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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Fair Giantess

The Fair Giantess
Again we are with Finn and his warriors, in this tale of The Fair and Giantess.
So let us turn to this new tale with our warriors and how this tale comes about...
One day Finn and his warriors, while resting from the chase were having their midday meal, saw something coming towards them in a towering shape...

It proved to be a young giant maiden, who gave her
name as Vivionn daughter of Treon, from the Land of Maidens.
The gold rings on her fingers were as thick as ans ox's yoke, and her beauty was dazzling. When she took off her gilded helmet, all bejewelled, her fair, curling golden hair broke out in seven score
tresses, and Finn cried out " Great Gods whom we adore, a huge marvel Cormac and Ethne' and the women of the Fianna would esteem it to see Vivionn, the blooming daughter of Treon."
The maiden explained that she had been betrothed against her will to a suitor named AEda, son of a neighbouring king; and that hearing from a fisherman, who had been blown to her shores, of the power and nobleness of Finn, she had come to seek his protection....
While she was speaking, suddenly Fianna was aware of another giant close coming close toward them. It was a young man, smooth- featured and of surpassing beauty, who bore a red shield and a huge spear.

Without a word he drew near, and before the
wondering Finn could accost him he Thrust his spear through the body of the maiden Vivionn and then went on his way...

Finn, enraged at this violation of his protection, called on his chief warriors to pursue and slay the murderer; called AEda. Keelta and the others chased
AEda to the sea-shore, and followed him into the surf, but he strode out to sea and was met by another great galley of giants, which bore him away to unknown regions.

Finn upon returning from the sea and trying to avenge the young giant maiden that was killed, they found the girl yet she was dying.

She distributed her gold and jewels among the warriors and Finn and sat with her until she died so her would not die alone..

When she did died, Finn and his warriors buried her under a great mound and raised a pillar stone over her with her name in Ogham letters, in the place they called " the Ridge of the Dead Women."
Rather odd name to name a young woman burial place I think...Wendy

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