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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hephaestus God of Fire

Hephaestus God of Fire-

Hephaestus God of Fire
For my next post I am going to bring you into the life of the God of Fire Hephaestus. I am not as
familiar with this God of the Olympus, but I thought it would be interesting to write about some of the Gods/Goddess that you don't hear about as much. Hephaestus was said to be the son of Zeus and Hera. However the more I read about Hephaestus birth the more verizon's I found. So one really will never know who is truly his parents back in the days of the Olympians of the Gods Zeus and Hera. We can only speculate what had been. So on that note, I will give you the different thoughts of who might have been Hephaestus The god of Fire parents on Mount Olympian. Some say that Hephaestus had no father and that the Goddess Hera had gave birth to him independently. It gets a little more odd after this, apparently as Hera being jealous of Zeus which is well known through the Greek history as you most know - It seems that as she being jealous of her husband Zeus having given birth to Athena independent of Hera. I told you it was weird. There is more to the tale of Hephaestus birth, it seems that the more common tale is that Hephaestus split the head of his father head Zeus and thus assisted him in giving the birth to Athena, therefore making the God of Fire older than Athena. Confused Yet! Eh! Well I have more to tell. There is another tale of Hephaestus birth, this one goes in a much later version it seems, It was said that Hephaestus had sprang simply from the thigh of the Goddess Hera, but it didn't end there either.  Well from reading several versions
Hephaestus At work
 underneath his Volcano
of Hephaestus childhood, I was finally able to determined that he was born to Hera, However since the Goddess of Olympia saw that he was an ugly baby, with that seemed to be weakly and far from god like and had a broken foot, so she threw him from Mount Olympus. So after the baby went through the clouds of the heavens of Mount Olympian from his warm bed of the castle into the cold oceans below, all in just one night you could see why the God of Fire might have a hatred towards his mother Hera. It took an entree 24hrs of a day and full night before the he finally hit the ocean and then was rescued by the sea animals that took him to the island of Lemnos. The Nereid Thetis and the Oceanid Eurynome's raised Hephaestus for the next nine years in their home of a beautiful grotto of the sea, until he grew to a man and forge his underground volcano on the island of Lemnos as his new home. In his new home underneath the volcano the God of Fire started to collected precious metals, pearls and pieces of coral form the sea to fashion one of a kind jewelry. Hephaestus also built tiny robots of sold gold to help him get around. He even worked with the Cyclopes creature too. Later on the God of Fire would make sets of golden thrones for the Gods and Goddesses to Impress them. During this time Hera his mother who tossed Hephaestus out like a piece of trash realised her huge mistake and pleaded with Zeus to let Hephaestus to be allow back into Mount Olympus.  However, to Hera dismay Hephaestus politely refused the invite back into Mount Olympus, saying that he was quite happy where he was living on the island of Lemnos. Which was a big thing you see, Hephaestus was the only known god that was ask back into Mount Olympus and then refused Hera politely, but still he refused the gods. This is a huge in my book! It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall to see the Goddess Hera reaction to that one! Little did Hera know that her son that she had tossed out had a plan for her. After that Hephaestus had set work on what is said to be quite famous in the Greek gods history the beautiful Golden throne that Hephaestus hand crafted in sold gold as a gift and sent it to Hera personally as a Quote 'thankyou gift for the invitation'. Apparently it was a very special chair kinda Magick like; the moment the goddess sat on the chair when it arrived with Hephaestus, golden ropes flew out and tied her up locking her into the chair. All those years ago when
his mum the Great Goddess Hera had tossed him over the heavens of the Mount Olympus had never left his memory in fact it had stewed inside the Great Fire God to an anger that made him make a most beautiful chair that would make his mother Hera tell the truth about his birth.
Hephaestus God of Fire
Not only that but in front of the entire retro of Gods & Goddess on Mount Olympus too. Apparently Hephaestus was able to entrap his mum so well, that not even any of the gods on Mount Olympus could free her. This even meant his father Zeus too well. It cause more problems than Hephaestus thought other than getting his mother Hera to tell the truth, which she never did declare to Hephaestus. In fact during all the madness up on Mount Olympus,  Hephaestus declared he had no MOTHER well all the Gods and Goddess were trying to get him to release her from the magick ropes. As for how Hera was free well there were many version again.. that seems to be the case on all the tales of all the gods and Goddess that I have covered in the posts.. So its been tricky which versions to include in my posts and which one not. So I will tell you briefly two that I found when doing this post. One was Zeus was sat to have sent for his son Ares God of War, to make Hephaestus God of Fire to releases Hera. Of course this isn't going to work you don't use force against Fire and Magick. What happened was the opposite of course, Hephaestus made Ares God of War run away from his enormous fireballs in a very shameful retreat. I am sure Zeus wasn't very happy at all with his son Ares and later deal with him later. What finally did work was the Creative God Dionysus with the idea of wine. You see Dionysus is the God of Wine and to get Hephaestus drunk it was to hard because he wasn't a regular drinker so he got drunk very quickly. By getting the God of Fire drunk and bringing back to Mount Olympus on the back of a mule, I guess it shamed Hephaestus to finally freed
Hephaestus God of Fire
with his new wife Goddess
Aphrodite Goddess of Love
Hera when he was promised the beautiful Aphrodite as his wife. It seems that even though he wanted the truth, he got the goddess of love pretty good deal I would say.. I did find out which I sure that you all can figure out that Hephaestus never did forgive his mum Hera. It seems that Hera felt guilty over the course of years and gave Hephaestus an enormous supplies, materials, tools and even helper for his workshop on the island of Lemnos. During the course of history of the
Hephaestus God of Fire
with his new love Aglaia 
Olympians, Hephaestus made the best weaponry, jewelry and armory for the Greek Gods/Goddess. Some of his Greatest Creations were that of Artemis and Apollo's silver bows and arrow. Others was Apollo's grand Golden Chariot and the shields of Achilles and Athena's spear too. There was Hercules Breastplate, Zeus scepter,battle armor for all the Olympians armies. He was thee creator of his time!  Making all the Gods and Goddess palaces with unbreakable locks. He was the inventor of the worlds first robots and and life size golden maids who helped around the house too. In my opinion he was a miss-understood God,but an Grand God of the Olympians. I also found that Hephaestus had a few special powers that you might find interesting. He can manifest himself as powerful as a nature physical volcanic and use it as just breath of a Volcano like hence a dragon - They would call it the Breath of Hephaestus.
His true love Aglais the youngest of the
Charites [Graces]
As most of you know Aphrodite was created after emerging from the sea from the sperm of the severed part of Uranus and is now arranged married to Hephaestus god of fire, because Zeus had freed that all the gods would battle over her hand in marriage being the Goddess of love. So Zeus Gave Hephaestus to Aphrodite his best Creation the goddess of Love and even gave her a magick girdle the made her irresistible to all men. However, Aphrodite didn't love as she was married against her will and loved another Ares God of War. I guess this wasn't a problem and she was able to kept seeing her lover. But it wasn't long that the were found out
and Hephaestus asked Zeus to take Aphrodite back. Some say that Hephaestus wanted to marry Persephone
but her mother Demeter turned down all the suitors ... :Maybe she should have then her Persephone wouldn't have ended up with Hades Eh! you never know. You will be happy to know there is a happy ending to this tale.. Yes I love a happy ending. Hephaestus the God of Fire finally finds his true love in Aglaia, the youngest of the Charites [Graces].
I hope that you Enjoyed my post on the God of Fire 
Hephaestus. It has been a very courious tale 

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