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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rainbow Dragons

Rainbow Dragons
Rainbow Dragons are said to be quite rare.  Even though they aren't seen that often, there are many  stories involving these Multiple colored  Magical dragons.

The History of the Rainbow Dragon~
The Rainbow Serpent is generally connected to the water, because after a rainstorm when the
rainbow appears, this is when the Rainbow Serpent will emerge from the water and fly through the first Rainbow of the Gods.
They say that the Rainbow Dragon - Rainbow Serpent is the symbol of rebirth - life and death. This is because the water that they live in -  It can be both a life giving and a life taking source. In some ways you can compare the Rainbow Serpent's symbol of rebirth - life and death to rebirth like that of the Phoenix. I find the similarity amazing close at hand. 
The LifeStyle of the Rainbow Dragon-Serpent 
They're are very few dragons that are the colors to the rainbow in fact - In Colors . But  there are
Multi - dragons that are connected with the Rainbow which usually makes their scales highly reflective in the sunlight.
The Rainbow Serpent is a huge python like creature, however the colors of the Serpents scales tend to vary. Some say that these dragons are a Celestial blue so they can blend into the deep blue oceans and lakes. Others will say that there are some multicolored Serpent's. And there are a few who say that the Rainbow Serpent has just a Yellow and Red stripe down its body. These variations are due to the fact that there are many different areas that have the Rainbow Serpent. Some of these areas are: ,Australia , Congo, Dahomey,,Haiti, Melanesia, Nigeria,Papua,New Guinea,Polynesia.
Different reference's have claimed that these serpents may have lived in all these areas but it was always near an area of deep pools, lakes, oceans or billabongs.
During Seasons of drought these dragons have been known to sleep in mud. But as soon as the rain comes, the Rainbow Dragon will rise and fly through the rising rainbow at the first sunlight that breaks through the thunder clouds. 
Interesting Traits~
As a matter of a fact in Australian Mythology The Rainbow Serpent
is much like that of the Chinese Dragon Yu-
Who carves deep rivers beds and gullies when he travels across the earth.

Rainbow Dragons are known to be kindly toward humans and enjoy the finer things in life - like jewelry and mostly Pearls. However if ever disturbed at the wrong time of season (during a season of little rain) the Rainbow Dragon may decide to cause flooding, destruction and death all over the world. 
I hope you enjoy the Rainbow Dragon. I found it to be fascinating  to have so many similarity to other dragons that I have done before. And to also have similarity to the Phoenix too. I hope that you all found the dragon as interesting as I found myself. 
The beautiful images are not mine own..
These are a few of my favorites  from different Artist  I 
choose for this blog. 

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