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Monday, November 10, 2014

American's First True 'Pilgrims-

America's First True "Pilgrims-
This Should give you a little bit of the
Truth of what the Pilgrims were really
About! As the post goes on there will be more!
For days post my dear friends and followers I thought I would continue to do a bit of history of the folks who came to the new world called at that time the colonies... And the long trip they all made across the Atlantic Ocean to be free of The Queen of England rule and have their own new life. Of course we all know there were many obstacles  along the way... And in the end they too ended up acting just like the British with the Native American Indians, who were truly the first that landed on the new world thousands of years before we landed on the Mayflower. So when I decided to do this post I discovered that there were actually two versions of the tale of the Mayflower.. One that most children learned as I did in school,[note that there are many children today that have descendants of the Native
In this photo YOU can see that the Native
American Indians are being abused and force
to choose the faith of the white man Religion
or either die or be a slave..
American Indian's that suffered greatly because of the Pilgrims and the Puritans coming to the New World for a new life and freedom of religion. It is very sad that non of this is really taught in school when I was a child of the 60' & & 70's and I surely hope that has changed today with my son of today in 2014.. Yes I have age myself! ] that the Pilgrims came to America aboard the Mayflower in search of religious freedom in 1620. 
The Puritans soon followed them, for the same reason. Ever since these religious dissidents arrived at their shining 'City upon a Hill' as their governor John Winthrop had called it, Millions from around the world have done the same - coming to America where they found a welcome melting pot in which everyone was free to practice his/her own faith. So I thought I would start with Verizon 1. Since most are familiar with that version... Well the problem with the first version of Americans
We never really had images of this kind
and this is the Truth of what truly what
happen in the First True pilgrims later on
not to long after they landed  most of the
Native American Indians were slaves
First Pilgrims is its too tidy of an American Myth- You could say... One could say the true story of the religion freedom of America's past is quite awkward, embarrassing and very much a bloodily tale that most first,secondary and high-school text books would rather leave out. From what I discovered in this first version is that the earliest arrivals of the Europeans onto the New World/Americans shorelines, it seems that the quest for free religion had often been a cudgel, used to discriminate and even suppress anyone to get it. Often killing the foreigners as they were called 'unbelievers'. This of course meant the Native American Indians who were already there and had made their home in the new world for thousands of years way before the white man came in to take it all way!!! Yes there is more! to this Tale! Yet, not so nice tale of the First True Pilgrims~ 
While it is true that the vast majority of the early European generation traveled across the Atlantic ocean were Christian Americans, they all would pitched battles between various Protestant and Catholics Churches that were popping up every where. Its seemed to be an explosion of Religion Rights or Christian Nation. On who was going to win! We must first have a look over the history encounter between the Europeans in the future people of the United States or the colonies at the times. This was established by an French Protestant in 1564 at Fort Caroline near Jacksonville, Florida at the time.  This French Man had set sail, more than a half a century before the Mayflower had set sail, and the French Protestant and his  pilgrims had also had come to America in search of Religious freedom as well. Besides the
And old photo with Native Indians
and the White Man
Europeans and the French that have come upon the Native Americans Land there were also the Spanish that had their own ideas in 1565.  They established a base at St. Augustine and proceeded to wipe out the Fort Caroline colony - Basically the French Protestant Fort near Jacksonville , Florida. In doing so The Spanish Commander - Pedro Menendez de Aviles had wrote to the Spanish King Philip ll that he had 'hanged' all those they had found at the 'Fort Caroline' Why? because ... they were scattering the Lutheran doctrine religion within those Provinces'.  Here' the sad but truth of the Beginnings of the "First True Pilgirms'.  When there was hundreds of survivors from a shipwreck French Fleet that happened to wash up on the beaches of Florida in 1565, well Menendez de Aviles and his men put them all the dead or as they called in Spanish ' Matanzas' the 'Slaughters'.  So basically what I am saying the first encounters between the Europeans Christians in the New World American was really a blood bath. And that is why we never saw or read any of this in our history books as children as far back as the 60's ... As I could vouch for that being a child of the 60's.  Well now about the arrival of the Pilgrims and the Puritans from England in the early 1600's which again was a fight for their religious rights turned into a blood bathe of the American Indians due to the fact the Europeans wanted more than just Religion - They wanted power, over  ALL THE NEW
The Tribes of all the Indians before the white man
 Us like some fifty years before when another  Mayflower had left port, with band of French Colonists to the New World . And you know how that turned out! Basically I am trying to show you the other side of the story of the Pilgrims/Puritans, French and Spanish that all came to the New World in hope's for a new chance for freedom in the since of every word. It seems mostly it was freedom of Religion, but again it was much more than that for all parties. The thing about it is that I learn and I have a little more to tell you, is that I never learned any of this nasty cruel stuff in school.. I learned this 30years later when I decided to do a blog.. Interesting Eh! Well back to the tale... 

