiden of the night is sweeping in

with darking silence and the twinkling stars above

We're glad you are near dear maiden,  while we lay in our beds

to rest our heads without fear of harm 

we are safe and protected in your arms dear maiden 

as we watch the light of dusk warning to darkness

Dreams of joy and goodwill  upon us does creep.

I wish a goodnight sis, sweet dreams of faedragons, gnomes, and elves all dancing and singing
playing their elf size instruments in a garden of beauty and I will join you for some of that rainbow stew:o)

Written by Cynthia - Brighteyes!
For you my dear Sis-¸.*¨ƸӜƷ
`✿.¸ )¸¸ 
¸.❀´¸.✿*´¨) ¸.❀*¨)♥♥
(¸.✿´ (¸.❀` *(`'✿.¸¸.'

° ☾ ☆ Loves you ★° ☾ ☆

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