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Annabel Lee - Edgar Allan Poe 1849

Annabel Lee

It was many and many a year ago,
  In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
  By the name of ANNABEL LEE;--
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
  Than to love and be loved by me.
She was a child and I was a child,
  In this kingdom by the sea,
But we loved with a love that was more than love--
  I and my Annabel Lee--
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
  Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,

  In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud by night
  Chilling my Annabel Lee;
So that her high-born kinsman came
  And bore her away from me,
To shut her up in a sepulchre
  In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven,

  Went envying her and me:--
Yes!that was the reason (as all men know,
  In this kingdom by the sea)
That the wind came out of a cloud, chilling
  And killing my Annabel Lee. 

But our love it was stronger by far than the love
  Of those who were older than we--
  Of many far wiser than we-
And neither the angels in Heaven above,
 Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
  Of the beautiful Annabel Lee:--

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
  Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I see the bright eyes
  Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so , all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling, my darling my life and my bride,
 In her sepulchre there by the sea--
 In her tomb by the side of the sea. 
By Edgar Allan Poe 1849

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Golden Dragons

The Golden Dragon
Although the Golden dragon isn't in any particular family group of the dragon. The Golden dragon is
History of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden dragon doesn't belong to any of the typical three three elements - Earth, Water and Fire. By nature he embraces all three. However the Golden Dragon does have an element of his own and that would be the element Air.
But either of the main elements will predominate in him alone. 
The Life of the Golden Dragon~
The Golden's are quite beautiful in comparison to any of the other dragons. This could be that their scales and wings are made of an scintillating burnished Gold! But even if he has all this beauty he is a  noble dragon and doesn't boast about his looks. 

There is another dragon called the Celestial Dragon that I will cover at some later point that has

some of the same qualities as the golden dragon.
The Celestial Dragon is from Ancient China and is a symbol of the Chinese people around the world.  They proudly proclaimed to be a
descendants of this dragon. The Ancient Chinese people feel that the Celestial dragon is refer as divine and will bring ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. 

Some say, that only three knights have actually set their eyes upon the Golden dragon and only one 

single man has even been a friend to a golden dragon. 
To understand something of this mysterious, there was supposedly a BOOK OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON. This book of all the secrets of the dragons was handed down from generations for centenaries but who knows what happened to the BOOK? 
Tradition says that the Golden dragon has never taken part in any aggressive action whatsoever. He
is pure and unsullied by any flaw. 
He has also been know as the keeper and defends and the enchanted castle where a pure hearted knight who devotedly helps guard what is know as the Sacred Chalice- 
The Sacred Chalice~ is said to have hidden font and quintessence of wisdom encompassed by a double principle. The meaning of of the Chalice is- 'Life Secrets lies In Comprehension rather than Knowledge' . 
This subtle, supernal message, has to be concealed from the minds of humans because they are not yet ready for this KNOWLEDGE! 

So it was said - when the two Companions, the pure-hearted knight and the Sacred Chalice were then Transported away by the Golden Dragon with a promise that they would return to the outside world when the dwellers of this world were worthy of the Sacred Chalice and its knowledge. 

The Castle of the Golden Dragon~
The Castle is made of pure Crystal and is hidden in the heart of a ancient Oakwood forest in a Enchanted world. In this Castle is where he is watching of the Guardian Knight until the illumination of the Sacred Chalice can be accepted onto the Earth.  
The Prophecy~
It is prophesied that when this happens every single dragon on the earth will take flight to meet the Golden dragon, to carry on their backs  the chosen men who will finally solve the enigmas of the Chalice-
The Prophecy states that once humankind is properly enlightened, humans, will eventually pay homage to the Golden Dragon.

It is said that through this Grand eventual revelation all nature will be cured of its terrible destruction,fear and hatred will be purged from the earth. 
Peace will gradually break out instead of War and a dawn emitted from the Sacred Chalice will bathe our weary world into the Golden-light of a New World.


