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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magical Forest - part-1

Posted by my dear friend Cynthia in 2010, on our first website The Forest of the Faie. She posted it thinking of of our friendship. I have treasured this little story over the many years that we have grown to be more than just friends. She is my big sister too. I have now two sisters. I hope that you all will enjoy this Magical Story as much as I have over the years. Wendy

The Magical Forest (part-1)

    By Mistress Gothic
    I heard there was a valley deep within a vast forest that held great magical healing. I
    was told it was guarded by a fierce dragon. It was said there was a magical waterfall that could make you feel young again. It was said there were all kinds of magical creatures that lived and played there. The more I read the more I wanted to find this place.
    I started asking everyone I knew if they knew where this place was. They knew where this place was. They all laughed or mad fun of me. “There is no such a place on this earth.” was one response. “I would love to see this place.” was another response. This was followed by a loud laugh.
    I continued reading and researching this magical place. The more I did the more I longed to find this special place. I collected maps and charts from all over. I consulted physics and all sort of experts. Nothing seemed to help me to locate this magical place.
I grew more and more desperate to find this magical place. The days grew longer and longer. I seemed to be no closer to finding this place.
One day I ventured out of my house and just started wondering around. I heard a tiny voice. A voice so tiny it was barely audible. It seemed to be asking for help. I stopped where is was and I looked around. I did not see anyone. The voice called out again. I proceeded to follow the voice. The voice was growing louder and louder. I kept walking, stopping every now and then to look around, I still could not see anyone.
I heard the voice again. It was much louder now. I kept walking . It was then that I noticed the sun was beginning to set. I knew I had to hurry for surely I would not be able to find this person after the sun had completely set. I now find myself in a thick growth of shrub, vines and branches. “Well this certainly is not good.” I said to myself. I must proceed with caution or else I too will need rescue.
I picked my way through carefully. I arrived at a small clearing. The sun was nearly completely gone. In the dusky shadows I saw a tiny little flicker of light. The voice was sobbing now. I approached the light slowly. I did not wish to frighten whomever anymore than they were already.
I was close enough to see that it was a tiny little fairy. She had somehow or another managed to get herself tangled in a bramble bush. I knelt down beside the bramble bush and took my hunting knife out of my boot. When I did that the tiny fairy started trying to free herself in sheer fright.
Easy, little one. “I said. “I mean you no harm, I just need to cut this bramble bush a bit in order to free you.” I extended my hand without the knife in it to her. “Here grab hold of my finger and hold on tight. I said. She wrapped both of her arms around one of my fingers. I worked quickly and cautiously to cut the bramble bush. Suddenly, the light was full of tiny little lights.
I momentarily paused what I was doing and looked around. I noticed that the tiny lights were all fairies. I realized they had come to help this little fairy. I went back to work cutting the fairy from the bramble bush. She was finally cut free and I noticed that a of the bramble thorns had pierced part of her tiny body. I put the knife back into it's sheath.
Ok, little lady. I need you to lay down in my hand. I need to try to remove this thorn from you. “ I said.
She did as I asked her. I removed a pair of tweezers from my pouch so that I can remove the thorn from you.” I said. “If any of you good folks happens to be a doctor, I cold use your assistance.” And older fairy came over and he said,”I know not what you intend to do, but I will try and assist.”
I am going to remove the bramble, I need you to hold her still while I do. Then I will need you to dress her wound as my hands are much to big to do that.” I said. The older fairy knelt beside the tiny fairy that was in the palm of my hand. He was mindful of the bramble twig that still was stuck into the tiny fairy. He whispered words of encouragement to her.
He looked up at me and said, “ Do you really think that this will work?” I can only try. She can not live with this thorn in her like this. There is also the chance that removing the thorn it could do more harm.” I replied.
The old fairy looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “You are right. She will died if it is not removed, but removing it could kill her as well. It would be best though if you did remove it quickly and maybe she will have a chance.”
I nodded my head in agreement. I raised on knee up and rested my palm gently on top of my knee to make sure I had a stead surface upon which to work. I positioned the tweezers around the bramble twig. I pulled the bramble carefully from the tiny fairy. I felt her wince in pain and heard her cry out. The tears flowed freely down my face and I was helpless to stop them. But I knew that all I could do was finish the task at hand. Finally, the little fairy was free from the bramble and the old fairy began to work quickly to bandage her wounds. She passed out from the sheer exhaustion and pain. I felt some relief at this.
The old fairy looked up at me and said, “We have done all that we can do for her, It is now up to her and the gods and goddesses.” I gathered together some moss that was nearby. I made sure there was nothing around that could hurt the tiny fairy. Laid her gently down upon the moss and covered here with a leaf. I knew that I had to find shelter of some sort and food. I took my pack off and rummaged through it. I found several pieces of venison jerky and a blanket and a tarp. There was a low hanging branch nearby. I hung the tarp over the branch and placed several rocks to hold it down. Once satisfied, I sat down to eat my meager dinner.
I offered to share my food with the fairies, but they all said that they had already eaten. I ate one piece of my venison jerky and secured the rest into my pack. I crawled into my makeshift shelter and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned most to the night. I was deeply worried and concerned for the little fairy.
I woke the next morning to find all the fairies were gone except the tiny little fairy that I had rescued the night before. Beside her was a note which read:

