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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Real Faires

Real Fairies-
John Hyatt
Well my dears, I got this link from my father who like myself
loves to surf the web and he found the what you would
call the Key! to the Magick World meets - Our World.

He found the article on the Huffington Post and when I went to the link he left for me I
just had to share! It starts with a British professor titled getting a swarm of attention for a group
of photographs that what people say are depicting tiny creatures that he things look or are fairies.
What grab my attention was that even in our world when there may be real done right evidence
the so called science world still will not believe!!!
John Hyatt Is the Professor that took the photos and from what I read on the article is a professor who
has lectures on art research at the Manchester Metropolitan University, he calls his the photos "Rossendale
John Hyatt
Fairies' and he has display his photos at the Whitaker Museum in Rossendale. So if  you happen to live in
the area you can check these photo's out. If anyone does? Please comment on this post and let me know what you think? I would love to see them myself , but I don't I would ever have a chance to get there.. :O)
In the article the professor says he started taking photos at dusk, which makes since to me, because I have
taken photos at dusk and at midnight and have gotten images orbs of red, blue, green and all different sizes of white at these times. and have posted that this is the best time to take photo's if you what to maybe get a photo of a fairy. In this post I will dig-up those old photo's if you all haven't seen them. The Professor had said that he was taking some images at sunset through some trees which is the best way to capture a photo of a fairy. You can't see the fairies thru the camera until you develop the film that is how I found my orbs and that is how the Professor found his fairies after developing the photos in his studio. He said, " I saw these figures they are not doctored apart from I increased the size of a detailed section of a larger photograph along with the DPI to stop them being just large Pixels-- normal size enhancement techniques."  There is a bit more I thought is important to add of his words. He said that the creatures in his photos don't look like normal insects. 
From what I found out more as I read the article the professor was in a bit of a shock when he in his studio
John Hyatt Fairies 
developing the photos, when he blew them up. I guess he had to do a double take and then took a few images of flies and gnats to compare them.  I hope in doing this post it will open your hearts a bit more in the magick world of mind! That as I have always believed FAIRIES ARE REAL!
John Hyatt a Professor of the Manchester of the Metropolitan University claims and I believe he does has
the proof that fairies are Real! and there is a group who knows how large? living in the Rossendale Valley. I have never seen such amazing photo's I hope that all with now believe and not bother these most delicate lovely creatures. I love this man, well in a mater of speaking. I love his mission. His mission is to get more adults to believe in the Magick world. Which in itself is a hard thing to do! I hope that he and is Faeries are protected too. I know how are world works too.
Lastly from this amazing article which had many different parts to it. He has said he has been inundated with
images from around the world from people sharing this belief, which is wonderful news to my ears!
I found that it has been more than 15 countries, so of these countries are Argentina, Finland and France who
have also claimed to have spotted the same tiny mystical creatures.
Here are a few images that some of the folks sent him:
Mario Guinazo -Argentina 
I hope that you all Enjoyed this post and I hope that it will open your
Eyes just a little bit more my world of Magick. You see it really
isnt that far way from you all.
 You just have to believe and open your 
heart and eyes. Love you All my dears Friends and Followers!
Your Magick Lady
Here are a few of my Faiy Photo's

Fairies are Real!
Love you All!
Your Magic Lady! 

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