This of course is either Myth, legend, or how much one wants to believe in Fae? Or it very well could be true who know! The legend of the Holy Grail and other Holy legends - That you can't explain or SEE?  
The question that I ask you is do you believe in the possibility that there may be a golden dragon, a sacred chalice that will purged the earth of our destructive ways we have done? Do you believe in the unseen world of the faerie world, elves, mermaids, and other creatures of the unseen world. Just because you can't see don't me they aren't there!
Note: None of the images are mine
But please do enjoy the artist that do draw
an paint these beautiful depictions of the Golden dragon
& the Celestial Dragon too.


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Faeries - J.R. Tolkiens


I am off down the road

where the fairy lanterns glowed
And the little pretty flitter-mice are flying
A Slender band of grey
It run creepily away
And the hedges and the grasses are a-sighing.
The air is full of wings,

And of blundery beetle-things
That warn you with their whirring and 
their humming.
O! I hear the ting horns
of enchanged leprechauns
And the padded feet of many gnomes a - coming!
O! the lights! o! the gleams! O! the little twinkly
O! the rustle of their noiseless little robes!
O! the echo of their feet-of their happy little

O! the swinging lamps in the starlit globes.
J.R. Tolkien

There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden. 

There is no evidence for it, but you can't prove that there
arent' any, so shouldn't we be agnostic with respect to 
Richard Dawkinds

Fairies - Arabella Buckley


There are forces around us, and among us, which I shall ask you to 
allow me to call fairies, and these are ten thousand times more wonderful, 
more magical, and more beautiful in their world, than those of the
old fairy tales...
Just go out into the country, and sit down quietly

and watch nature at work. Listen to the wind
as it blows, look at the clouds rolling overhead,
and waves rippling on the pond at your feet.
Hearken to the brook as it flows by, 
watch the flower buds opening one by one, and
then ask yourself, "How all this is done?" Go out in
the evening and see the dew gather drop by drop
upon the grass, or trace the delicate hoar - frost
crystals which bespangle every blade on a winters morning. 
Look at the vivid flashes of lightning in a storm, and
 listen to the pealing thunder and then tell me, by 
what machinery is all this wonderful work done? Man does
none of it, neither could he stop it if he were to try; for 
it is all the work of the those invisible forces or fairies

whose acquaintance I wish you to make. Day and night,
summer and winter, storm or calm, these fairies are
at work and we may hear them and know them

and make friends of them if we will.
a Poem
by Arabella Buckley
posted by Wendy 

Orange Dragons

Orange Dragons-
Represent vitality, movement and all forms of activity. The colours is good for sexual energy. The
same energy used to stimulated creativity. He rules the skin, reproductive organs, organs that are connected with movement of the body fluids that increase circulation to. 
This dragon moves about taking in the beauty of life surrounding him and blending into his surrounds and at other time will become part of nature.
The History of the Orange Dragon~
Orange dragons are one of those quite rare species of the dragon too. And they are quite a powerful breed which alot of folks may not know of this special quality about them. They have been know to even exist today but are well hidden.
They are a very wise and noble creature, that seek to maintain a perfect balance between good and evil and have deemed themselves protectors of this balance in the world. Although they are the most powerful dragons - They do not  boast about it! 

