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Friday, April 19, 2013

The life of the Drow-2013

The life of the Drow
The Drow is one of my favorite magick creatures. Also the fact that they have such a dark history intrigues me even more. Coming from the fact they were once the beautiful - Yet dangerous Dark Elves, I think this is what draws me to write about them at least one more time. Maybe two! Besides I love the Artwork of the many Great Artist of today on how they all depicted the Drow. In this installment of the drow I hope to cover items that I might have missed in my other blog called Drow's.
Physical Looks ~
Drows look very much like the Dark elves but there are a few difference . All drows vary in shape
size, features, skin hue's (although most are very dark skinned-from their dark elfin kin) There are a few rare occasional drow that have the light blue, pale yellow & golden hue skin. 
Hair hue's are usually silver, white, Dark blue and Red. The Eyes are clearly usually Red! and tend to glow when their angered. But as in all races there's is always the exception the the rule. And the Drow has theirs to. There are some drow to have paler eyes such as light blue, lilac, pink and even silver. 
But if you ever see an drow with yellow eyes, it is certain that this drow has been either poisoned by some undetermined magic or the other which is the sign of either disease & sickness. Being that a drow lives in the Underdark, which is a very damp, wet and highly vaporous place with poison toxins in the air that they breathe. So it is my best bet to keep your distance if you ever see a drow with yellow eyes!
Now I have heard that drows have Blue/Purple eyes in the Dark Underworld too! But this is very
rare.  What this means,  if you're are curious - These drow are not what you might think! At first you might think since they have the rare eye color they would get better treatment.  Well this is not true. What usually what happens to these drow is, they are thrown into the pits of the Underdark to work under the Spider Queen's order's until they drop dead. There have been known to have halflings of drow and humans which I have heard to be quite beautiful, that is if they are lucky enough to escape the clutches  of the Spider Women.
Another interesting find, about the drow, is that within the Characteristics features is their teeth. They are either black, white or even purple. And their gums, tongue and throats are either red or purple. I thought this to be quite interesting myself.
Compared to the other Faerunian elves, the drow's are quite a bit shorter but much stronger for their size. 
Females  of course are the dominant race in the drow so they tend to be a bit taller than the males standing about an average of 5' and much stronger in most cases. 
Males are on an average of 4'6" in height and are less stronger but there is the exception. But of course they must be under consisted watch by The Spider Queen's female guards. 
Talk about life spams, well the drow sometimes can live for centuries. This is far beyond any human or even some of their elfin kin. But given the type of life style that the drow lives and where the live, most don't have long life spams. The majority of the drow meet premature deaths and violent ones at best, as most are warriors and assassins in their society. 
As far as living as a drow, it can be a very hard life. Only the Royalty of the Spider Woman lives a happy life with all the privileges of being Queen. 
The average drow citizen in the drow cities that do survive the trials of their society and the horrors of the Underdark mishappening's can live for centuries; just like their Queen - The Spider Queen. 
Senses~Traits ~
The majority of the drow keep to themselves and to their own traits and traditions which they were

given to at birth. A lot of misconceptions and ignorance of the drow seem to surface in those times.
These elves had a different perception of drow and dark elves compared to the wood elves, moon elves, sun elves, star elves, valley elves, wing elves, silver elves, Lythari elves, forest elves. and unicorn elves. 
There are a few sub-races and others that dwell in different forms of the Underdark . These could be the Blood elves, Shur-drow,drow-human and dark elves to be a few. 
Other highly developed trait is their sense's- 
 Drows senses are highly more developed than their surface elfin kin. This is because of living in the dark cavern's of the Underdark for a millennium. 
Two examples of their keen sense of sounds: They have developed away of finding water deep in the earth by timing the echoes bouncing of the caves. Then from those sounds they are able to to detected the amount of running water they hear in the caves. 
They can also detected when there are rock shifts or collapses  in the rock formations, by listening for the natural movement and groaning sounds of unshaped rocks.  
These keen senses have given the drow a superior sense of hearing. 
The most distinctive feature of the drow, is the touch of the Lolth upon them. Just as Corellon cursed them and made them vulnerable to light ~ The Spider Queen gave the drow a blessing to counter act this giving the drow the power over darkness that all other races lack. 
This power can manifest in several ways. The most common being the ability to shroud enemies in a
Magical impenetrable darkness, usually called Globe Darkness - Debilitating Charm & the Faerie Fire that makes a creature an easier target. By encasing them in something that looks purple fire though causing no harm.
Most drow can use these abilities every so often and the power can tired them out slightly. More experienced and well - trained drows however learn how to cast both abilities separately. 
Yet others, particularly drow who are well - favored by the Lolth, can manifest another ability that both slows and impedes a foe while also making it more difficult for them to see some individuals learn to awaken. These powers further becoming  known as the curse born and possessing abilities that allow them to further their mastering the shadow power granted by the Spider Queen
Other drow's struggle to rid themselves of the Lolth touch and the dark power and instead seek the
God Corellon's aid eventually becoming the fey God's Crusader within the dark realms of their race, gaining the blessing of healing and light from patron of the elves. Either path may lead to great power and grant even more unique abilities to an individual drow. 
The Drow are taught from an very early age to trust no one, forgiving alliances only when they are confident they can out match their ally if he/she decides to turn on them. The inherent  pride in their own abilities  quite often leads to such alliances beings forged. 
Though they almost always end badly when one partly decides  the alliance is no longer convenient. Even drow who escape the cruelties of the Underdark find it more difficult to form long-term friendships than most of their cousin kin.
Most drow share a hatred of all other races, but the most hatred that runs deep for all drow is the Goddess Seldarine and the surface elves.   
Crafts ~

Poisons and toxins are some of the drows favors in making their most powerful magic poisons. 
One of their favor's is called the Knockout Poison, which is made from a slippery black fungus that only grow in a certain area of the Underdark caverns. They have other favored poisons too. These were made from purple worms, scorpions and all types of spider that roam all the caverns of the Underdark
Drows favor fast weapons like rapiers and will choose hand crossbows when possible. This is the best way to deliver their deadly poisons from long or even short distances. 
Drow's Primarily worship the Dark Seldarine - That is The Deity Seldarine who was cast out and exiled to the Demonweb Pits. They generally worship the Goddess Lolth  (The Goddess Lolth is Seldarine when she was thrown into the demonweb pits and exiled there if you're curious). 
Drow as I said do worship the Goddess Lolth although those on the surface often worship Shar or Vhaeraun. There is a number of good Drow - And there are Good! drow's out there! that are on the surface that worship the Goddess Eilistraee.
Once again I've done another blog on the drow. I probably will do more I hope that you all will enjoy this one as well. 
Of course enjoy the amazing images of the many Talented Artist that have created such beautiful images of the drow that I come to love very much. 
Note - The Photos are not mine...
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