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Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Aug 2016

Summer Aug 2016~
Well, I know that I haven't been around of late. And I've have tried to be a good
blogger as putting new post for you all my dear friends and followers however, life happens.
My life has been a bit difficult these last couple of months. In fact the entire year has
been full of ups & downs. That's is why I haven't been on my blog that much this year. Also I not so sure I like what is going on with the new look with the G+ page but that is out of my control...So I
am hoping for a much better year for 2017.
But I did have a lovely Vacation with my family in Northern Calif. In the Redwoods. My Parents and
my sister, brother and everybody lives there so now every summer I get to go home to my family
which really helps my soul and my heart for missing my family so very much.
This post on my Vacation is about the Sequoia Park Zoo that we go every year!
One of my favorite parts is the 'The Wandering through the Free-flight Aviary'
Here you can get very close to the beautiful birds that walk around free in the Aviary. inside
there is 'the Dazzling Golden Pheasant stunning scarlet ibises' Chattering guira cuckoos, and many more beautiful birds... The Bird on top is my momma 's  favorite its a pigeon type in Africa ? but don't quote me on that one. All I know its beautiful and my mum loves it and so do I.
Here are a few images that I got inside the Free-flight Aviary..Enjoy

I hope that you all enjoy the birds from the Zoo
as much as my family did...
I will be trying my best to add more post of my vacation
of the Zoo and other parts of my vacation too.
Love you all

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