They prefer only to live peacefully in their Volcano lairs until the time comes when the balance is threatened - when this happens they will stop at almost nothing to restore Peace.
The life of the Orange Dragon~
`At birth, the orange dragons scales are dull yellow or a peach in color. They will turn to a dull orange at the end of the young age of the dragon and will turn the bright shiny orange once they have reach a young adult. 
The orange dragon can speak their own language plus 20% of of them will be able to communicate with any intelligent creature all over the world. 
Orange dragons will make heavy use of their magic talents in battle. Especially their elemental fire spell, but will usually begin combat by using their disintegration breath weapon to try and ward off their attackers and spare their lives, which has proven to be very effective tactic. 
Special Breath Weapon abilities~
Orange dragons have two breathe weapons~
1) A Cone of magma can get up to 80ft long - 10ft wide at the mouth of the dragon and 50 to 60 ft wide at the end of the breath. The magma expelled by the dragon will continue to burn for additional two to three rounds depending on the age of the dragon. 
2) The second breath weapon is ~  
a cloud of disintegration gas that is 50ft long - 40ft at the mouth and can spray up as high as 35ft - 50ft high. The cloud is a spell and its devastating effect of gas only to non - living tissue.
Orange Dragon's Lair~
The orange dragon's will almost always live in Volcano's. They preferred active ones over dead
ones. These dragons will usually create dozens of tunnels surrounding their volcano lair. A fair amount of these tunnels are most likely filled with molten lava. These dragons will horde their treasure there and will always magically protected their lair with a spell. It will also keep large lava flows in between the tunnels and in the lairs entrances. This is done so that no matter what direction you try to access the dragon's horde, you will need to bypass a large quantity of molten lava flow, this of course is usually more than enough to safeguard its treasure. 
Orange dragons are usually very protective of the lairs, but if there is no sign of an immediate threat or they hasn't been anything stolen they usually will allow the trespasser to leave. 
Orange Dragons Offspring~
 Orange's are excellent parents and are very protective of their young ones. They prefer for their
young to stay in their lair until they reach Jr. age. 
Friendless with other dragons~    
Oranges have a fondness for humans too - But not in the way that the Silvers and White dragons do.  But they do have a connection with humans, so you are probably wondering what they do with the humans? Well on rare occasions they have been known to take human riders and aide humans on adventures for a time if they deem their cause worthy and it doesn't upset the balance of the world.
Orange Dragons are very wise and live only to server the balance the earth.
I found the Orange dragon fascinating, when I first started to research the dragon I really didn't have any idea what the Orange dragon was about. I thought at first he was just a fiery dragon that loved to live in a volcanos and protect his treasure. Well I was way off as you all can see from what I've posted here.

I also found a very interesting bit of history about the Orange dragon that I would have never guess this to be true about the Orange Dragon, He has many similarity to the Chinese Orange Dragon. At a later date I might do another post of this similarity or just about the Chinese Orange Dragon.  
Note the amazing Photo's are not mind...
Do enjoy them though, they are quite beautiful! 
For my love of the Dragon!

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Irish Banshee

The Irish Banshee
From the Irish word Banshee has two meaning, Bean -Sidehe - which means~ 'Faerie women of

Faerie woman
the   Mounds'. And the other meaning of the Banshee is 'The Gaelic' . They both describe a spirit who screeching and howling that may resemble that of an owl to some. Under the windowsills at night to foretelling that of a death of a loved one in the household that the spirit is attached to. This is how the legend is told in Ireland.
These Spirits of Ireland that screech in the night like owls - foretelling family members of a loved one is going to die are good spirits that have been with the Irish for centuries and generations in certain Irish families. 
Most often called Faerie women or Faerie of the Mounds, she is looked upon as a good spirit not

evil. She does not bring death but gives an Irish family a chance to prepare for a death that is coming.  The Irish Banshee comes to comfort Noble Gaelic Race with an forthcoming death even if its not necessary a violent death but it could be a member of the family who has lived a good life of 100-years of age! 
(This of course is very different than your typically Banshee who is evil and brings death to the family). 
The Faerie women could be often heard late at night crying or singing to warn their family that their connected too of a forthcoming death of their loved ones. The she will escort that loved one that has died to ensure that they will pass safety to the other side.
The wailing of an Irish Banshee is quite different than that of your typical Banshee.
 Irish banshee
The Irish 'Faerie woman' wail is a peculiarly mournful sound that resembles that of a melancholy sound of the hollow wind and the tone of a human voice. It sounds that of a woman singing softly or wailing mournfully with passion in her voice. 
There is  Keening which is the Irish form of wailing too. 
It is said that the 'Faerie woman' - 'Irish Banshee' is rarely seen. But in the legend of the Irish Banshee there have been a few documentary sightings in old Ireland. 
If the Irish Banshee does show herself they have been known to attached themselves to the more Famous Irish families of Ireland. These families have been around for centuries.
Some of these Families are; The O' Gaels, O'Neills, O'Donnells, O'Connors,O'Learys, O'Tools   O'Connaghs and the O'Connells 
Each of these families have their own Irish Banshee that is a solitary fairy who loves the mortal family she is connected with - A fierce unearthly caring and Spirit that will pace the fairy mounds in sorrow when she knows a death is looming in one of her families.
She will follow her family across the world to keep and watchful -eye unseen, Keening wherever true for a loved one of her Irish family. 
The Banshee is believed to be an Unearthly Spirit to the ancient Families of Ireland the true descendants of the Noble Gaelic Race. Those who have the Mac & O' to their Name ~
By Mac and O
You'll always Know
True Irishman they say.
But if they lack 
The O and Mac
No Irish are they.

