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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Haunted Hayden House

The Hayden Haunted House-
This is the One image I found.
It gives the feeling that something terrible
happened to the Hayden family in my opinion. 
For today Tale, I am going to bring you a Haunted house story. I found it while browsing the web. I hope that you all enjoy the tale my dear friends & followers. The Hayden house as they say was built back in the early 1800's and was a small stone house that was mostly made of  old stones. Originally in 1800, it was on its own lot or land, however over the years there have been many, additions to the Hayden house. These additions, that were made over the year to the house, now surround the small stone originally home that was built in the early 1800's. These were made to the Howard County Courthouse over the years, that now surround the small Hayden house. They say it isn't easy to find, but if you do it is worth your time and effort to find the old Hayden House. 
The house was originally built by a man by the name of William Edwin Parson Hayden. Edwin Hayden was the first county clerk in Elliott City and he lived in the City with his new home with his wife and six children up to his death in 1850. Well, I guess you all can figure there was more to this story and to the Hayden family for the house to become haunted. Well, you are correct. I discovered the main part of the story begins in 1806 when Edwin Hayden and his wife - Silence - and his mother-in-law -Mercie Dale move into the town of Albany, Vermont. [Which might have been the site of a terrible family destroying curse].
Mercie Dale the mother-in-law was widowed and very well off financially. It seems that she had lent the young couple money to help them get that jump-started in their lives. This is where all the problems began, you see after months of failing to pay back his mother-in-law Mercie Dale, William Edwin asked for a second more size able loan from his mother-in-law Mercie Dale. It seems that this financial stress of the second loan & not paying her back the first loan caused her to become terribly ill. And Mercie Dale believed that Edwin had poisoned her, had why she became ill. From that she cursed the Hayden family, saying that the name would die out in three generations and end in economic ruin. It seems that Mercie Dale curse did come to pass, soon after she died, Edwin William did loose everything. He fled to Canada to hide from his creditors and died in poverty in New York years later. I could find what happened to his wife Silence. If she went with her husband or died soon after her mum.  They did have five sons, and all but one died at a very young age. So it makes you think that the father curse his own family in away by not paying or not finding a way of working with his mother-in-law.  It seems that the one son that did survive had the same name as his father. Will for short[William]. He too lived in Albany as well and had one son and four daughters. Well, this is a kicker, it wasn't William Edwin that built the house, who cause the curse with his mother-in-law Mercie Dale and left nothing to his only youngest son that actually live to adulthood.
Will, was the one that built the Hayden house, that beautiful red brick mansion that I mention at the beginning of this post. He and his wife were truly against odds, not knowing the curse on their family that was put on it generations ago. Their one and only son Henry was growing increasingly unstable. It seems the same faith had happened to Will too. Will lost his eyesight too and much of his fortune. Henry his son didn't get along with his mum, who cut him out of her will. Henry died of a cerebral hemorrhage leaving his only child as heir, a daughter named Mamie.
As the Cure of Mercie Dale had said within 3 generation all would die off and it seems that her curse had just done that. Mamie was the last of the Hayden's. She had never married and didn't inherit anything of value, she died alone, in debt in Maine in 1927.
Even through the family all died the tale doesn't end.  After Mamie had died, many locals claimed to see creepy lights on the property, Some have even seen they say the ghosts of the family walking about too. But some have said they have even seen illegal immigrants walking about. They say that the younger Will had smuggled into the country to work in the slave conditions on the land. So who to say? Only the ghosts of the family of the Hayden's will really know. A lot happened in that house and is, still happening today!
It seems after the house was vacant for a while after the last Hayden Mamie, there were several different owners after the years of the terrible happens in the house. Years past and people forget for a time. including the first owner; the Howard County Board of Education and the District Court. Then in 1981, the house sat vacant for several year again before being taken over by the county law library. Which I find interesting that they would do, after the stories and since the house was left vacant for so long after the Howard County Board of Education folks. It was probably  haunted and that's why it sat so long til 1981.
Now that it's the County Law Library, the stories haven't stop, and the mysterious events that keep going for many, many years and even today.
It seems that when the house was the district court and the county office of parole and probation in the 1970's it was at the peak of creepy.
So this is what happened in the county offices when the Hayden house was a Parole and Probation office in the 70's. It seems that the Clerks and secretaries would often report seeing lights turning on and off by themselves.A Coffee pot would heat up, even when it wasn't plugged in. They would hear the creepy sounds of phantom footsteps echoing through unoccupied parts of the building. There were also many story's of rocking chairs that would move all by themselves and one time there was a staff member that came to work early and saw a man through the glass panes of the front door. After checking of the building it revealed that there was no one living, that is was inside. CREEPY EH!
It was said that the most strange events that came from the house was smells of soup, bacon and eggs that would drift through the building during the day, right into the night.
At the time it wasn't the odors themselves that was disturbing to the staff, but the actually source of them... or rather lack of source that creep the staff out! Why? because at the time there were no cooking appliances in the building. Everything was taken out when it was made into the county offices. So no cooking was ever done there at all. So there after it was called  the 'Cooking Ghost'. Smells of food were the only way the ghost would chose to make its presence known, it would show other ways too.
There was one time, when a staff member had one of the strangest encounters than any of the others. It was because he was working late one night. He reported a number of events like seeing cloth napkins fold and re-fold themselves before his eyes and heard a number of eerie noises that he could not explain. On one occasion, the man believed that he actually saw the ghost itself. He was working very late again and on his way to the second floor when he noticed what appeared to be a 'White haze' out of the corner of his eye.
What he saw was a misty ball of vapor hanging in the air. It was very dense but he couldn't see
the way behind it, then as quickly as it appeared it vanished.
To this day the Hayden house remains a very haunted place and visitors able to see it on the
Haunted Ellicott City Ghost Tour. So If you happen to be in the area you might check out
the Hayden House. It seems that it is haunted but not to scary haunted.
I hope that you enjoyed the post on the Hayden house 
my dear friends & followers 
I love you all very much  

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