Please take this fairy back to her home. Take care of her. I have left you a map to get there and a sack of food for her and a sack of medicine and bandages to treat your wounds. Carry her close to your heart”''

I sat there and looked at the map to gather my bearings. There was all kinda of strange markings upon the map. I recognized the rivers and streams and of course the compass. But there were many of course that I did not recognized.
Well, I thought to myself, “apparently either they believed that you would not make it or they could not carry you. They have instead entrusted me with you. I see that I have no choice, but to do this. It seems that you and I are off on this great adventure together.” I gathered my tarp and my blanket. I took another piece of my jerky and ate it.
I gently picked up the tiny fairy and placed her gently into my breast pocket. I retrieved my compass that I always carried with me as I was prone to getting lost. I started off in the direction indicated on the map.
The going was fairly easy at first. I would stop every once in awhile and check my compass and the map and of course to check on my tiny passenger. The sun was high in the sky and I came across a creek. I stopped beside the creek and removed my tiny little passenger: She woke up just slightly. I gave her some water and tried to get her to eat something. I carefully changed her bandages and dressed her wound. Then I made a bed from some moss. I rested awhile by the creek and munched on another piece of jerky.
I knew we had to continue on. I gathered everything together and placed my tiny passenger back into my breast pocket. I rechecked my map and compass. According to the map I would have to cross that creek. I looked around and found a sturdy branch. I knew I could use this to find sink holes in the creek and when going got rough I could use it to help get across.
I crossed the creek slowly. I reached the other side and continued walking. A short distant later I found myself face to face with a small mountain. I took the map out and doubled checked that I was headed in the right direction. According to the map I would have to cross this tiny mountain somehow. I study the face of the mountain looking for footholds and the easiest way to climb this mountain. I started slowly up the mountains. I stopped every so often to double check the next foothold. It took me awhile, but I made it to the top just as the sun was beginning to set.
I knew that I had to find some shelter for the night. I consulted the maps and compass to ensure I was still on the path. I was now convinced that I was still headed in the right direction. I looked around and found a rock shelf. I wondered over to it and checked it out. Satisfied that his shelf would make a viable shelter for the night. I set about gathering together straw and moss and made a bed for both of us for the evening. I gently removed the tiny fairy form my pocket and placed her on the moss bed. I made a small fire with some twigs I had found and sat down beside it and ate another piece of my jerky. I crawled into bed and tried to sleep.
I woke the next morning to find that I had not slept all that well and that I was extremely stiff. I then noticed a small basket of fruit. There was a note placed on top of it The note said:
'Thank you for all that you are doing for my daughter. I knew you were not all that prepared to take on this journey. So, we gathered some berries from the forest to help nourish you. We could not carry her back to her home because we were afraid of hurting her more. We know it would be awhile before she would fly again. We saw the tenderness that you showed her and the care you gave her. We know that you will not hurt her.'