Celtic Goddess
When the Irish Banshee does take on a form it is usually of and beautiful young Irish woman, a matron, old woman or an Celtic Goddess.
For the banshee to actually take on a physical form:
She must go through these three stages~
1) Young beautiful woman - beginning of life
2) Motherhood
3) The crone - The wise old woman nearing the end of her cycle of life

There are many stories within the Irish families that have had their own personal experience with an Banshee. Most of these stories have been described by one of the following Type of Irish Banshee.
1) An old woman dressed in black with long grey hair and covering her face with a veil.
Irish banshee
2) An old woman with long white hair, red eyes ( from crying for some many centuries) and dressed in a green dress.
3) A beautiful woman naked with red hair.
4) A beautiful ghostly naked young woman.
5) A headless woman in a white dress with red hair.
6)  A beautiful woman with red eyes black hair and a white dress.
Here are a few of those famous tales of the Irish Banshee Some have dated back to 1014AD.
* One of the most famous tales - dated back to 1014.AD.
This tale is about an Irish Banshee of ancient times that had attached herself to the Kingly house of the O'Briens, Aibhill, who haunted the Rock of Craglea above Killaloe, near the old palace of Kincora. In AD 1014 was fought the battle of Clontarf, from which the aged King Brian Boru O'Brien, knew that he would never come away from the battle alive, because the previous night Aibhill had appeared to him to tell him of his impending fate. 
The Banshee's method of foretelling death in the ancient times is much different than present day. Now she wails and wrings her hands, as a general rule, but In this old Irish tale she is to be found washing human heads and limbs, or blood - stained clothes, till the water is all dyed with human blood - this would take place before a battle. In the ancient time of battles. In the course of the centuries the Irish faerie has changed her attributes and her characteristics  through the centuries .
* In the 18th century a small group of children saw a little old woman sitting on a rock beside the road, while they were walking by that evening. Suddenly the old woman began to wail like an owl - then clapped her hands. The children of course ran away in fear. But later discovered that the old man who lived in the home behind the rock had died at that very moment when the old woman had clapped her hands.
* She has appeared as a beautiful girl with Red-golden hair and a green Kirle & scarlet mantle transitional dress of Ireland. 
* A party on a yacht, on a lake told by the owner had witnessed a woman with red hair and reddish eyes. The owner , Count Nelsini formally known as O'Neill became anxious that the Banshee was announcing the death of his wife or daughter, but within 2 hours he was sized with an Augina attack and died. (Augina pronounced - aw - jin - uh)  ( Its meaning is Heart attack).
Banshees are always a spirit women~
In Ireland the Banshee legend is much less gory viewed than what some might think this ghostly
Ghostly young woman banshee

spirit to be.  She is a much kinder sort the Irish Banshee. I believe this is due to the rich culture and the legend of their 'faerie woman'. The different names I believe has a big difference to the legend too. Here are a few more of the Irish banshee.

traditional  banshee in red cloak  

Another difference I found that is important is these special spirits tend to attach themselves to
 Irish banshee in traditional Irish clothes

one family for centuries or generation thought time and will follow them all across the world to help them pass  over to the divine side just because the love their family so much. Now that is a kind hearted spirit.
Note: the beautiful images are not mine
I hope that you enjoy them with the post. 