The fact that the Pilgrims-Puritans-French and Spanish were all the the greediest predator that the Indian Man would ever have to face: the White Man...These people came upon their land their territory and cause so much pain and blood shed that it goes into the 21century...
Looking it from a different view the Indian man- who is a hunter and warrior , while the women take care of the children, cultivate and harvest all the crops and grounded grains for the making of flour and maintain the tents their living quarters. In bison hunting tribes, the women will help in the cutting of the huge animals and bring the meat into the camps, then it well be process for consumption later. The Apaches Tribes it seems that even if the men help in the agriculture duties, the women still know best in just duties, with all the required works, prays and other duties. Apache Women will also mount and dismount all the tents , which are usually used for two years. The Indian woman is respected and has many rights even today in some tribes like the Hopi Indian is the owner of all the material goods.
This show the area's where the Indians
Culture the land over the New World
At the beginning, when the European colonists came to the new world, the American Indians at first did collaborated with them in the Northwestern area of the US. Then in Jamestown, Virginia , the first British settlement in American was built with the help of the Powhatan Indians. It seems that without the help of the Powhatan Indians, the first English people in the New World would have not been able to made through the tough cold winters of 1607 to 1608.  Like the pilgrim colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts was established only with the help of the Wampanoag Indians. These Wampanoag Indians had showed the immigrants how to cultivate the land so they could make their own food and gardens...If they hadn't have done that the immigrants probably would have starved. Well so far things are looking good but not for long.. because with the massive immigration of people from Europe, France and Spain and the methods of land cultivating generated tension with the American Indians. Why? Well the Native Indians would hunted deer, wild turkey, water birds, fish, and gather sea food too. However the colonist started to mow the grass, for feeding cattle and horses, while pigs destroyed clam reserves. And I am sure there were other cultivating farming and hunting problems that the Indians and the colonists didn't see eye to eye. Basically in a nut shell the white man was changing the entree environment in just a matter of years, which the Indians way of live has been for over thousands of years.. And this way just didn't work for the Indian way of life . So this is when the huge problem began...
The Native American Indians fighting with
the New Colonies in the American Independence War
To the Indians the horse was the way of life and very important to their lifestyle. Note it seems that the animals might have been introduce by the Europeans during the 17th century / also Spaniards had also introduced the horse into the now southwestern. The American Indians used could train the horses into a skilled no-saddle horseman, unlike the white man. This help them greatly in hunting the bison's easier and nomad tribes could attack much easier in neighboring settlement tribes too. This of happened within their own network of lifestyle of pillaging them for women and slaves. However, it was nothing compared to what the white-man had in store for them- hint the sarcasm.
 This is the beginning of just one of the Millions of American Indians that were killed and taken from the only home they every knew...By the 17th century about 30,000 Narragansett Indians lived in Massachusetts. Their Chief Miantonomo had sniffed out the danger for his tribe. It seems that the Chief Miantomomo was right because in 1642 it was proposed to the Mohawk Indians  the information of an resistance alliance. However, it seems that the Chief Miantonomo had failed to do to so and the following year there was war between the Narragansett tribe and the Mohawk tribe . And during the war the Chief Miantonomo was captured and killed. I found this little information about the two tribes and I hope I got the info correct.. I felt it was important to put some of their history in the post good or bad because they are truly the first American in my eyes...  You see the Europeans took advantage of the conflict between the different tribes. It seems that during any war that happened on the new World like that of the French-English wars in North America, there were several tribes involved. However it seems that the American Indians would always paid the most price rather than the Europeans. It get even worst from here...
Indian Child
with Small Pox's
The Iroquois Tribes - And Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and the Seneca Tribes all fought in the British side during the American Independence War. Amazing Eh! Well get this! After the war! All the Tribes all those men that fought beside as men were insulted and abandon at the in of the war. Get even worst! The USA TAKES THEIR TERRITORY THEIR HOME!  It seems those who fought on the other side lost. Basically the American Native Indians have at this point lost their country and home that they have know for over thousands of year. Taken from them by either negotiations, gun point, even if they had not been conquered in the war. All their land was reduced to very small reservations starting in New York State. Well the story just get scary the more discover. Bribery of Alcohol and other thing continued. The American Indians didn' understand why the white man was doing all of this when they lived in harmony with the nature without disturbing the nature of balance.
Then the fear came from the Europeans thinking that the Indians would take violence like scalping them. Stupid stuff.So that's when the Europeans gave them gifts but these were evil gifts. Ones to wipe out the entree race basically.. This is when their enemy overwhelmed them with the greatest weaponry of all. They would give the Indians blankets but they were tainted
with smallpox's.. The Europeans were resistance to the smallpox but the Indians had never been exposed to any type of dieaece.. Once A smallpox epidemic started it went from village to village and so on... It hit the Mandan, Hidatsa, Assiniboin, Arikara, Sioux and Blackfoot too
Into the Civil War it continued to the point that Millions of American Indians lost their home.. and were put on reservations .. I could go on further but I think I have made my point
So Who was the First True Pilgrims? 
Well I will let you think on this one.. I thought to end this post 
to leave you with some beautiful photos of the American Indians

Are First True American!
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