I Knew then that the fairies were watching over both of us. I also now knew the reason for them leaving her at the bramble patch. I sat down and enjoyed some of the berries, changed her dressings and got her to eat a little bit of food. I gathered together my stuff and consulted the map and compass. I placed my tiny fairy into my breast pocket and started out once again. I rounded to the rock shelf that had been my shelter for the evening and I found a path that seemed to be cut through a mountain. It had huge rocks on both sides of the path. I noticed that at first it was graded slope. As I started down the slope it seemed to be ever so slightly increasing.
I knew I had to be careful and take my time. I also knew that I had to find the end of this path quickly as there was no other way to escape in the event something should happen. It took awhile, but I finally reached the end of the path just as the sun reached high noon.
I now find myself in a field of green and a raging river in front of me. I sat down upon a boulder next to the river. There I consulted the map and the compass while I attend to me noon time duties. According to the map I was close to one of those strange symbols that I could not readily understand. In noticed also that I would have to cross the river in order to complete this journey. I further noted that the crossing point seemed to be at the strange symbol, I stood up and shrugged, “Well, I tell you what. I know not what this symbol means, but I intend to find out. I will go to that symbol and see if maybe there will be the way to cross the river at that spot. “ I said out loud.

I started off in the direction of the symbol. It did not take long to arrive there. As it turned out, it was a rope bridge that crossed the river. I put some of my weight upon the bridge and it seemed to hold my weight. I started across slowly. I tested each board before putting my full weight upon it. We made it to the other side. Suddenly. There was a noise behind me. I turned and looked around. I watched in horror as the bridge I had just crossed fell into the raging river.

Well that was just about too close for comfort.” I said. I found a comfy spot in the shade of an old Elm Tree. I sat down and removed the tiny fairy from my pocket and place her on a soft spot of the grass. I sat there for a few moments gathering my thoughts. I consulted the map and the compass and once satisfied that I was still heading in the right direction. I picked up my precious passenger and placed her back into my pocket. I started out once again. I now find myself on a wooden path cut through an magnificent forest. I marveled at the beauty and the grace of the trees and all the grace of the trees all around me. The air seemed to be purer and fresher. I stopped briefly to consult the map and the compass once again. I noticed that I was now approaching the second of the symbols that I did not understand. I started off towards the second symbol. When I arrived I found it was an old wood cutter's cottage that had long since been abandoned.
Well, it looks like this will be the place I will spend the night.”
I walked around the tiny cottage checking the structure and to ensure that was safe. I found a tiny cellar and went inside. To my surprise there were several items of canned goods upon a few of them including some rice and beans. I noticed a small stream running next to the cabin. I went inside and placed my stuff upon a table that had been left behind by the previous owner.
Then I found an old tin box. I cleaned it real good and put some moss in it. I placed my tiny passenger in it and place her in a same and secure place.
I then set about gathering some firewood and washed a pot that I had found in the cabin and filed it with water. I took everything back to the cabin and started the fire.
Too place the pot of water into the fire with some of the beans and the rice then I checked on my tiny fairy. I realized then that I did not even know her name, but I had been entrusted to get her home safely. I did not even know where her home was only that I had been given the map to get her there.
I set about doing my now routine chores of the evening and prepared a bed for myself. I ate a hearty meal of beans and rice. I then laid down upon the bed of straw that I had made. I placed the tiny fairy closed to me. I was able to sleep a little better that evening. I got up started the fire and warmed the last of my supper from the night before and did all my normal routine chores. I was preparing my pack for the journey. I noticed another note that had been left upon the table. This note said:

''Her name is Angelina and she is my angel. The doctor came by last night and he said she is getting stronger. She should be able to fly in another day or so.