The Nymphs of the Gods

The Nymph - From the Gods 
The Nymphs were the daughters of the Great Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Zeus daughters were of
course were very beautiful and would dwell all over the the earth - In the Mountains, rivers, valleys, underworld, oceans, forests, lakes and woods. They would love to dance,sing and lure human men into their world of enchantment. Each of his Nymph daughters would have a close connection to nature. 
The Nymphs were joined by the Greek Gods - Artemis, Apollo and Acheloos the River God and they love to play with them. But out of all the Greek Gods the Nymphs enjoyed frolicking with Hermes, the messenger God and Hermes son the Satyr pan the most. 
They were also often pictured frolicking with other Gods, especially pastoral Gods like Pan and the Gods of Revelry Dionysus, Bacchus & hunting with Artemis or looking with Apollo and Hermes. 
The Nymph~
A nymph is a female usually of a nature deity typically associated with a location or land formation- 
These are your typically kinds of Nymphs from the Great God Zeus-
Celestilia Nymph,Water Nymph, Land Nymph, Plant Nymph, and Underworld Nymph. 
Each Nymph are generally from a different Goddesses and God, so the Nymphs are generally regarded as Divine spirits who animated nature. And are usually depicted as beautiful young maidens who love to dance, sing and go frolicking about.
Their amorous sets them apart from the restricted chaste wives and daughters of the Greek Gods. So they have much more freedom to play , dance and frolicking with other Greek Gods which in turn gets them into trouble sometimes.
Some of their favorite places to roam about were the mountain groves, water springs and natural waterfalls. Other places that the Nymphs would go were these fancy Grottos. In the day of the Greek Gods they were very popular. The Greek God Apollo is the one who featured them. 
These Grottos became outside gardens for the Gods and Nymphs. They were surround by enormous natural rock formations, rustic porch like rock or rock over hangs with water flowing over them. Some would be inside a natural hidden oases with beautiful fountains, gardns, and Greek God Stautes.

Although the Nymph will never die of old age or illness and are able to give birth to immortal children if mated from a God. They themselves are not necessary immoral and could be beholden to death is some forms.
Sometimes they will become involved with mortal men, in rare case marry them.
But this rarely happens. Most of the time, the nymph will find another nymph to fall in love with. 
Here are a few of those connections:  
 Orpheus - Took the Nymph Eurydice for his wife as spirits of Nature they could be wild and unpredictable and were very dangerous if crossed. 
Daphnis - The son of a nymph himself , had his eyes put out for breaking an oath of fidelity to a nymph. 
Hylas - Was lured to his death by the water nymph of a spring where he was drawing water.
Hermaphrodites - The legend of  hermaphrodites tells of a beautiful youth who attracted the
attention of  Salmacis, another water nymph, who clung himself so fiercely under the water where he was swimming that their flesh cleaved into one another. They became one body, uniting both sexes.
The Daughters of Nereus - The last story is about two Sea Nymphs who are the daughter of Nereus.They are legend for their great beauty and would call upon sailors in peril for their ability to calm the ocean waves and to lull the winds to sleep. They were also thought to have brought Achilles his armor from Hephaetus - The God of Metalworking before the Trojan War. 
The Oceanids - These were the three thousands daughters of the Oceanus and Tethy's
Story of the Nymphs - Zeus - Hera -
"Scattered far and wide", according to Hesiod, "haunting everywhere alike the earth and watery
depth,' they included Styx and Eryngoes. 
Who saved Hephaestus after Hera threw him out of the Olympus's home of the Gods, and gave birth to the Graces when Zeus made love her. 
There were many other Nymphs that were descendants of both the Greek God Zeus and the Goddess Hera. 
Story of Echo the Nymph on Mount Helicon - Echo is a Mountain Nymph who lived on Mount Helicon who would always distract Hera with her insane chatter, while the other nymphs who had been carousing around with her husband the God Zeus so they could make good on their escape.
To punish Echo, Hera condemned her to only be able to repeat what others had been said, not matter what she herself wanted to say. 
Another tale about Echo - was it tells of her love for the beautiful youth Narcissus, the son of the Nymph Liriope.  He had room in his heat only for himself and as she pined, over him, she wasted away until all that was left was her voice.
This was a interesting post to do. I have always be fascinated with the Greek gods and Goddess and I will probably be doing more posts on the different Goddesses later on in my blog. So stay tune! 
I loved the images that were depicted  of the many different types of Nymphs and the Artist that paint the Nymphs - They are simply fantastic! 
I hope you enjoy this pic's I chose. 
These are not mind photos so please enjoy.


