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Thursday, July 16, 2015

High Elves/History Images-2015

High Elves/History Images-2015

High Elves
Hello, my dears friends & followers I thought I would continue my posts on a few more Elves/Images-2015 Yes!
there's a few more races of the Elfin race that I haven't covered.  The High Elves or quel'dorei children of Noble birth. As they are
sometimes called.  The High elves were once  a significant force on our continent Earth but in the recent
times their numbers have been dramatically reduced by a huge numbers. As much as 90% of their race was
slaughter in the Third Crown War. It seems that after the third Crown War another huge number of
the Elfin race of the High Elves survivors decided to change their names to the "Blood Elves'' in remembrance of their fallen brethren and no longer consider themselves the high Elfin race.  It seems that only about 25,000 true high elves remain on our earth who still cling to the Alliance and are still trying to restore their glory of their once great People in hiding... It seems that the tale of the Ancient High Elves in a sad tale. Once I started my research on these very proud Elf's. Their origins seems to be plagued with both tragedy, conflict and War.
Being that fact, they were born of noble birth the High Elves were a stark contrast to their nocturnal cousin kin the Night Elves or any others... The High Elves would embraced the light of the sun and for sake the night.  It seems that the High Elves were the descendants of the very elves who had served the Queen
Azshara in the time of the Well of Eternity. It seems that the High Elves have a rather close history with the
Male High Elf In the
Grand Times
Night elves. However, it seems they have been spending generations trying to separate themselves from the
night elves. It seems that the two kin races are usually clashes with the different personality's plus it seems
the High Elves have a reputation of being a bit arrogant which led them to another War - the War of the Ancients and with that it ultimately was the downfall of the Golden age of the Elfin civilization. It seems though the decades the High Elves had allowed the darkness to seep into their world of light, hope, honor
and to a darker place of corruption. This was primary due to their reckless use of their Magick and
the powerful drug like magic the that the High elves were lured into the dark side that lead the to a
perilous path. It seems that in their origins and past their youth felt that the Magic wasn't doing the race any
harm, but, of course, the ancient ones or the Oldest of the High Elves new better and new the true
dangers of this potential damning Magick to their race. It was unfortunate that the Youth didn't listen to their
elders because of these damaging dark magic to the High Elven race. Some of the High Elves decided to
still press onward to see what this dark magic could bring to them and the community of the cities of
One of the Many Wars of
the High Elves
the  High Elves. From all this, the high elves took a tragic race decline like I had meant before. But dipping into the dark magic over the many centuries it led them into a downward spiral.. It wasn't all the High Elves that were part of this, but the ones that did were the ones that brought the whole race down. As
I said before it was a sad tale here about the High Elves...This is when there were only a few thousand left
when they had left and went with their cousin kin and became the Blood Elves. By joining the Blood Elves
the High Elves had allied with the sworn enemies of  the Elfin kind. It seemed from all of this the High Elves
destined themselves from all their other cousin kin and distrusted most all over races of the Elfin kin too. They remained the High Elves but are pariahs in an age where there is little left for them but a life of
Another of the High Elves
Wars Crowns
mistrust and woe.  After the Alliance with the blood Elves the remaining High Elves kinda scattered throughout the continent as
the clung to the Alliance for protection until they were able to organize themselves again to reclaim every last High Elf on the Eastern Continent. These few Elves still kept their name High Elfin names even with all that had happened throughout the decades with the Night Elves and then the Blood Elves even to this day modern times... It is said that some of the high elves had band together  and fled south and now wander throughout the deepest parts of the forest. Those who do stay alive have to stay one step ahead of the trolls or will be probably be eaten alive by the cannibalistic trolls. So they have made their homes in the high trees and next to the hard rock where they could carve into stairs to the trees. The would have
scourge of patrols, hunting the elfin refugees and would also stalk through the woods and valleys.
It seems as I read and go throughout the history of the High elves they have a high connection with the blood Elf's.High elves are currently found primarily scattered throughout human societies, thereby being forced to rely on the hospitality of the younger race. This dependency has resulted in some high elves vigorously trying to find a new homeland, with possibly a new source of magic. The status of their blood elven counterpart has resulted in them being shunned by most of the Alliance, particularly the night elves.These elves eschewed their high elven ancestry in search for some way to placate their magical addiction and became the blood elves, and now use alternative magical sources to safeguard their lives. The destruction of the Sunwell has forced the high elves into decline, causing them to doubt the future of their once-proud race and drawing animosity toward them from other races who feel that the high elves have betrayed the Alliance. Most of the high elves have placed themselves under a self-imposed exile, ashamed of the damage that they have wrought upon the world of Magick.
Appearance: The Appearance of the High elves is different for one Elfin High Elf to another. They
stand slightly taller than humans. Bothe the males/females are usually a little over 6th feet height and
weight between 100 to 175 pounds depending on gender. These Elves are generally always very slim, with
sharp symmetrical features. They are also are often an exaggeration of perfect beauty. The High Elves
are uniformly in complexion, with white to flaxen colored hair. Their eyes are incredibly intense in color,
seeming to glow with an inner light. It seems that mostly the high elves may have either blue or green eyes,
having either violet or read is not unheard of. [note blood Elves have red eyes mostly or glowing pale green eyes] From what I discovered about the High Elves and their eyes - It seems their eyes have quite alot to do with the span of their life and they look much more like that of a human. Let me explain: It seems that the
Couple High Elves
structure of the High Elfin eyes shows that they are generally very much like humans with their  pupil and iris