I felt the tears begin to fall down my face. I felt this father's pain and I knew he was entrusting me with his most precious treasure. I finished my preparations and place Angelina into my breast pocket. I went outside and studied the map and the compass and started back down the forest path. I came to the end of the trail just about noontime. The end of the trail was a small out cropping that overlooked a huge gorge. The view was absolutely breath taking. I stood there in utter amazement and awe.
I consulted my map and compass. I noticed there was a third symbol close by. I looked around something caught my eye. It was a makeshift pulley system with a large basket to raise and lower things to the bottom of the gorge, but it looked like it went about a quarter of the way down int the gorge. I decided that now would be a good time to ten to my noontime duties. After they had been completed, I stepped into the second basket and eased myself over the side. I reached the end of the first section and stepped onto another rock overlook. This time there was no forest path to walk down only a rock face.
I looked around and I spotted a second basket system on the other side of the rock out cropping. I walked over to it and looked over the side. “ Well it still won't get me all the way to the bottom, but I will be closer. “ I said to myself . I stepped int the second basket and eased ,myself over the side. I reached the end of the second system and stepped onto a third rock ledge. I carefully examined this area. I discovered a rock stairway of sorts that seemed to disappear into a foggy mist. I could see no other was down. I decided to stop and catch my breath for just a minute and to gather my courage. I removed Angelina from my pocket and held her in the palm of my hand while I admired the view. Angelina rolled over and sat up slowly. She looked up at me and said. “I want to thank you for all that you have done and all that you are doing for me.'
I looked at her and side, “Angelina it is I who should thank you. For if you had not become tangled in that bramble bush, I would not have found or seen all the marvelous sight that I have seen so far.” She blushed slightly. “But now we must carry on with our journey.” She nodded and I gathered everything up and placed Angelina back into my breast pocket and started down the stairs. The steps were narrow and slick . I moved cautiously , the mist was very thick. I could barely see my own hand. I felt along the rock wall with one hand and use my stick to ensure I did not step off the end of the step and plunge into the gorge below. I used my feet to feel for the next. It took awhile,but finally the mist started to clear and I began to make out the rest of the steps. I continued down and found myself on yet another rock outcropping.
Wow, Angelina, I really did not think we could have made it down those steps through that mist.” I said. She did not respond. I looked into my breast pocket and saw that she was sleeping quite peacefully. I looked around this cliff to locate the final thing that would lower me to the forest floor. I could now see the tops of the trees and could almost reach out and touch them. I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to it as I got closer I noticed it was yet another rope bridge. This one seemed to disappear into the trees. Well I gathered together my courage and started slowly across. The bridge did indeed disappear into the trees. I was having to duck and dodge tree limbs as well as test each board prior to putting my full weight upon it. I continued slowly across the bridge. I finally made it to a wooden platform that was built around a very old tree. I decided that this would be a good place to spend the night. There was a firepit and shelter and had some kinda of water delivery system set up. Besides the sun was beginning to set and it appeared that somehow I was going to have to find my way through a maze of treetop houses. I set about the evening preparations. Angelina woke up and we actually carried on a conversation. It was nice to have someone to talk to. I had forgotten what it felt like, it quit enjoyable .We fell asleep and I woke feeling more rested than I had in days.
I began my morning routines and gathered together my possessions. As always, I found yet another note. This note had another map with it. The note said;

This map will guide you through the treetop maze so you will not become lost. P.S.: Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter. Just to see her smile at me last night was more than words can say. I will see you very soon and I will properly thank you in person.''

I studied the new map carefully. There was even more symbols in this map that I did not recognized. I looked at the other map. The one that had been given to me at the beginning of this journey. I noticed that the map did not give instructions on how to find myself out of the maze. I now found myself in, but it did show that there was still always to go after leaving the maze. I folded the map carefully and secured it into my pack. I knew I would need it later. I gathered my pack and placed Angelina in my breast pocket.
I started out reading the map carefully. I found the beginning of the maze. It was another rope bridge. It was marked with one symbol. I stood there a moment and looked at the map. I noticed that the symbol appeared six more times, “Great, well it looks like I'll be walking across six more rope bridges after this one.” I mumbled to myself. Angelina let out a muffled laugh. I started out across the first of seven bridges. I moved slowly across the bridge, testing each board along the way. I arrived at yet another platform. High up in the trees. I removed my map and walked around the platform. I noticed a vine string high in the tree with some kinda pulley on it and yet another symbol. “Ok. Now that identifies two of these symbols. I need to find the first symbol as that is where the map says I have to cross. “ I continued around the platform and found the second bridge.
End of Part 1

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