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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Legend of Shon ap Shenkin-

The Legend of Shon ap Shenkin-
Shon ap Shenkin returning home
This is the legend of a young man called Shon ap Shenkin who was waling about one hot summer early in the morning and heard the most captivating melody he had ever heard. It would be the last thing he would hear too. What the young man didn't know, the music was coming from the faery's that was just finishing their nightly faery dance.
Shon ap Shenkin loved the music so much, he decided to sit down beneath a beautiful young green leave tree that was just starting its growth. He thought just a few minutes wouldn't be to bad, then he would get back to he daily chores that his father and mother needed him to do. You see he lived on a farm up in the woods.
As the music died away and there was no more enchanting melody Shon ap Shenkin stood-up and was ready to get back to his daily chores. However, to his surprise the once young tree that he was taking the very short nap under, had withered and died. It didn't stop there! When the young man returned home to his parents home, it looked strangely different. There was an odd older look to it an there was ivy growing all over it. As he move closer to the house he saw an older man standing in the doorway. So Shon ap Shenkin, decided that he would see who this old man was doing in his parents home.
Once he got to the entree way of the doorway where the old man was, he started to tell him who he was first; he told the older gentleman that he was Shon ap Shenkin and he had just left his father and mother's house/ this house just a few minutes ago. So he couldn't understand why the house looked so old and had ivy growing all over it. Well the old man had to say Shon ap Shenkin name once again. Then he asked the boy his name to make sure that he got it right. And the boy replied Yes my name is 'Shon ap Shenkin' why do you seem so anxious?
The old man suddenly became deathly pale and replied to the young boy, and said
'I often heard of my grandfather, your father speak of your disappearance'.
At those words Shon ap Shenkin the young boy that finally made it home, crumbled to dust
on the doorstep. 
Even though this was a tale that was inspired by the great story writer Washington Irving. I wrote the tale in my own interruption. I have always love the tale and I hope that you all do.
One should always be wise of the power of the Fae. So if you ever happen to 
been is the Valley, forest, or woods and here a most enchanting music that you have
never ever heard before my advise is, close your ears and leave the area.
It is always best to be invited by the Fae. That way you can go home
to your family or have the journey of a live time.
I love you all very much my dearest friends & followers 
Have a wonderful evening  

This tale was one of many tales inspired by Washington Irving.

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