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Saturday, May 16, 2015



Good-morning my dearest friends & followers and Welcome
to Tips From the Garden Saturday Post!
I hope that you have a bit of time on you Saturday to 
have a sit and read my new TipsFortheGarden. So have a cup of your
favorite coffee like Me! or Tea too! Your favorite chair and if they is
sunshine maybe you can take you laptop on your patio and 
enjoy the nature of outside. 
For today's Saturdays tips I am going to tackle the myths and remedies 
that seem to be passed down from generations and from books, advice 
for gardeners around the world backyards large or small. 
Even as small as mind which is my patio. 
~So here we go~
1-If your plants have wilted or gone yellow.

Should you water them?
Its natural to most to want to water their plants when they see a plant
wilting or yellow but water isn't they answer. I have discover this one myself
Unless the soil of the plant is dry, the plant doesn't need any water!!!
What is properly wrong with the plant is overwatering, which can
be a common problem. 
2-The Myth of Bury Banana peels to help your plants grow  

Well this is an interesting one my dears Why? because I put this in my
compost all the time and they make great compost after they break down. Anyway
about the myth some have said that if you bury the Banana peels under 
your plants, roses and flowers it will give the much needed potassium the plants need?
Well this Myth is is true, however by bury under your plants directly it will 
also suck up the nitrogen's that the plants,roses and flowers need to grow!
So the best thing to do as I do is put them in a compost and use the 
amazing dirt that they make afterwards. That is safe. I have been doing this
for Years my dears. 
3-The Myth that Beer makes Plants grow better. 

Well the only thing that I have heard that is good in the 
garden for the use of Beer is killing those nasty slugs that eat your leafy plants
however, if you have a partner that loves his/her Beer I don't know if this is
the way to go. And as for watering or pouring beer on your plants it is 
basically a was of a good refreshing drink. 
4-The Myth of don't water your plants in the heat of the Day!

This has been an interesting question that I have always wondered from the time
when I first started gardening many many years ago. What I have found on this
is it is actually true if you water you plants in the heat of the day. You will find that the 
leaves of your plants will start to get brown spots and will not do very well. 
if you don't have any other time but the heat of the day, you can water the plant near
the bottom base so that it just hits the dirt and not the plant. 
Although the best time to water your plants is either in the morning before work
if you can or in the even after work which is probably the best for most of you folks.
I hope this has been helpful.
 5-The Myth of the Planting Marigolds to keeps the bugs away

Well it seems that there has been alot of Scientific work done on these beauties 
and from what I found there is no Scientific evidence that shows that the 
Marigolds will keep the bugs or slugs away from your plants or other types of flowers.
However, there are great gardener's that will swear by these beauties,
it isn't a magical fix. I know because i have tried this beauties for many years
and had now luck other that they to have been eaten by the bugs too~
I have found other ways to protect my plants, flowers and when I have had 
marigolds to protect them too. 
I have found one fun thing about them today doing this post that you all might 
find interesting. On a plus side the petals of these beauties are 
edible and they are quite the attract of pollinators of for the garden for
Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds too. 

6-The Myth of Coffee grounds to make your soil richer 

Well have you ever heard of adding coffee grounds to your plants dirt?
Well I did it for a few years but after some research I discovered that its 
really best to keep your coffee ground in a can, then when you are ready put them
in your compost bin. [note. I have done a post on my own compost bin if you are interested]
The reason is this some of the plants that you put the coffee grounds on 
don't response well. Also it take a while for the coffee grounds decompose.

7-The Myth of using a Mixture of dish-soap and water the kill bugs  

Well this sounds very similar to another post I did that is quite poplar it seems.
I am not sure why? but its been on my most popular post for quite some time. 
This post is 'How to get rid of Mold off your Bee Balm Plant'
Which I talk about using a mixture of dish soap, water & baking soda. Well I have found 
that it really does work however you have to be careful how much you put on the leaves
to get rid of the mold. Why? well over the years too much of the mixture will burn the leaves
as any mixture with dish soap. So as for the myth that using it to get rid of bug or mold it does
work, but you have to take care on how much you put on at a time. So that you don't burn the 
leaves of your plant. I would look for a mild soap. 
I does work for killing the Aphids too; which can be very harmful to a plant like 
the Jasmine. They are so beautiful when they bloom with their white scented tiny flowers,
but the tiny black aphids bugs love them too. So the soap mixture works too. 
with this one all you need is water and soap. 
At some point I do plan on doing a post on how to deal with Aphids 
[note hear is my old post on 'How to get rid of mold off your Bee Balm Plant' it might help]
For now just spray the mixture of mild dish soap and water on the leaves lightly and watch
to see how the leaves are doing if they are turning brown or if the black dots which are the
Aphids bugs are dieing. I hope this helps.
Well I hope that all of these Gardening Tips for my Saturday
helps you all my dearest friends & followers 
I love you all very much 

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