that is surrounded by 'white' but they tend to be able to see much father that us humans are able too. They
also have much longer life span too several hundred years... Actually they reach adulthood at 110 years old,
and will live to a roughly age of maximum lifespan of 400+ years and even a few may live as long as a thousand years+ or more. although it is said that most of the High Elves will die at the around the age of
350years due to a rough life... Moat of the high elves do not were red or black clothing for the fear of being
mistaken as a blood elves. However the High Elves do have much shorter ears and much smaller , lighter bodies types that the blood elves and night elves so this does help them quite a bit. In addition their ears
usually are pointed upwards whereas those of the blood/night elves do not.
The High Elves have white, red, orange, brown, black and blonde hair and fair skin. All mostly have a
brilliantly intense sapphire coloured eyes that will glow.
In the World of Warcraft they have made the High Elves eyes colour an intense sapphire that makes them glow intense/ but have more variation according of eye colour in the game I told. The Blood Elves have only the emerald green glowing eyes to show their magick addiction and to fel magic. Also the Blood Elves in the   World of Warcraft - Game - The Blood Elves and High elves are for the most part the same race in terms of underlying physical biology. In the Game the Blood elves have the glowing green eyes and their hair and skin are much darker or a unnatural coloured. I know there is more, but I am really not familiar with the Game.. I have this session for you so you will get a little part of what the World of Warcraft is about and
how it relates to my High elves/Blood elves...

[This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.
In World of Warcraft, the high elves closely resemble blood elves appearance-wise (they in fact share the same model, although High Elves have blue eyes as opposed to the green eyes of Blood Elves), but their voices are more mild-mannered like those of night elves (in the game, they use the same voices as Night Elves, although unsuitable lines, such as "Elune'adore", "Ishnu'alah" or "Goddess watch over you", are not used). Taela Everstride at Allerian Stronghold even says, somewhat bemusedly, "No, don't feel bad. I get that a lot... I'm a high elf, not a blood elf. Don't worry, I won't suck the magic out of you." However, other than greeting voices, high elves and blood elves do appear to share similar voice emotes in-game, particularly  during combat. Before World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, in game high elves used modified night elf models.] This is not mind it is copy of you to understand a bit more about the World of Warcraft..Wendy
High Elves hidden high in the forest mountains
 As far as the High elfin homes the often use a blue or green color scheme, possibly to differentiate them from
the red-hued Architecture that was all destroyed in the Third Crown War. So they build their homes which
are aloof and distant from their allies. They keep to themselves and enjoy wandering the forest alone or
in small groups.
You would thing about it but the High Elves do have a faith just like you and I... Yes the high elves do embrace the path of religion taken on the mantle of the Holy Light, sharing in the same faith as the dwarfs and the Humans. While this 
philosophy does not penetrate deeply into high elfin society, those who do follow the path of the Holy
Light are much more approachable than most other Elfin kin. Many also take on a druid-like philosophy
High Elves look-out houses that surround the main cities in the Forest 
regarding  the world and nature. The difference being the High/Blood Elves view magic as being an integral
part of the universe, as it was created by the Titans and is as natural nature itself. As they would say the 
Well of Eternity formed naturally on Azeroth and created the elves in the first place. It seems that they
believe in the alliance of devotion to a  pantheon of gods not a creator God..
Well I hope you Enjoyed the post on the High Elves 
It seems that the Blood Elves are very closly related to these elves
So I think I will be doing a post at some point on the Blood elves too. 
I thought I would leave you with a few imagess 

Love you all my dear friends and followers 
Love and light  Hugssssssssssssss 
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