To My Sister my friend my Spiritsister!

To My Sister
my friend
my Spiritsister!

You soul is true as the fairies that flow like fireflies bouncing in the sky. 

Your friendship is lovely as the song of the' Dance of the Fariies' .

Your love is as true as Nature.

Your love is both within you and outside you that touches everyone with that beautiful smile. 

You have the kindness Soul that it touches everyone you touch. And I am so blessed to be one of them.

I am blessed to have you as my friend, sister and Spiritsister too. I have met many people throughout my life. 

Some I have shared happy times and sad times. 

Through those times in my journey of life , I've been lucky to find a few dear friends in my life, to share the journey no matter what the distance might be.

It could be West coast to East coast.

It doesn't really matter. 

True dear friends will always be close, no matter the distance between them.

True dear friends will always be close even if they haven't chatted with each other on-line for a couple of days or a week.

They are always in their heart and soul and mind!

They are Never forgotten!

They are always on the same path and journey that you are on too!


I guess what I am trying to say to you sweets in a poem, a letter to a CHERISH  FRIEND.


To not worry if you don't see or hear me on the Internet for a couple of days or a week. 

This doesn't mean that our friendship Stops. 

It will never will. I love you Cynthia! You are my Sister, My Friend, and I am writing to you
so that you will always know~





Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rainbow Dragons

Rainbow Dragons
Rainbow Dragons are said to be quite rare.  Even though they aren't seen that often, there are many  stories involving these Multiple colored  Magical dragons.

The History of the Rainbow Dragon~
The Rainbow Serpent is generally connected to the water, because after a rainstorm when the
rainbow appears, this is when the Rainbow Serpent will emerge from the water and fly through the first Rainbow of the Gods.
They say that the Rainbow Dragon - Rainbow Serpent is the symbol of rebirth - life and death. This is because the water that they live in -  It can be both a life giving and a life taking source. In some ways you can compare the Rainbow Serpent's symbol of rebirth - life and death to rebirth like that of the Phoenix. I find the similarity amazing close at hand. 
The LifeStyle of the Rainbow Dragon-Serpent 
They're are very few dragons that are the colors to the rainbow in fact - In Colors . But  there are
Multi - dragons that are connected with the Rainbow which usually makes their scales highly reflective in the sunlight.
The Rainbow Serpent is a huge python like creature, however the colors of the Serpents scales tend to vary. Some say that these dragons are a Celestial blue so they can blend into the deep blue oceans and lakes. Others will say that there are some multicolored Serpent's. And there are a few who say that the Rainbow Serpent has just a Yellow and Red stripe down its body. These variations are due to the fact that there are many different areas that have the Rainbow Serpent. Some of these areas are: ,Australia , Congo, Dahomey,,Haiti, Melanesia, Nigeria,Papua,New Guinea,Polynesia.
Different reference's have claimed that these serpents may have lived in all these areas but it was always near an area of deep pools, lakes, oceans or billabongs.
During Seasons of drought these dragons have been known to sleep in mud. But as soon as the rain comes, the Rainbow Dragon will rise and fly through the rising rainbow at the first sunlight that breaks through the thunder clouds. 
Interesting Traits~
As a matter of a fact in Australian Mythology The Rainbow Serpent
is much like that of the Chinese Dragon Yu-
Who carves deep rivers beds and gullies when he travels across the earth.

Rainbow Dragons are known to be kindly toward humans and enjoy the finer things in life - like jewelry and mostly Pearls. However if ever disturbed at the wrong time of season (during a season of little rain) the Rainbow Dragon may decide to cause flooding, destruction and death all over the world. 
I hope you enjoy the Rainbow Dragon. I found it to be fascinating  to have so many similarity to other dragons that I have done before. And to also have similarity to the Phoenix too. I hope that you all found the dragon as interesting as I found myself. 
The beautiful images are not mine own..
These are a few of my favorites  from different Artist  I 
choose for this blog. 

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