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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Nihhus


These are Water Spirits of the Traditional folklore of Germany. Nix
is derived from the old High German Word Nihhus which meanings crocodile; And at one time was vast in the fresh waters -called the Water Moster. 
These creatures still retain the monstrous element in their descriptions, but have become much more aligned to the spirit form as their folklore~

The female spirits describe as quite Beautiful women and very
seducing to the eye. This is all above the waist and having a tail of

Nymphs one is usually seen in the fresh water of the lakes, ponds, wells, or even fountains and rivers. These are beautiful but with green skin, sharp teeth and hair or even can be as massive as a gray water horse.
I found this Nymphs to be quite interesting and rare.. It was one of the first that I found of this type of Mermaid. I hope you all will Enjoy this legend of the Nymph/Mermaid of /Germany.. Much love to you All ... Your Wendy.-ooo)

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